Harry’s Fall/Winter Truman

Good, well-designed shaving sets don’t need to cost as much as your monthly smartphone bill. Harry’s Fall/Winter Truman line proves that with its substantial lacquer-covered polymer handles built around a curved zinc alloy rod that yield great balance, a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and come in four limited edition colors (if you were wondering, we’re really digging the Woodsman – brown and orange). Blades won’t break the bank either, setting you back $1.88 per cartridge as part of a 4, 8, 12 or 16 pack, or, better yet, sent to your doorstep automatically every so often to ensure you’ll never run the risk of being left high and dry.

Find it at Harry’s as a handle plus blade ($15) or as part of a set that includes a handle, 3 blades, and shave cream ($20)