Cold Bruer

Cold brew and iced coffee: not the same thing but often confused. Unfortunately, most caffeine addicts looking for a refreshing drink are stuck using hot brew methods before cooling the resulting coffee, which — while still delicious — eschews the advantages of cold extraction and imparts the coffee with more acidity and bitterness. Cold bruer offers a far better alternative. This slow-drip percolator is surprisingly easy to set up and use: just pour in ground coffee, drop a filter on top, put it together and fill the tower with water & ice, then adjust the drip rate by turning the knob before placing it in your fridge for awhile. Come back to it three to twelve hours later (depending on the drip rate) for true cold brewed coffee that’s tastier and naturally sweeter than most anything you can find in shops or cafes.

Hit up Bruer or Amazon to learn more – $80