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Anicorn Series K452 Watch

With its unique, solar system-inspired three concentric ring design, you might assume the Anicorn Series K452 watch would be tricky to read. Though you’d be wrong. A single line at the top acts as a reference mark, reading downwards to show the time (for instance, it’s showing 3:16 and about 18 seconds on the Solar colored watch in the middle above). They wrap this system, powered by an automatic Miyota Calibre 9015 , in a 42mm stainless steel case with transparent back and cap it with a convex hard plexiglass lens. Available in four colors —  Luna (leftmost), Dawn (rightmost), and Interstellar, along with the aforementioned Solar — each also includes a color-matched Milanese mesh bracelet along with an additional leather strap .

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $330+

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MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate

Unless you’re one of last week’s Powerball winners, the expected price of the MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate might be a bit of a shocker. Then again, one look at the timepiece and it’s hardly surprising. Like their standard HM6 models their latest masterpiece features a 360° spheres at each corner, capped on both sides by sapphire crystal domes, plus a central dome that displays the 60 second flying tourbillon tracking time. Where the SV differs from its predecessors is that while the latter were largely shielded by metal the SV — which stands for sapphire vision — boasts large sapphire crystal plates on either side that display the movement within, accented with either platinum or red gold. The good news is that only 10 of each colorway are being made, so little chance of bumping into a guy wearing the same watch.

Learn more at MB&F – $TBA (but likely something around $400,000) [via]

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Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

Unlike most smart watches which shudder at the thought of roughing it, Casio’s WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch thrives in nature. Its enclosure — available in several colors from subtle black to bold orange — is water resistance to 50 meters as well as shock and drop resistant to MIL-STD-810G military standards. Powered by Android Wear, it boasts a dual-layer display structure that allows both its monochrome LCD and vivid color display to take turns sharing screen real estate in order to continuously display the time, power efficiently, while maintaining native compatibility with a variety of Android applications. It’s also equipped with all the functionality you’d expect and a bit more, measuring direction with its compass, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and displaying sunrise/sunset times as well as tides. Not to mention notifications and activity tracking features for quantifying your treks and runs. And don’t worry: the original Casio watch face designs let you customize your watch to display the measurements you value all while maintaining the brand’s signature rugged aesthetic.

Arriving in spring. Learn more at Casio – $500 (expected price)

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Fitbit Blaze

A smart watch that’s centered on fitness, Fitbit’s Blaze boasts a more traditional form factor than the company’s previous wearables — and also comes with more features attached. Blaze records your performance across multiple sports including running, cycling, weight training, and more, also tracking steps and distance covered while you’re up and about outside the gym. On-screen workouts act as a coach to meet your goals, with step by step instructions, and the device also tracks your heart rate using a built-in wrist-based heart monitor. It’s of course water and sweat resistant, displays smart notifications such as call, text, and calendar alerts on its touch screen LCD, and lasts five days on a charge, meaning you won’t be tied to a charger on a daily basis.

Check it out at Fitbit – $200

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Botta Duo Watch

First there was the dual time zone watch. Then, the 24 hour watch. And now the Botta Duo Watch combines the two in a sleek, elegant package. The large bold yellow hand points out the local time on the outer 12 hour markings for higher precision while a second smaller, subtler black hand with yellow tip displays an additional time zone on a 24 hour ring. Powering the timepiece is a Swiss Made RONDA 515.24H quartz movement behind a two-tone grey face and antireflective sapphire glass. Otherwise check out the slightly more traditional Mondo, also with two time zones but with the local time pointed out using individual hour and minute hands.

Find it in brushed silver or black stainless steel at our shop – $400

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REC P-51 Automatic Watch

A tribute to the 1960’s Mustang, REC’s P-51 Automatic Watch takes it a step further, incorporating actual recycled metal from a classic Ford Mustang into its unique dial. Sheets of metal are cut from wrecks beyond saving, rolled flat, pressed into dials, and coated with a clear layer of lacquer to ensure the rust won’t spread to other parts of the watch. For assurances, each P-51 also comes with a QR-equipped story card that links to a video explaining the story of the exact Mustang that went into its dial. A Japanese Miyota caliber 9130 automatic movement powers each timepiece with its 48 hour power reserve styled like a fuel gauge, the time like a speedometer, and date, an odometer. Otherwise, each also includes a sapphire crystal lens, a calf leather strap (along with an extra khaki, denim, or kevlar strap), and a leather travel case that holds up to three watches.

Find it at Kickstarter – $895

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Tanner Goods Martenero Ace

When a company as renowned for quality as Tanner Goods sets its sights on a timepiece collaboration, you know the results are bound to be good. Tanner Goods teamed up with NYC watchmakers Martenero, who designs, assembles and tests each of its timepieces in the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. The two brands have joined forces on a custom edition of Martenero’s famous Ace model, featuring all the functional bells and whistles one might expect of a classic pilot watch, including a screw-down crown designed to keep water out at up to 100 meters. Other distinguishing features include an exhibition caseback and a hand-etched edition number — from 1 to 75 — alongside a lovely Desert Tan dial and your pick of one of two Natural Shell Cordovan straps. A Tanner Goods wordmark engraving on the caseback lets you know you’ve got the real thing, and a Miyota automatic movement ensures the watch will run more than long enough for people to notice.

Learn more at Tanner Goods – $580 to $610

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Fossil Q Founder

What’s an iWatch? Until now, Android users have sought, often times unsuccessfully to find a normal-looking smart watch. The Fossil Q Founder Watch ends the search. Aesthetically, the Q is a beautiful, tactile representation of the never-ending ebb and flow of time. What does that mean? The Q sports a 1.5-inch circular LTPS LCD display set in a light stainless steel case. Featuring an Intel Atom processor, 1GB of Ram, 4GB of internal storage and the Adroid Wear OS, Q may make you forget about their fruity competitor. Multiple sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor add stand utility while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 LE keep you connected while the 400 mAh battery provides up to 24 hours of use. The Q is even water resistant. All you need is a smartphone running Android or even an iPhone 5 or later.

Learn more at Fossil – $295

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Classic Engineering Classic NATO

You want minimal? You got it in Classic Engineering’s Classic NATO. This ultra-simple watch boasts a featureless face, a machined aluminum, ceramic-coated unibody enclosure, and sapphire glass, resulting in a watch that’s extremely resilient to the bumps, bruises and dings of everyday life. Each Swiss-made, hand-assembled watch also includes a handsome leather NATO strap and a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement on the inside. The latter of which you’ll barely think about through its six years of battery life.

Learn more at Classic Engineering – $250

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Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch

The Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch has one notable (and unpredictable) advantage over other divers that’s not apparent, at least until you wear it underwater: it’s far more readable regardless of viewing angle. Since all of its internal components are immersed in 37.5 ml of oil the light’s path is constantly within the same medium (liquid), cancelling out total internal reflection. This oil also compensates for massive underwater pressures, eschewing the need for beefy cage-like constructions and offering 10 ATM of water resistance in a lightweight form factor complete with grade 5 titanium case, large domed sapphire crystals on both sides, and total absence of a crown, instead employing the case back for both winding and time setting. And Superluminova treatment on all hands and time indicators makes this extremely unique timepiece highly legible in either daytime or nighttime settings.

Learn more at Ressence – roughly $28,000

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