Giveaway: Concrete Charger

Rapid advancements in technology have a way of making our devices seem obsolete, and quick. But it doesn’t help that most weren’t built with longevity in mind to begin with. Rather than use inexpensive, scratch- and scuff-prone plastics, Raw Induction’s Concrete Charger ($495) employs a hefty slab of high-strength concrete veneered with cork, a contrasting unity of two resilient, sustainable materials that’s several cuts above what we’ve grown to expect from consumer electronics. Underneath the cork lies three standardized Qi-based charging hearts for simultaneously charging a triad of Qi certified devices, plus their NFC smartcork for changing ring profiles during charging or the like. Its distinct aspect and elegant charge status-conveying lightblade are just icing on the cake.

Fancy one but can’t spare the cash until next week’s paycheck rolls in? Now’s your chance to bag one on the house courtesy of O’Dea Designs.

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Not so fine print: Open to continental USA. Ends on February 28th at midnight EST, winner will be announced and contacted the following day. As per usual, we abide by a very strict privacy policy and will shred all emails and information we gather.