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Sports & Outdoors

BUMI Base Layer

With the short-sleeve BUMI Base Layer you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. Made from a technical polyester fabric that’s stitched together with flatlock seams, the Base Layer is soft, antimicrobial, quick to wick away sweat, and packs down neatly into a compact form that can easily hide in a bag or pocket. The mesh compartment into which to stash the shirt also doubles as a pocket while worn. It’s the epitome of functional clothing designed for travel and experiencing the outdoors. Part of a limited 100-piece run, so act fast if you want one.

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Sports & Outdoors

+Winter Heated Insoles

Winter sports are a lot more enjoyable when you’re not worrying about your fingers and toes falling off. And while they won’t do much for the former, +t’s +Winter Heated Insoles can help keep the latter nice and warm for four hours at a time. Pop these lightweight insoles into into your ski or snowboard boots — or even your everyday footwear — and link them to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Their temperature output is controllable using +t’s app, and once set you won’t need your phone to turn them on since integrated accelerometers fire up the insoles at the last set setting whenever they’re worn. Perhaps the most reassuring part is that they’re not really thicker than traditional insoles and are made in northern Italy, not China.

Check them out at Kickstarter – roughly $100

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Sports & Outdoors

Castle Brook K.U.B.

Tick half your camping list off in one go with the Castle Brook K.U.B. Its name stands for Kitchen Utensils Box, and it’s built in California of commercial grade polymers with cutout inner foam that holds everything in their place, not unlike a weapons box. Included is a 10-inch restaurant grade aluminum frypan, a 1.4 litre tea/coffee kettle big enough to make coffee for everyone, four double-walled stainless steel coffee cups, four multi-compartment stainless steel dishes, and four each of serrated butter knives, forks, and table spoons — so you won’t need to raid your kitchen for gear to bring along. It’s also packed with plenty more cooking accessories like a cutting board, a grill grate and brush, a heat resistant oven mitt, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, kitchen tongs, and a chef’s knife, amongst others. In short, basically everything you’ll need to eat well, minus the food and cooking skills.

Hit up Kickstarter for deets – $165

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Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine

Designed to be slim, sleek, and hydrodynamic, the Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine works just as well above or below water level. This unique three-person vessel is propelled by twin high power electric motors to speeds of up to 9 knots at the surface and 11 knots submersed. It’s got no canopy so you’ll need to be ready to get wet — preferably with a wetsuit — but the sub does provide on-board breathing apparatus, 250 litres of cargo space, and a heads-up display complete with navigation systems. Its 80 nautical mile range is impressive, as is the ability to jump in and out of the craft while underwater for touching, not just looking at, the plants and animals deep below the sea.

Check it out at Ortega – $TBA


Sports & Outdoors

Rumpl Puffe- Heated Blanket

Rumpl’s technical blankets are already plenty warm. If that wasn’t enough now there’s the Rumpl Puffe- Heated Blanket, a collaboration across three Kickstarter-launched companies — Rumpl, Ravean, and Power Practical. Made with high performance DWR Ripstop 20D nylon, the blankets feature a natural down or synthetic fill, rated to 45 degrees on their own and treated to allow for machine washing of either. Flip on the heater to one of its three heat settings to warm up further, boosting its temperature rating to as low as 15 degrees. Since it’s based on Ravean’s carbon heating system it’s both safe, durable, and runs on a Power Practical 12V battery pack that plugs into a cable concealed in a zipper pocket on the blanket to fuel it for up to 10 hours on low (and 4 hours on high). This power pack also sports an LED light and does double duty by charging your other mobile devices multiple times over so you can still get use out of it when you’re not in need of an uber warm and cozy blanket.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $200

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Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini

Powerful handheld lasers are definitely impressive but justifying the purchase of one isn’t that easy. Wicked Lasers’ FlashTorch Mini, on the other hand, is actually a flashlight that’s powerful enough to light a fire or fry an egg. This torch uses a halogen bulb over an LED for its higher heat and brightness, outputting a ludicrous 2,300 lumens for between 30 and 100 minutes per charge depending on brightness. It’s casing is milled of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish and a tail switch for turning it on and off. Granted, it won’t last as long as an LED, but can your LED cook food?

Find it at Wicked Lasers – $200 [via]

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Bike lights devoid of special, rare screws are quickly stolen. But that’s an unlikely event with Lemurlock. Merging both front and rear bike lights with a cable lock that’s got a 9mm coiled steel cable as its core, securing your bicycle with Lemurlock is also securing your lights. The lights themselves output 200 lumens via the headlight’s Cree LED and 30 lumens from the taillight and run for 7 hours on steady or 14 hours when blinking. They’re both IPX6 waterproof and mount to your bike using two distinct and included mounting brackets to attach to your handlebars and seatpost like normal lights, the stark difference being the cable in between (see second image).

Find it at Kickstarter – $50

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Sports & Outdoors

Sparkr Flashlight & Plasma Lighter

Fire and light are two things you don’t want to be without when you’re in the woods, and Power Practical’s Sparkr Flashlight & Plasma Lighter makes certain you’ve got both. Sparkr features both a 150 lumen LED flashlight on one end and a windproof electric plasma lighter on the other, the latter not unlike that emitted by the spark plugs in your car. Contrarily to butane lighters this one won’t run out of fuel without warning, at least not until the battery gives out, and since it’s got one with a 3,350mAh capacity that’s somewhat unlikely. The tail cap covering the lighter boasts a noodle tie and also screws on the front of the flashlight as a diffuser to help Sparkr double as a lantern. Also available in a smaller, lighter-shaped Sparkr Mini that boasts a crossing double arc lighter and a smaller 15 lumen LED on the back.

Find it at Kickstarter – $20 to $35

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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Some gloves are made for hard work while others aim to look good. Honestly, who needs driving gloves on their commute to work? But the Mujjo glove has a definite utilitarian purpose without sacrificing poise and style. Designed first and foremost as a cold weather touchscreen glove, the Mujjo offers features not found elsewhere — notably warmth. Each pair utilizes an integrated fleece lining for a soft touch feel to these gloves, and include an extra layer of woolen insulation that acts to enhance heat retention on their Double Layered variant. They’ve also got leather straps with a magnetic snap button, cuff boards made of black leather, and silicone grip dots for added grip. And like any fine glove they adhere to the shape of the hand, offering sleek and relatively precise tapping, typing and texting capability.

Learn more at Mujjo – roughly $27

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Sports & Outdoors

Kelty Linger High Back Chair

Taking a load off is easier than it sounds when you’ve been hiking all day with a 50 pound pack and the only available seat is a rock, a tree or the ground. Kelty has solved the problem of achius backus with their Linger high back chair. Unlike other camp chairs that are short and stocky, the Linger lets you to sit back with over 16” of total back support. The collapsible anodized-aluminum frame and 600D Polyester fabric are lightweight at a total 3.6 lbs and pack away in a compact carry bag. For those wanting even more comfort away from the grind, the chair pairs nicely with the Linger side table on which to rest your snacks and beer.

Find it at Amazon or Backcountry – $140

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Sports & Outdoors

Kammok Sunda

You’ve likely already heard of Kammok from their camping hammocks amongst other outdoor gear. The Kammok Sunda is their first tent, but the influence of their previous free-spirited products on its design is apparent. Set it up on the ground and it’s an excellent freestanding tent with 35 square feet of floor space and room for two, with a longer-than-normal length that will easily sleep freakishly tall campers. If you find yourself over rocky or highly uneven ground just set it up as a hammock shelter instead between two trees (albeit at the cost of sleeping just one, not two). The ultralight tent includes a Nannoet no-see-um mesh that grants greater outwards visibility while keeping even the tiniest bugs out, a heat-reflecting outer tent fabric that doesn’t turn your tent into a greenhouse, and DAC poles for the frame, all sitting on a nylon taffeta “tub” floor to keep water out. Both the mesh and outer fabric are independent of one another so you can set up the tent as desired or even ditch the mesh to further curb weight. Other notable features include Lunarlight diffuser pockets in which to place a flashlight to light up the inside of the tent, plenty of inner pockets and loops to stash and hang gear, and nothing but YKK for zippers.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300

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Flectr 2.0

Following up their first successful crowdfunding campaign for Flectr comes Flectr 2.0, the latest version of what’s probably the only wheel reflector you won’t want to immediately strip off your bike. These high-grade metalized prism reflectors shine brilliantly when hit by light yet weigh only 0.7 grams each and leave aerodynamic efficiently unaffected, even at speeds way above what’s realistically attainable on your two wheeler. They now come in yellow as well as silver and still install in seconds thanks to adhesive backing — just fold them together over your spokes. Another advantage: they literally fit any spoke, including round and flat.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $21

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Fend Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

Excuses for not carrying around a helmet for commuting, even if you use a bicycle sharing program, are growing thin. The Fend Collapsible Bicycle Helmet folds down to about half its original size yet remains both safe and highly breathable, meeting and exceeding US CPSC and European EN 1078 safety standards. Hard shell ABS construction meets a multi-impact expanded polypropylene foam lined with a plush interior lining. Six lateral ribs — three per side — articulate inwards to slim the helmet down for stashing in a pack, though they click into place when opened to prevent closing when worn.

Find it at Kickstarter in black and white – $90

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