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Beer Cap Maps Steel Groove Edition

Exiting your comfort zone and trying something new takes a little extra motivation, something Beer Cap Maps (and frankly, beer itself) was already good at. Not sure where that was going. But I digress. Now Beer Cap Maps’ Continental USA map is also available in a Steel Groove version that’s made of hefty 20 gauge corrugated steel and boasts the same 150 front-loading cap spots to fill with the caps of your victims. Plus its slots are now also accessible from the front so you can keep on loading it as you go through bottles without so much as having to take it off the wall.

Learn more at Beer Cap Maps – $100

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Veppo Electronic Cigars

They look like cigars, down to the paper wrapping and cigar band. The tip is even chewable thanks to a soft mouthpiece underneath the textured paper wrapping that’s protected from humidity thanks to a special coating. But you won’t need a match to light up one of Veppo’s Electronic Cigars. To use, just pull, and it instantly comes to life. The tail end lights up while pulling to emulate a slow burn, and the cigar produces a thick, tasty vapor with varying degrees of nicotine (or none at all). Their standard cigars come in both light and dark brown colors in eight flavors — including tobacco, cuban cigar, vanilla, and chocolate — and last for about 1,800 puffs. Though they’re also available in a rechargeable version that recharges via USB, can be refilled with cheaper Cartomizers good for 900 puffs each, and that are just slightly longer than their disposable cigars.

Grab some at Veppo – $30+

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Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

They were originally designed to carry supplies like gasoline and water. And now they’ve been recycled and transformed to stash something far more valuable: liquor. The Jerry Can Bar Cabinet takes a genuine Jerry Can from World War II and has it cleaned, stripped of rust and paint, powder coated, and fitted with oak shelves and trim. Each handmade cabinet will fit up to three bottles of liquor alongside up to twelve glasses, and locks using included keys to keep kids out.

Find them in a variety of colors at AHAlife – $680

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El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

It’s both a lounge chair and a personal retreat to enjoy a cigar or two. The El Purista Smokers’ Armchair is crafted of molded beech and walnut and covered with pure, smooth aniline leather dyed in a barrel without any artificial pigments, preserving its characteristic features. But making it truly unique, the armchair boasts Spanish cedar drawers — one extending from each arm — that have a scent like a humidor and themselves feature room for smokers’ utensils, room for a glass, and an all-important ashtray for your smoke.

Read more at El Purista – Price available upon request.

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Koval Barreled Gin

You like gin. Even though your head tells you it’s just flavored vodka, your heart knows better. You can taste the individual botanicals as they mingle and dance on your tongue. Koval’s Barreled Gin takes gin enjoyment one step further. It’s almost a shame to mix Koval’s crisp rose hip, juniper, angelica root, and coriander flavors with tonic or vermouth. What makes this Koval gin exceptional is their barrel aging process: the spirit rests in a Koval whiskey barrel before making it into its bottle behind a thoughtfully designed, intricate argyle die-cut and bronze foil label.

Read more at Koval – $TBA

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Deal: BACtrack Trace Pro Breathalyzer

What good is a pocket breathalyzer if you can’t trust the results it spits out? The BACtrack Trace Pro Breathalyzer, on the other hand, is rock solid thanks to a police-grade platinum fuel cell sensor that provides accurate results regardless of whether you’re at 0.000% or 0.400% blood alcohol content. Power it on and the device is ready to use in 10 seconds, requiring 5 seconds of constant blowing into the replaceable mouthpiece. One set of AAA batteries lasts for about 1,500 tests and its pocket-friendly format makes it perfect for carrying along to later figure out who’ll be driving home.

Grab one at our shop – $80

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Champagne Gun

Burn through bubbly faster than a spray-happy hedge fund manager that just received his bonus with the Champagne Gun. Load the Super Soaker-sized weapon with a standard magnum of champagne and then shake. There’s no trigger: instead, shaking the bottle incites the champagne to erupt from the spout as a high pressure stream. Alternately, a serving spout makes the gun — which comes in chrome, gold, and rose gold (shown) —function as a fancy pourer, so long as no vigorous shakes are felt.

Read more at Champagne Gun – $460

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Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle

For some, finishing a wine bottle in one sitting — with or without guests — isn’t asking much. But if you’d rather not have oxidation force you into finishing an open bottle within a couple of days, there’s the Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle. Compatible with Kuvee refill cartridges filled with wine from about fifty (and counting) wineries and labels, the Kuvee Bottle is squarish and large and boasts WiFi, a touch screen Smart Label, as well as a standard looking spout. Insert a cartridge and its label shows up on the screen. Tilt the bottle to pour as you would an ordinary wine bottle, but with one benefit: no oxygen enters the bottle itself, preserving the wine’s taste for about a month. This makes opening multiple bottles of wine to suit multiple tastes a very real possibility, and prevents you being stuck with unwanted bottles of vinegar three days later. Ordering more wine is equally easy: flip through choices on its display and select what you want then and there to have them shipped over. Or, if you’d rather stick with classic wine bottles, splurge for a Coravin.

Read more at Kuvee – $200 (including four bottles of wine)

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ManCan 128 Personal Keg

A gallon of your favorite microbrew-sourced beer won’t stay fresh long in an amber growler. And sure, we don’t doubt your ability to polish it all it before that happens, but you shouldn’t be forced to. That’s why the ManCan 128 Personal Keg was developed. This keg system keeps a gallon of your microbrew or homebrew tasting fresh and fully carbonated thanks to a two-stage regulator that adds in optimal levels of CO2 (via a cartridge) as you pour beer. Whether it takes you a week, a month, or a full year — however unlikely — to empty it, the stainless steel keg won’t leech any air or lose any CO2 thanks to gasket seals and threaded fittings. Also available in 64 oz versions, though all are 5.25-inches in diameter to fit perfectly in your fridge door.

Learn more at ManCan – $195

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Lolo Lids

Lolo Lids were conceived to let you sip on the canned beverage of your choice – soda, probably – without attracting attention from passersby or the law. Simply snap your open can into the bottom of the lid before popping the latter onto a medium or large sized coffee cup from Starbucks, 7-eleven, and others. An ergonomic spout plus secondary breather hole keeps liquids flowing smoothly and a silicone gasket ensures not one drop is wasted. As an unintentional bonus they’ll also keep your drink cold for longer on hot days by trapping in the air surrounding the can.

Grab one at Amazon ($10) or at Lolo Lids ($11)

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