JAG Grill

More than just a grate with fire under it, the JAG is a grill, fire pit and table all in one. When used as a grill, JAG’s octagonal shape allows you and 7 friends to cook what they want on their own grill, arranged around a center fire grate. Just like a conventional grill, the grates are removable for easy cleaning. And when you’re finished eating, everyone can relax around the central fire pit. Or, if you need more table and less grill, JAG can do that too: table inserts increase tabletop area or can be removed for those wishing to be closer to the fire on cold nights. An easy access door in the center of the grill allows for adding fuel to the fire, and another below the pit allows for easy ash cleanout. JAG’s sturdy solid steel construction and 7′ diameter area equal 400lbs of fun with family, friends, and loads of food.

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