HumanToolz iPad Stand

The Smart Cover has little going for it as a stand. It’s unsteady, viewing angles are limited (to two), and, when rolled into a stand, the inner microfiber lining directly touches dirt that might later scuff up that perfect screen (someone had to say it). It is that it’s always there when you need it – but then so is the HumanToolz Stand, made entirely from the same anodized aluminium as your iPad. Lightweight (2.5 oz) and thin, the stand snaps in placeĀ and offers up nearly unlimited landscape orientation viewing angles, and even props up the ‘pad in portrait mode. When no longer needed the stand folds in, secured by magnets to avoid accidentally opening. And while this may come as a surprise, we do still love our Smart Covers, which are fortunately fully compatible with the stand.

Check it out at Kickstarter. Compatible with the 3rd gen iPad – 65$.