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Olympus Tough TG-Tracker Action Camera

Olympus’ contender in the crowded action camera market is finally here, and it’s ready to go out of the box, no (or few) accessories needed. The Olympus Tough TG-Tracker is waterproof to 100 feet, freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, shockproof, withstanding drops of 7 feet, dustproof, and crushproof, resisting loads of 220 lbf (pound-force) — and this, all without an enclosure to carry around. Uniquely, a slew of on-board sensors come standard which include an e-compass, GPS module, an accelerometer to measure g-force, a temperature sensor, and a barometric pressure sensor, allowing for the recording of this data alongside video (or even just on its own for longer battery life). Through a 204-degree f/2.0 wide-angle lens the Tg-Tracker shoots 4K video at up to 30 fps, slow motion video, and snaps 8 megapixel photos, always eliminating shakiness thanks to electronic 5-axis image stabilization. And if the above weren’t enough other features include a 1.5-inch tilt-out LCD, a bright LED headlight, and built-in WiFi for sharing images, video, and sensor data to your devices anywhere and without a cable.

Learn more at Olympus – $350

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Timber Mountain Bike Bell

Biking trails instead of roads necessitates a different kind of bell. The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is the first designed specifically for mountain biking, boasting hands-free usage to let you maintain a firm grip on your bicycle’s handles. A lever controls the internal clapper which continuously provides an audible cue as to your location as long as you’re in motion (detected by a motion sensor in the bell). If no one’s near slide it down to silence the bell, and if the chances you’re heard are slim slide it up for a louder sound. It’s completely silent when off, keeping you completely sane, whereas other bike-mounted cowbells or bear bells won’t stop ringing for your entire ride. Its small, solid brass cowbell emits a nice non-aggressive ring, and it fits all handlebar diameters between 22mm to 35mm, changing easily thanks to its quick release mount.

Grab one at Amazon – $20 [via]

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Mokai ES-Kape Kayak

The modular high impact polyethylene hull comes apart and nests together for easy transport without need for a roof rack in a variety of different-sized vehicles. Despite this, the Mokai ES-Kape Kayak’s most impressive feature is its 7 horsepower 4 stroke Subaru engine that sits in its tail end, started with a push button electric start and operated by a two-axis joystick controller on the right side of the hull to explore distant or hard to reach places without needing to paddle. And setup is easy: the bow and engine bay attaching to the cockpit section using spring loaded bolt housings, no tools required.

Check it out at Mokai – $5,400

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Trainerbot Ping Pong Robot

Practice makes perfect. And the Trainerbot Ping Pong Robot is an opponent that lobs perfectly placed shots with exact spin and trajectory, making it easy to get lots of practice even if you’re without a regular partner. It’s small enough to carry around to a ping pong table if you don’t have your own and can be programmed from within the associated app, firing off the exact same shot or various sequences with precision. Difficulty can also be adjusted from beginner to advanced, the latter becoming lightning fast and unpredictably random to work on your speed and reflexes. And while you’ll need a ton of ping pong balls since it holds thirty in its reservoir, Trainerbot comes with that much (or more) to get you started.

Find it at Kickstarter – $330+

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Silca SuperPista Bike Pump

Back in 1989, Silca’s original SuperPista set the bar for the floor pump. Now this classic is back with several updates and a far more affordable retail price. The new Silca SuperPista Bike Pump boasts a larger machined beech wood handle, a wider base for increased stability, and a pressure gauge that’s both more readable and more precise than before. It’s also entirely devoid of plastic, built of aluminum and brass instead to outlive your bicycles. And within the pump at the end of its piston is the same thick full-grain leather gasket as previous models, still produced by the same manufacturer over the past half century.

Learn more at Silca – $235

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Allrover Stair-Rover

Skateboards’ and longboards’ tiny wheels don’t handle stairs or other small drops very well. So instead of slapping on bigger ones and making the board significantly bulkier, the Allrover Stair-Rover instead doubles the amount of wheels both in front and back, linking them together with a keel to smoothly tackle staircases and drops as their flexible V-frames rock back and forth to conform. The Stair-Rover is also equipped with a handled ply maple deck and custom 50 degree aluminum trucks for sharper turns, basically riding like a standard longboard when it’s not cruising down stairs.

Grab one at Allrover – $250

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Canada Goose Brunswick Anorak Shell

Normally known for its ridiculously tough-wearing, extremely durable outerwear crafted for the most frigid conditions on the planet, Canada Goose is also slowly reinventing itself into a brand you should reach for when the weather isn’t so chilly. Their Brunswick Anorak Shell is made from breathable Bi-Durance.5 fabric — it’s ultra-lightweight and 100 percent waterproof, so you know it can handle precipitations ranging from torrential spring rains to a light drizzle. The magnet closure sleeves and hood are removable, turning it into a one-piece vest you could throw on over a henley or long-sleeve merino tee. It’s finished off with a drop-down tail for added coverage in the rain, and reflective piping ensures you stay visible no matter how dark or rainy things get. The slim fit and navy colorway shown here are about as modern, functional and dependable as it gets. It’s worth adding one of these jackets to your closet alongside one of the brand’s famous parkas.

Learn more at Canada Goose – $545

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Filson Miti Camp Stove

The Filson Miti Camp Stove turns a log into more than just fuel: it actually becomes the stove itself. Quarter a log, affix the stainless steel stove to its top — which keeps the logs just close enough together thanks to four large nails that adjustably hang off its outside — then light it. The aforementioned log will slowly burn from the inside out, staying hot more than long enough to cook a fancy three course dinner in the middle of nowhere.

Learn more at Filson – $85

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Movpak is basically what it looks like: a backpack with a sort of kevlar skateboard deck that pops out of it in one fluid motion. But it’s not just a simple manual skateboard: it’s equipped with two electric motors — one concealed behind each of its front wheels — that’ll propel you to up to 20 miles per hour for up to 10 miles thanks to a wireless handheld remote so you won’t have to keep pushing. This newest model is also literally crammed with additional functionality, including Bluetooth (for security and for playing music and calling), an integrated phone charger to recharge your devices anywhere, inbuilt speakers, a holder for your helmet, and even a mic for conference calling. Though it’s unsurprisingly almost certainly heavier than your existing backpack at a substantial 17 pounds.

Find it at Indiegogo – $600+

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Dynamite Fire Starter

If you’ve always wanted to seem like you’re starting a fire with explosives but not actually risk the accompanying third degree burns (or worse), this one’s for you. Each of Black Rock Powder Co’s Dynamite Fire Starters look like an old school stick of dynamite but contains nothing of the sort: instead, they’re made of paraffin and sawdust, ideal for starting both indoor and outdoor fires without hunting for small sticks and twigs. The sticks burn for up to half an hour, and the whole kit includes a cedar crate for added realism.

Grab a box of 20 at Amazon – $31

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