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The Smokey Bear Watch

Filson uncovered the true origins of Smokey the Bear when designing their limited edition timepiece that bears Smokey’s friendly yet ominous face. In 1923 a fire swept through Yellowstone National Park leaving behind more than just charred trees. The high winds drove the fire fast enough to catch all manner of wildlife in its wake. Among those affected was a bear, later to be known as Smokey. He ran ahead of the fire trying to find safety and by sheer coincidence ran straight into a ranger station and face to face with a smoke-blackened ranger. Little is known about their encounter except the words left scrawled in the dust by the ranger, “Smokey… bear.” Smokey mauled the ranger and stood steely eyed over his broken body. When the fire burned itself out, Smokey remained intent on stopping further such catastrophes — or so we’re to believe. He donned the ranger’s hat and charged him, Milo Anderson, with the task of preventing wildfires. His exact words were, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” It was a threat, not a call to action. That was a lot of responsibility for poor Milo and as the years went on the adage changed to mean the collective “you” and not the singular as Milo originally heard it. Enter Filson’s Smokey the Bear Watch, a limited edition of 1,000 package, complete with an individually numbered watch and collection of Smokey goodness. Included is a book that tells the story of Smokey Bear* (*may vary slightly from the representation above), a certificate of authenticity and six postcards of reimagined vintage Smokey posters. The watch features a 43mm stainless-steel case, an Argonite 715 quartz movement assembled in Detroit at Shinola’s Watch Factory, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Plus, flip it around to check out the brass PVD plate imprinted with both Filson’s and Smokey Bear’s logos.

Find it at Filson – $1,000

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RRL Roughout Suede Watch Strap

Nothing complements a fine timepiece like a bit of contrast. RRL’s Roughout Suede Watch Strap is in a way simultaneously rugged and clean looking, with a nicely cut thin brown calf suede that’s fitted with an antiqued brass buckle and hardware. The 20mm made-in-USA NATO strap also includes two pin buckles to secure your watch, suiting particularly well to narrower vintage models.

Find it at Mr Porter – $125

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Autodromo Stradale Automatic

Unsurprisingly, the Autodromo Stradale Automatic draws inspiration from mid-century Italian sports berlinettas with a white-on-white colorway and clean, easy to read markers. The hour indexes are applied to a transparent glass ring that’s raised above the rest of the face for an intriguing three-dimensional effect, and the minute and hour hands resemble those on a speedometer, with the former colored bright red. Its stainless steel case is complemented by a custom leather strap plus domed sapphire crystal lenses on the front back, the latter allowing for a view of the Miyota 9015 automatic movement powering the timepiece.

Read more at Autodromo – $875 [via]

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Squarestreet SQ31 Aluminum Watch

It’s not one bit about pretenses. The Squarestreet SQ31 Aluminum Watch is instead minimal in the most functional way possible. Its slim case is machined of T6061 aircraft grade aluminum and fitted with a completely flush case back and a mineral crystal lens in front that, all together, measure just 8mm in thickness, complementing its stripped down appeal and light weight. Two distinct index tracks aligned with the lengths of the hands essentially spell out the time for you, with every minute indicated individually all around — and while the hours aren’t, with only twelve to choose from we’re pretty sure you’ll get it right at a glance.Powering the timepiece is a dependable quartz Swiss Ronda movement that displays seconds on a small counter at the 6 o’clock position and that’ll run for approximately 42 months straight before needing new batteries.

Find it at Squarestreet in a variety of colors – $275

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Ochs Und Junior Perpetual Calendar

As minimal as it is functional, Ochs Und Junior’s Perpetual Calendar displays the date with a dot on its outer ring — including 28 or 29 days in February, leap year or not — along with the current month, represented by the inner disk’s outermost dot pointing to a time (for instance, pointing to 3PM means March). And this, accomplished using just 9 additional parts. The timepiece is powered by an automatic Ulysse Nardin UN-118 and is surprisingly easy to set, with the same familiar three-position crown as on any automatic with date. It also displays power reserve at a glance, being the tiny disk below the 12 o’clock marker, and the similar disk above the 6 o’clock marker ticks away to represent the seconds to show that the watch is running.

Learn more at Ochs Und Junior – roughly $20,800

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Bradley Element Watch

As well suited for the visually impaired as it is for everyone else, the Bradley Element watch is a follow-up to and refinement of the original Bradley watch that looks even sleeker. It boasts a redesigned, more rugged case body made of PVD-plated ceramic that’s sculpted with three-dimensional surface elements that define time markers. And to tell the time two magnetized ball bearings make their way around the watch’s two concentric rings, one in the center for the hour and the other around its edge to mark minutes. Each includes a matching black stainless steel mesh strap that’s infinitely adjustable.

Find it at Eone – $395

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AVI-8 Flyboy Bronze Limited Edition

Bronze: it’s mankind’s oldest alloy, boasts antimagnetic properties, and just looks stunning when used right. The AVI-8 Flyboy Bronze Limited Edition uses this bold material for the case of the watch, which slowly ages and oxidizes over time to give the timepiece a unique patina like few others. A Japanese Miyota 21 Jeweled self-winding automatic tracks time and date, sitting within the 44mm case and topped with a domed sapphire crystal lens that subtly amplifies the clean, minimal Super-LumiNova C3-marked dial beneath. An exhibition caseback on the backside grants also adds a nice touch, and the watch comes with one of three Nubuck leather straps in either red, blue, or brown (shown).

Learn more at AVI-8 – $800

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BOLDR Journey Chronograph

BOLDR Supply Co’s Journey Chronograph skillfully blends old and new, and we’re not just referring to the timepiece’s aesthetics. Inside its CNC-machined marine-grade stainless steel case a Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz ticks away, a hybrid of both movement types to reliably track date and time (with battery-powered quartz) all while relegating chronograph operation to the mechanical half of the movement. It’s also got a vintage-looking domed mineral glass lens, aviation-inspired numerals, a double-layer sandwich dial, limited edition caseback artwork, and a premium calf leather strap with matching stitching. Comes in a variety of color and strap combinations including Warhawk (left) and Wasp (right).

Find them on Kickstarter – $209+

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Avra 1-Hundred Watch

Each has a mechanical automatic movement and is built over many months in Switzerland. But those are just about the only characteristics shared by the Avra 1-Hundred Watch and other high-end Swiss timepieces. The uniquely-shaped 46mm case is made of titanium or stainless steel, the latter with either a matte black ion plated hardened coating or satin finish, and boasts a unique wrap-around side viewing window that shows you the time from alternate angles. All number markings and hands are covered with Super-LumiNova coating and sit behind sapphire crystal, used both for the lens and side window. It’s also equipped with a Chronolock internal crown locking mechanism that makes accessing the crown simple all while locking out water to 100m when engaged.

Learn more at Avra – $5,500+

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Pebble 2 Smartwatch

There’s a reason the Pebble is amongst the best selling smartwatches. Numerous reasons, actually, including 100 feet of water resistance, iOS and Android compatibility, 7-day battery life thanks to an e-paper display, and a price that’s a hell of a lot more wallet-friendly than most. The Pebble 2 Smartwatch (far left) is all of those things and a few more. Notifications and calendars, the latter in the form of an intuitive timeline, are just a glance away, and the 2 is also a better fitness tracker than before with an integrated heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, Pebble Core (shown, middle) compatibility, and activity tracking with automatic activity classification, all wrapped up in Pebble’s Health app. One-Click Actions are also new, providing a set of customizable tasks on your watch that let you automatically order your favorite meal, hail an Uber, or send a preset text to a preset person with just a click. Also available in a Time 2 variant (far right) with the same features and a full metal enclosure.

Check it out in five colors at Kickstarter – $100

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