Weef Leather Ties

Don a Weef Leather Tie and we’re fairly certain people will notice. Each of this Cape Town startup’s skinny ties is handmade of premium full grain leather that’ll probably last forever and age nicely (like leather tends to). They come in six colors that span (from left to right) brown, grey, navy, as well as (not shown) oxblood, black, and cognac, and require little maintenance. Though to sharpen up just iron over your tie on low heat with a pure cotton ironing cloth for a crisp, clean look.

Pick one up at Weef – $84

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Sports & Outdoors

BUMI Base Layer

With the short-sleeve BUMI Base Layer you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. Made from a technical polyester fabric that’s stitched together with flatlock seams, the Base Layer is soft, antimicrobial, quick to wick away sweat, and packs down neatly into a compact form that can easily hide in a bag or pocket. The mesh compartment into which to stash the shirt also doubles as a pocket while worn. It’s the epitome of functional clothing designed for travel and experiencing the outdoors. Part of a limited 100-piece run, so act fast if you want one.

Learn more at BUMI – $18

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Original Grain Watches

The holidays are about giving, but don’t forget yourself. And perhaps the timepiece you plan on wearing through countless parties and into the new year is in need of a refresh. Original Grain’s assortment of wooden watches spans a wide range of styles from the elegant Minimalist to the go-anywhere Alterra Chronograph. The latter, despite being handcrafted of wood and stainless steel, is engineered to resist water to 10 ATM (100 meters) thanks to an epoxy treatment of its exotic wood inlays. Their other offerings include the Classic, the Barrel, and a unique limited-run automatic Jim Beam Edition that’s made with with reclaimed bourbon barrels, powered by a 21-jewel 8215 Miyota movement, and stamped with the bourbon maker’s logo above the six o’clock mark. Perhaps best of all each watch purchased plants the seed for plenty more, not to mention clean air, since Original Grain partners with to plant ten trees per.

Grab one at Original Grain – $150+ (use code GearHungry for 15% off)

Presented by Original Grain.

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J. L. Lawson & Co Copper & Maple Links

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill machine made cufflinks. Instead J. L. Lawson & Co’s Copper & Maple Links are meticulously handmade of dyed maple and Tellerium copper. Once fused press fit and glued together the maple is sanded down and sealed with a wood oil, making for smooth, continuous curves that blend right into the copper rod, with a semblance to tops that’s likely not coincidental. Also available in an identically shaped but starker pair made of titanium and ancient bog oak ($225).

Check them out at J. L. Lawson & Co – $195

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Corgi Sock Advent Calendar

Drink By The Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar expands your palate when it comes to whisky. The Corgi Sock Advent Calendar does the same but for your sock collection. The twenty-four sock set includes 23 festive-themed cotton-blend pairs from Welsh luxury knitwear specialist Corgi that run from December 1st up to the 23rd. On Christmas Eve the socks are instead made from an even more luxurious cashmere and silk-blend design who’s patterning is still under wraps. They may look a touch out of place in summer for obvious reasons but these socks are perfect to get you through the holidays as well as the rest of winter.

Find it at Mr Porter – $475 [via]

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Tudor Pelagos LHD

The odds you’re in the market for a premium left-handed diver are likely slim, but on the off chance that you are you’ll absolutely love the Tudor Pelagos LHD, short for Left Hand Drive. The all-titanium watch features a winding stem that’s positioned on the left side of the case that allows for wearing on the right wrist and, on the other side, a helium escape valve that enables (and guarantees) depths as great as 500 meters. Powering the Pelagos LHD is Tudor’s automatic in-house MT5612 movement with a 70 hour power reserve that’ll keep on ticking even if you don’t wear your watch on weekends. Also of note is beige luminescent markings on the hands, hour markers, and bezel, plus a titanium bracelet with an auto-adjustable buckle that can be set to automatically shrink as your neoprene wetsuit is compressed at greater depths and then expand as you make your way to the surface.

Learn more at Tudor – $4,770

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Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph

Inspired by the racing scene of simpler times, the Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph — whose name literally means single seat — is back to celebrate the brand’s fifth anniversary, this time in chronograph form. Part of a limited run like their previous Monoposto, 500 individually numbered units will be made of which 200 will have black dials, 200 silver dials, and 100 in Azzurro blue (shown). A Seiko NE88 automatic column wheel chronograph movement powers the watch, though it’s most distinctive feature is its domed sapphire crystal with a “redline” marker placed a bit above the 10 o’clock marker that’s evocative of the line of red paint or tape placed across the glass of yesteryear’s racer’s rev counter that dissuaded drivers from blowing their engines. Its sapphire crystal exhibition caseback also gives a peek through the polished stainless steel case at the movement within.

Learn more at Autodromo – $1,800

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Filson Packer Coat

Without form, function is irrelevant. Who wants a coat that just has a great personality? Filson’s Packer coat has function backed up by 120 years of experience and enough form to make even the fugliest mug look rugged and handsome. The Packer’s rain repellant, 24-ounce 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool is cut for optimum freedom of movement and ultimate warmth. Like Filson’s Double Mackinaw Cruiser, the Packer features a double layer of wool over the yoke for robust foul weather abatement, with the added utility and style of a genuine shearling collar. The collar negates the need to wear a scarf, and in truly inclement weather it can be worn up for further protection. The button-front Packer features plenty of real estate for EDC with 4 flap pockets, a slotted pocket, 2 handwarmer pockets, a rear map pocket, and 1 interior utility pocket. Available in red-black lumberjack plaid or charcoal. Note: will not work with skinny jeans.

Learn more at Filson – $495

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Duke & Dexter Loafers

The words quality and loafers needn’t be mutually exclusive, and Duke & Dexter’s Loafers are a living example of this. For one, each shoe is both designed in London and handcrafted in Sheffield, the latter in a family run factory that’s been producing footwear for over 80 years. The shoes themselves pair a traditional loafer style with a large selection of colors and patterns — 33 by our count — that sets them apart ad includes a variety of suedes (Tanner Suede shown), several camo patterns, and tweed, amongst many more.

Learn more at Duke & Dexter – $150+

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Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks

Interestingly, we can’t seem to get enough of this already-ubiquitous building material. If its inclusion in our roads and buildings wasn’t enough it can also complement your suit in the form of Konzuk’s Concrete Cufflinks. Since they’re neutrally hued — grey concrete, silver brushed stainless steel — the cufflinks work with just about any colored shirt, and the concrete is engravable, for a fee. And if you grab a pair before the end of this month, half the proceeds go to the Movember Foundation to contribute to the fight against prostate cancer.

Learn more at Konzuk – $170

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Wings+Horns Cabin Fleece

If coziness is of upmost importance to you during the cold winter months you’ll be hard pressed to find better than the Wings+Horns Cabin Fleece. With a boxing-inspired cut, this robe is made of a custom triple-layered fabric that’s lined on the inside with a soft, warm quilt. It’s lighter than it looks, though, and boasts sweatshirt-like features including front patch pockets, rib cuffs, and a large sheltering hood.

Find it at Wings+Horns – roughly $171

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Challky T-Shirt

Unlike graphic tees the Challky T-Shirt gives you a blank canvas in the form of a rectangular drawable surface (more specifically a multi-layered serigraphy print) that’s akin to a chalk board. Draw whatever you’d like on it with some chalk, then wear it. A full wash cycle, while very effective, isn’t necessary to clean off the chalk since it’s really just like a chalkboard — just a sponge and some water will do — and then you’re all set with a clean slate, ready to write or draw some more.

Learn more at Challky – $35

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Vue Smart Glasses

They unsuspectingly look like a nice, normal pair of glasses. And that’s the point. Vue Smart Glasses are far more discreet than other head-worn wearables like Google Glass and they do without the camera of Snap Spectacles. Still, they pack quite a few features including bone conduction speakers and a mic to quietly listen to music and make calls (or hear navigation directions and notifications), an accelerometer for activity tracking, a subtle LED that works as a notification warning, and a Find My Glasses feature to locate your errant specs. A small hidden touchpad on the right arm handles controls like skipping tracks or answering calls and the only indication that they’re concealing all this technology is perhaps their large-than-average temple tips. Available with prescription or tinted lenses in two styles, three colors, and with one of five temple pieces that include carbon fiber, wood, and simple black.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $180

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