Living Edge Wine Library

An impressive wine collection deserves just as impressive a storage solution. The Living Edge Wine Library is just that, laid out as wide and tall as need be — optionally so tall as to require the addition of a rollable ladder to access the highest-up bottles. Its bottle holders are made of laser-cut iron corten installed in one of a variety of finishes, including woods like oak or just more lacquered corten, and the library’s components come in six different modules that vary in size, bottles held, and bottle angle, for a better, custom-tailored fit to the room being used for storage. And for an even more impressive finish add in optional backlights.

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Pax 3 Vaporizer

Both the original Pax and its first predecessor set the bar for loose leaf vaporizers. The Pax 3 is even better at vaporizing loose leaf, heating up to ready in just 15 seconds, and it’s also their first to work with extract as well thanks to a concentrate insert that slips into the back, held magnetically like its normal loose leaf cover. Vapor still only touches medical-grade materials the whole way along and the unit sports an accelerometer and lip sensor to know when you’re picking it up and when it’s touching your mouth, kicking up the heat to deliver thick vapor when you’re inhaling and cooling when it’s put down. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled to let you configure settings (like LED colors and heat settings) intuitively using your smartphone and comes in four colors — three not so discreet, though the device is more than good looking enough to fly under most radars.

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Food & Drink

Defonce Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Looking to eat instead of smoke? Unless you’ve been AFK for the past year you’re probably familiar with the large amount of edible options far tastier and more predictable than baking brownies. Défoncé’s Cannabis-Infused Chocolate is another to add to the list, and one that’s crafted by experienced chocolatiers who put as much care into the chocolate as they do the marijuana-fueled experience. Each one of their bars is made with high quality Fair Trade ingredients and spans a cacao range from 31% in their White to 81% in their Super Dark. The cannabis, on the other hand, is sourced from a Sierra Nevada Foothills farm and melded with oil using a CO2 extraction process that ends with an exceptionally pure cannabinoid concentrate devoid of the strong, unpleasant taste often present in edibles. The result is delicious chocolate that contains a precisely dosed, triple-checked 180mg of THC — or 10mg per pyramid or end — so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

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Food & Drink

True Syrup

If you take crafting your cocktails seriously enough to warrant quality spirits, don’t skimp on garnish and accessory ingredients. True Syrup makes it their mission to not only avoid chemicals and subpar ingredients but to make their syrups the pre-prohibition way. Their Tonic Syrup swaps out high fructose corn syrup and lab-derived quinine with cane sugar and Peruvian cinchona bark, integrating well with gin, vodka, or whiskey and mixing with club soda if a recipe calls for tonic water. They also make a Grenadine Syrup from real pomegranate juice instead of HFCS, cherry flavoring, and red dye, adding to ginger ale to make a mean Shirley Temple. Both are packaged in a handsome wax-stamped 375ml bottle and keep for 6+ months once opened and refrigerated, leaving you plenty of time to experiment.

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Barrell Bourbon

Just like all brandy is not cognac, not all whiskeys (whiskys) can be bourbon. For bourbon, you need Kentucky. Bourbon is the sweet whiskey because of the requisite 51% corn content. In fact all facets of production are regulated, making any bourbon an experience and not a “shot”, “slug”, or any other such euphemism. And bourbon has no additives or color added: the only thing you’ll find in any true bourbon after distillation is water. Barrell Bourbon has refined the generations old process of bourbon crafting to an art, offering eight distinct batches of bourbon crafted and aged in Kentucky and Tennessee. Depending on the batch you select you’ll enjoy a smooth taste in proof ranging from 116 to nearly 140. Each is aged a minimum of five years and up to eight, resulting in a spirit that’s exactly what any bourbon connoisseur wants: hand crafted quality from folks who understand the history and future of this iconic libation.

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Catalyst Fermentation System

Homebrewing your own beer from start to finish is an unwieldy process. Craft A Brew’s Catalyst Fermentation System doesn’t change the essential steps but does eliminate and simplify the ones that come after the actual brewing, including separating sediment after primary (and secondary, if applicable) fermentation, priming, and even bottling. It does this thanks to a 6.5 gallon crystal clear conical Tritan tank with a silicone gasket-sealed cap that sits atop a stand and boasts a 3-inch Trub Trap butterfly valve underneath. The Trub Trap is compatible with all wide mouth containers — think standard mason jar — letting you screw one on to ditch unwanted sediment that naturally falls to the bottom of the tank without contaminating your beer. Moreover a bottling attachment is also compatible with it, cutting out any need for siphoning to instead let gravity do its work. And after a batch is complete just shove the tank in the dishwasher and be done with it.

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The 420 Gourmet

Eating cannabis instead of smoking it doesn’t need to limit you to brownies. JeffThe420Chef’s The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine takes the author’s extensive experience in cooking cannabis edibles — initially started to help a close friend’s mother with side effects from her cancer treatment — and wraps it up in a 320 page hardcover. On top of helping you select principal strains and dosages to use for desired medical or recreational effect, the tome details step-by-step processes to make his signature canna-butter and canna-oils, and then in which larger meals to incorporate these, from salads to multi-course dinners. It’s even got gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan options to accommodate all.

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Food & Drink

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale

Stack vices with New Belgium’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale. In collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s (because who else has the know-how to pull something like this off?), this ice cream inspired beer is likely to taste amazing — at least if we’re judging by last year’s decadent Salted Caramel Brownie Ale. It’s bound to make for a particularly great dessert beer to follow the other beer you’re drinking, though it’ll only be available in fall, with a large portion of proceeds benefiting the Protect Our Winters non-profit raising awareness about climate change. We’ll drink to that.

Learn more at Ben & Jerry’s – $TBA [via]

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Puni Italia Whisky

Italy isn’t the first country that comes to mind when thinking about whisky. And yet Puni Italia’s Whisky has been picking up awards, several simply thanks to its stunning Pantone-evoking packaging. Each aged three years, their malt whiskey comes in two varieties: Puni Alba sequentially sat in Marsala & Islay casks and boasts a flavor profile of dark fruit, peat, and cloves, while Puni Nova was aged in American and European casks to hints of honey, banana, and vanilla. They’re both also available in limited First Edition versions which were bottled at 54% ABV, in contrast to their standard 43%.

Learn more at Puni Distillery – roughly $67 to $84 [via]

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Vessi Beer Fementor & Dispenser

Home brewing beer is an undeniably lengthy process. Spend more days brewing and fewer days waiting with the Vessi Beer Fementor & Dispenser. Instead of taking four weeks Vessi can get the job done in as few as seven days (at least with some types of beer) and with less effort, taking care of cooling, heating, pressure regulation, and cutting time consuming steps out of the process. Vessi doesn’t brew but gets to work as soon as you transfer your cooled wort into the sanitized tank. When fermentation is done, the sediment removal system clears sediment without opening or depressurizing the tank, and any extra aromas or flavors can be added using the liquid injection system, which also minimizes exposure of light and oxygen to contents. It’s also got a pouring tap so you don’t need to bottle, or otherwise ever really open Vessi, until your 6 gallons or so of brewed beer are all drunk.

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Beer Cap Maps Steel Groove Edition

Exiting your comfort zone and trying something new takes a little extra motivation, something Beer Cap Maps (and frankly, beer itself) was already good at. Not sure where that was going. But I digress. Now Beer Cap Maps’ Continental USA map is also available in a Steel Groove version that’s made of hefty 20 gauge corrugated steel and boasts the same 150 front-loading cap spots to fill with the caps of your victims. Plus its slots are now also accessible from the front so you can keep on loading it as you go through bottles without so much as having to take it off the wall.

Learn more at Beer Cap Maps – $100


Veppo Electronic Cigars

They look like cigars, down to the paper wrapping and cigar band. The tip is even chewable thanks to a soft mouthpiece underneath the textured paper wrapping that’s protected from humidity thanks to a special coating. But you won’t need a match to light up one of Veppo’s Electronic Cigars. To use, just pull, and it instantly comes to life. The tail end lights up while pulling to emulate a slow burn, and the cigar produces a thick, tasty vapor with varying degrees of nicotine (or none at all). Their standard cigars come in both light and dark brown colors in eight flavors — including tobacco, cuban cigar, vanilla, and chocolate — and last for about 1,800 puffs. Though they’re also available in a rechargeable version that recharges via USB, can be refilled with cheaper Cartomizers good for 900 puffs each, and that are just slightly longer than their disposable cigars.

Grab some at Veppo – $30+

Food & Drink

Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

They were originally designed to carry supplies like gasoline and water. And now they’ve been recycled and transformed to stash something far more valuable: liquor. The Jerry Can Bar Cabinet takes a genuine Jerry Can from World War II and has it cleaned, stripped of rust and paint, powder coated, and fitted with oak shelves and trim. Each handmade cabinet will fit up to three bottles of liquor alongside up to twelve glasses, and locks using included keys to keep kids out.

Find them in a variety of colors at AHAlife – $680