Crazyflie Nano Quadrocopter

Nothing’s more satisfying than seeing your creation come to life – or to flight, in the case of Bitcraze’s Crazyflie Nano Quadrocopter. This diminutive flyer is pieced together from 23 parts including a pre-programmed motherboard, 2.4GHz radio, and a 170 mAh Li-Po battery, using a soldering iron (not included) and some elbow grease. Once assembled, the 4-inch-long quadrocopter is controlled via a USB dongle that connects to either PCs or OTG-enabled Android devices, gliding stably through the air thanks to a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro with auto-leveling. Best of all, the dev kit is entirely open source and is designed with development in mind, meaning that Crazyflie is primed to do whatever you and the community can dream up – oh, and don’t underestimate its 5 to 10 gram payload.

Find it at Bitcraze in 6-DOF ($150) and 10-DOF ($173; includes extra sensors, amongst them altitude) variants.