Gigabot 3D Printer

Printing in 2 dimensions – i.e. paper – is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, but so far most 3D printers have been limited to small, handheld prints. What about printing full-sized objects up to 24”-cubed? Now that’s a reality thanks to re:3D’s Gigabot 3D Printer, a kickstarter project that’s made serious leaps and bounds towards bringing large format 3D printing to your home. Gigabot features 30 times the print volume of standard desktop 3D printers, uses Fused Filament Fabrication to sculpt your piece from 1.75 or 3mm plastic filament, has a resolution of 100 microns, and sports an effective printing footprint so large that it’s great at creating multiple smaller objects at once.

…but nobody said it’d be cheap. Find it at Kickstarter – $3250+