Icona Vulcano

Summer’s nearly here – we can tell from the Ferraris and Lamborghinis coming out of the woodwork. Now, we’re not saying that they don’t make a splash, but we’re really digging Icona’s Vulcano – because what good is a car that costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars if there’s dozens in your city just like it? This curvaceous beast sports one of two hybrid powertrain configurations, capable of a combined 870 or 950 horsepower, completing the sprint to 60 in roughly 3.0 seconds with the assistance of an advanced single-clutch automatic transmission and topping off at a blistering 217mph (350kph). A carbon fiber body, 20- and 21-inch front and rear forged aluminum rims, 380mm ceramic Brembo disk brakes, red magma paint job, and an extremely limited production run (if any) rounds out our list of reasons to want one.

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