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Anicorn Series K452 Watch

With its unique, solar system-inspired three concentric ring design, you might assume the Anicorn Series K452 watch would be tricky to read. Though you’d be wrong. A single line at the top acts as a reference mark, reading downwards to show the time (for instance, it’s showing 3:16 and about 18 seconds on the Solar colored watch in the middle above). They wrap this system, powered by an automatic Miyota Calibre 9015 , in a 42mm stainless steel case with transparent back and cap it with a convex hard plexiglass lens. Available in four colors —  Luna (leftmost), Dawn (rightmost), and Interstellar, along with the aforementioned Solar — each also includes a color-matched Milanese mesh bracelet along with an additional leather strap .

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $330+

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Ruler Bracelet

Find yourself conflicted when it comes to wearing accessories that aren’t, in some way or another, functional? At least it’s a non-issue with the Ruler Bracelet, a collaborative project between Work Hard Anywhere and LA-based leather brand The Goods. Available in both 14-inch and 16-inch versions, the Ruler Bracelet is handmade of leather in the USA and features an imperial ruler on one side as well as a metric one on the other. It’s a great looking addition to every guy’s everyday carry, and one that’s bound to see some use in the field, too.

Learn more at Work Hard Anywhere – $20

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Oren Isaac Eyewear

Your eyes deserve the best. But perhaps your wallet didn’t appreciate the beating it took the last time you bought a pair of glasses. Oren Isaac Eyewear aims to change the way things are done from frame to lens. The former comes in a multitude of designs, all employing hypoallergenic acetate of cellulose in various modern and vintage designs of various color combinations and with, for some, fitted metal accents. Top optical clarity antireflective CR39 lenses are outsourced from renowned manufacturers and induce less distortion than standard polycarbonate ones. And the glasses are built to last for years, with scratch resistant lenses and reinforced rivets for strength at the joint, the otherwise weakest point.

Learn more at Oren Isaac – $98

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MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate

Unless you’re one of last week’s Powerball winners, the expected price of the MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate might be a bit of a shocker. Then again, one look at the timepiece and it’s hardly surprising. Like their standard HM6 models their latest masterpiece features a 360° spheres at each corner, capped on both sides by sapphire crystal domes, plus a central dome that displays the 60 second flying tourbillon tracking time. Where the SV differs from its predecessors is that while the latter were largely shielded by metal the SV — which stands for sapphire vision — boasts large sapphire crystal plates on either side that display the movement within, accented with either platinum or red gold. The good news is that only 10 of each colorway are being made, so little chance of bumping into a guy wearing the same watch.

Learn more at MB&F – $TBA (but likely something around $400,000) [via]

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Thursday Diplomat Boot

Just like a great outfit, great boots definitely start from the ground up. But how to find that elusive deal? Shooting for a lower price shouldn’t mean settling for lower quality, and Thursday Boots nails the price-durability ratio. Its Diplomat Boot is Exhibit A in that regard. Crafted from tough Natural Horween leather that’ll break in over time, the boots feature a sturdy Goodyear welt and a cork-bed midsole — both design features that lend themselves to plenty of repeated outfit pairings. It comes in three rich and versatile colors, practically begging to be worn with everything from slim selvedge denim to burgundy corduroys. The slim moc toe adds visual interest without compromising the versatility of these boots, all at a price that’ll make you want to grab a few pairs for toughing this winter weather.

Find it and others at Thursday Boot Company – $200+

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Ketums Bondy Jacket

Originally founded by designer Daniel Smith’s great-grandfather in Paris in the 1920s and then forced to shut down due to World War II, Smith brought the brand back to an overwhelming response with the launch of the Bondy Jacket. This hooded waxed cotton jacket, complete with a Japanese chambray flannel lining, sold out quickly in part because of its combination of unique heritage details and on-trend styling potential. It’s water repellent, sports a tailored fit, and ages nicely. Fortunately for menswear aficionados in need of durable outerwear, the Bondy Jacket is back in two versatile and fashionable colorways: Hunter Green and Harbor Grey.

Learn more at Ketums – $368

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Hypnos Sleep Hoodie

We’re of the opinion that catching some z’s on a long flight is crucial for staving off jet lag, whether it takes a couple of drinks or an antihistamine. The Hypnos Sleep Hoodie maximizes the odds of you attaining some good shut-eye thanks to fine, super soft fabrics that include 100% heavier weight cotton in their zip-up and slightly less heavy cotton in their pullover. But more than this each also comes with an integrated but removable inflatable pillow within its oversized hood that wraps around your head and inflates using a valve near the lower neckline. Available in either fitted or relaxed versions as well as a light weight breathable nylon jacket.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $69+

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JackThreads Geo Sweater

When you get tired of wearing the typical V-neck or crewneck sweater this winter, reach instead for a sweater that packs a big punch of pattern. Part of JackThreads’ new menswear line, the Geo Sweater takes a navy base and amps it up with an eyecatching print for style that’s at once neutral and bold. It’s double-knit for warmth, so it can easily be worn over a white or blue Oxford and underneath a bomber jacket for comfort and function in chilly weather. Have one on-hand for just about any situation that may crop up and see where it takes you.

Learn more at JackThreads – $60

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Botta Duo Watch

First there was the dual time zone watch. Then, the 24 hour watch. And now the Botta Duo Watch combines the two in a sleek, elegant package. The large bold yellow hand points out the local time on the outer 12 hour markings for higher precision while a second smaller, subtler black hand with yellow tip displays an additional time zone on a 24 hour ring. Powering the timepiece is a Swiss Made RONDA 515.24H quartz movement behind a two-tone grey face and antireflective sapphire glass. Otherwise check out the slightly more traditional Mondo, also with two time zones but with the local time pointed out using individual hour and minute hands.

Find it in brushed silver or black stainless steel at our shop – $400

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Bastion Carbon Fiber Straight Razor

Planning to invest in a straight razor? Go all out with Carbon Fiber Gear’s Bastion Carbon Fiber Straight Razor, a razor that looks like it carries a far heavier price tag than the one actually on it. The razor’s handle is made of actual 3k twill carbon fiber that’s fitted with a mosaic Bastion pin and that’s coupled to a gorgeous hand-forged damascus steel blade with about 58-60 HRC hardness.

Learn more at Carbon Fiber Gear – $100 [via]

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