Intelligent Armor Lightweight Combat Belts

Holy Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belts, Batman! This nifty piece of gear, offered by the good people over at Intelligent Armour, promises to keep your pants in their ‘full and upright position,’ in style. But if keeping your pants firmly in their socially respectable locations isn’t enough for you, perhaps the item’s other impressive facets will help change your mind. These super-durable one-inch belts boast a highly resilient nylon bonded thread construction that’s paired with a machined 7075 aluminum alloy Cobra Buckle – you’ll be the coolest kid in the dang school. The belt buckle’s internal release mechanism is made of solid brass and stainless steel, remains completely sand, dust, salt, and corrosion resistant – plus we’re pretty sure it can withstand the heat of a thousand suns.

But seriously, this fashionable, military grade item is nothing short of rock-solid and it can be yours at Body Armour Protection – $30. Oorah. [via]