TritonRaw Rings

Function meets style with TritonRaw’s Rings. And when we say function we don’t mean they’re hiding a saw, tools, or really that they do anything other than stay on your finger and look good; rather, these minimal rings are made of pleasantly hefty tungsten carbide that’s left in its elemental state for an understated look that’s surprisingly hard to miss. They come in a large assortment of models including some with inserts made of various types of gold and other metals, though also two — one at 7mm in width and the other at 9mm (shown) — crafted of the aforementioned tungsten carbide and nothing more.

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Oblong Watch

Contemporary design meets quality components in Bulbul’s Oblong Watch. True to its name, the timepiece boasts a narrow oblong face that’s better adapted to the human wrist than circles or squares, with rounded edges to sit softly on your skin. The stainless steel case is capped with a sapphire lens and adorned with an Italian leather strap in eight color combinations from the minimal black on black and grey on grey (shown, third image) to the more classic gold on brown (shown, first image) or matte steel with a steel mesh band. All are powered by a Swiss-made 4-jewel  gold-plated Ronda 762 quartz movement, resist water to 3 ATM, run for ten years on a single battery, and feature Bulbul’s flashy signature blue loop to fasten any extra overhanging strap.

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Coldsmoke MA-1 Flight Jacket

Coldsmoke’s take on the classic military bomber resulted in the cleaner, urban-tailored MA-1 Flight Jacket. It loses the elastic waistband and boasts a slimmer fit, as well as Japanese weather resistant flight cloth fabric on the outside for solid protection against the elements. Inside you’ll find Polartec Alpha insulation for warmth that’s coupled to a flip-up knit shawl collar to keep your neck a bit warmer in cooler weather. It’s also got plenty of pockets, including two for your hands, one on the arm, and an added one inside for your phone that’s complete with a headphone cable exit port. Available in Asphalt (dark grey), Mil-Spec Olive (shown), and Navy.

Find it at Coldsmoke – $340

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Nike Mag

The Nike Mag has been teased for years. You still can’t outright buy the limited-edition 2016 Nike Mag, but this release is still the most widely available to date with a solid 89 released, given away by means of a draw starting tonight, with 10$ entries that benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund Parkinson’s research. The highly sought-after shoes feature Nike’s Adaptive Fit technology that tightens and loosens the laces to conform to the user’s foot, and sport concealed buttons on the inside their topline to loosen or tighten the shoes manually. They’re also fitted with a variety of LED lights and are of course true to the Back to the Future Part II originals in looks.

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RETROSUPERFUTURE’s Super Tuttolente was just revisited, with three new colors added to the courageous collection. Ivory (basically silver), Petrol (a light, reflective green), and Blue (shown) are now amongst the colors for the six original shapes (Paloma shown here). Both arms and front lens are still made entirely of high-grade Zeiss lenses that are also lightweight and flexible, resulting in a design that seamlessly wraps around your head while protecting your peepers from the sun’s UV rays.

Learn more at RETROSUPERFUTURE – roughly $225

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Morgenwerk Satellite Precision Watches

Smartwatches may be accurate but they’ll likely be obsolete within a couple of years. If you’re looking for an ultra-accurate watch for the long haul without having to recharge each night, Morgenwerk’s Satellite Precision should do. The series of eight watches includes seven classic-looking analog timepieces, all made of surgical stainless steel (or titanium) and all equipped with passive GPS antennae that receive the time and timezone from GPS satellites equipped with Rubidium-based atomic clocks. This means that you’ll never have to set the time manually but can rather set it with the push of a button. The watch normally syncs up with these satellites just eight times a year yet only differs from actual time by, at most, 0.75 seconds thanks to thermo-compensated quartz oscillators. It’s also got a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to eight months per charge (and works for approximately 500 charge cycles, i.e. hundreds of years), a perpetual calendar, and Super-LumiNova indexes and hands.

Find it at Morgenwerk – roughly $1,350+

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American Shine Co Shine Box

Getting your shoes to a brilliant shine takes more than just a can of shoe polish and a brush. American Shine Co’s Shine Box, contrarily, legitimately comes with everything you could possibly need to do just that. Supplies includes a pair of horsehair shoe shrine brushes, two horsehair polish daubers, both black and brown carnauba wax shoe polishes, a leather conditioner, a microfiber cleaning cloth and an extra long cotton flannel polishing cloth, all packed away nicely in a large wooden box that doubles as a rest for your shoe. Available in a smaller Pioneer and larger Executive sizes and made of one of several woods — including chestnut, ebony, dark walnut, and cherry.

Find it at American Shine Co. – $175+

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T1.1 Watch

Besides reliability — and by this we mean lifespan and required maintenance, not timekeeping accuracy — a timepiece’s most important assets are its looks. LTHR Supply’s T1.1 Watch strikes an intriguing balance between complex and functional; that is, despite the concentric circles of numbers surrounding its face, interpreting time is as easy as reading the three outlined within the time window on the left. Inside, a Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement keeps it ticking away for years on one battery and on the outside its 40mm stainless steel case — available in a variety of colors — is capped with a sapphire crystal lens. Adding to customizability are several leather straps and the choice of either a black or white dial.

Hit up Cool Material’s Shop for details – $228

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EMC Time Hunter X-Ray

Urwerk’s EMC Time Hunter X-Ray isn’t just mechanical or electronic — it’s a fusion of both as two separate entities. This unique timepiece is the world’s first wristwatch that enables the wearer to monitor both precision (chronometric performance) and amplitude (movement) of the watch on the fly using a crank-powered electronic system. The watch’s mechanical innards can then be fine-tuned to keep perfect time by compensating for each owner’s unique lifestyle rather than by being set by some standard environment at the watchmaker’s atelier. A black-coated titanium case coupled to anti-reflective sapphire crystal keeps the dial and movement secure while allowing the user to see exactly how their watch works from both sides, whether they understand it or not. A Urwerk-developed movement with swiss lever escapement and a linear balance wheel coupled to the optical sensor ensures precise that’s made more precise by the user’s adjustment. The manual wind EMC Time Hunter has an 80 hour power reserve for those times when you just don’t want to take the watch off. Also available in a standard Time Hunter version sans X-Ray transparency, and in Ceramic.

Learn more at Urwerk – roughly $125,000

GET IT: ~$125,000


Tanner x Rancourt Court Classic Low

Sometimes, you come across a pair of sneakers so well-made and so rare they’re begging to be snatched up. Such is the case with the Tanner Goods Court Classic Low, a new American-made sneaker produced in conjunction with the legendary footwear purveyors at Rancourt & Co. The sneaker is all class and heritage blended into one stylish package, featuring rich Natural Essex Horween leather and Vibram Honey Strighton sole. The Vibram sole in particular also made an appearance on the Court Classic Mid as put together by Tanner Goods & Rancourt, and the Court Classic Low is just the latest stunning iteration in the partnership. If ever there was the perfect fall sneaker, the Court Classic Low might just be it — it’s a casual option to pair with dark selvedge denim, and it’ll look just as sharp with wool trousers and a herringbone blazer on the first chilly day. A mere 80 pairs were made, so you know you’re getting something that’s, as Tanner Goods says, worth holding onto.

Learn more at Tanner Goods – $290


The Smokey Bear Watch

Filson uncovered the true origins of Smokey the Bear when designing their limited edition timepiece that bears Smokey’s friendly yet ominous face. In 1923 a fire swept through Yellowstone National Park leaving behind more than just charred trees. The high winds drove the fire fast enough to catch all manner of wildlife in its wake. Among those affected was a bear, later to be known as Smokey. He ran ahead of the fire trying to find safety and by sheer coincidence ran straight into a ranger station and face to face with a smoke-blackened ranger. Little is known about their encounter except the words left scrawled in the dust by the ranger, “Smokey… bear.” Smokey mauled the ranger and stood steely eyed over his broken body. When the fire burned itself out, Smokey remained intent on stopping further such catastrophes — or so we’re to believe. He donned the ranger’s hat and charged him, Milo Anderson, with the task of preventing wildfires. His exact words were, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” It was a threat, not a call to action. That was a lot of responsibility for poor Milo and as the years went on the adage changed to mean the collective “you” and not the singular as Milo originally heard it. Enter Filson’s Smokey the Bear Watch, a limited edition of 1,000 package, complete with an individually numbered watch and collection of Smokey goodness. Included is a book that tells the story of Smokey Bear* (*may vary slightly from the representation above), a certificate of authenticity and six postcards of reimagined vintage Smokey posters. The watch features a 43mm stainless-steel case, an Argonite 715 quartz movement assembled in Detroit at Shinola’s Watch Factory, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Plus, flip it around to check out the brass PVD plate imprinted with both Filson’s and Smokey Bear’s logos.

Find it at Filson – $1,000


Trask Brady Chukka

When you combine rich, rugged Horween leather with a clean, classic silhouette, you get a new version of what could be your favorite boot for fall. We’re talking about the Trask Brady Boot, a super-clean take on the more casual chukka. With a leather lining and an Ortholite insole, they combine comfort and style for days in spades. The clay-colored Horween Norwegian elk leather exterior will look just as great after years of wear as it will fresh out of the box, and the stitch-out welt construction adds another layer of durability to a pair of boots that’s ready to wear with light wash denim now and with a crisp wool suit this fall and winter. With styling potential that’s versatile and prepared for anything, this just might be your new favorite pair of chukkas.

Learn more at Trask – $265


RRL Roughout Suede Watch Strap

Nothing complements a fine timepiece like a bit of contrast. RRL’s Roughout Suede Watch Strap is in a way simultaneously rugged and clean looking, with a nicely cut thin brown calf suede that’s fitted with an antiqued brass buckle and hardware. The 20mm made-in-USA NATO strap also includes two pin buckles to secure your watch, suiting particularly well to narrower vintage models.

Find it at Mr Porter – $125