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560G Titanium Bike Lock

Typically, bicycle locks either weigh a lot or are highly susceptible to physical attack. Altor’s 560G Titanium Bike Lock is neither of these things. It weighs just 560 grams (1.23 pounds) — hence the name — and is made of grade 5 titanium, the same used in aerospace and marine industries, to survive various sustained attacks including freezing, chiseling, cutting, and even large bolt cutters. A push button locking mechanism allows for attaching without fiddling with your keys and its folding design closes up tight so it won’t take up much space on your ride or in your bag. And it’s easily long enough to wrap around both your rear wire and frame, though two can be combined for an even lengthier, more versatile chain-style lock.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $150+ [via]

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Road Shower 2

One big deterrent for living a van life is the inevitable smell. But bathing doesn’t need to be seldom if your car is rigged with a Road Shower 2. Mount the aluminum tube to your roof rack, fill it with five gallons of water, pressurize it with an air compressor or a bicycle pump, then just drive. It’s devoid of electronics and instead heats up thanks to its black surface using just sunlight. An LCD thermometer displays water temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the water comes out as a pressurized stream from the garden hose-like spray head that’s equally fit for showering, doing the dishes, or rinsing off your surfboard.

Learn more at Road Shower – $300

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Rumpl Beer Blanket

You use blankets to keep you warm, so why not wrap your beer in one to keep it cold? Of course besides the fact that appropriately-sized ones didn’t really exist until now. The Rumpl Beer Blanket is like a tiny sleeping bag for your brew, covered in DWR 20D Ripstop nylon for stain, water, and odor resistance, just like their outdoor blankets. Synthetic insulation keeps your beer cold and condensation off your hands, and a webbing stirrup lets you secure it tightly around your beer, whether it’s in a can or bottle. And they’re compressible too, packing into a minuscule stuff sack attached to its side.

Grab some at Rumpl – $7

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Flectr Wheel Reflectors

The first thing we usually do when buying a new bike is tearing off all the repulsive wheel reflectors, if it came with any. And usually we won’t replace them, but the existence of Flectr Wheel Reflectors may finally sway us. Each Flectr weighs just about nothing at a featherlight 0.024 ounces (0.7 grams) and mount in seconds with no tools required: peel off the foil carrier, place one around the spokes, and press both side panels together. They’re weather-resistant, aerodynamic, and extremely reflective, deriving this property from the thousands of microprisms across their surface. The only downside is that they’re not technically reusable after they’ve been removed since the adhesive is single-use (though a bit of glue and elbow grease may remedy this).

Find them at Kickstarter – roughly $23

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H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling gives you a rare look on underwater life without the need for bulky, pricy equipment or any formal training. But biting down on a mouthpiece and forcing yourself to mouth breathe for long periods of time gets old fast. The H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask instead fits over your whole face to let you breathe naturally through either you nose or mouth, as you would on land. Its clear dome grants a fuller view than narrow goggles might allow, and a dry top snorkel keeps water from coming in when going deeper down. And it’s available in a variety of colors both with and without a GoPro mount for documenting sights seen.

Learn more at H2O Ninja Mask – $145+

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Hammer Grip Slingshot

If David, slayer of giants and Robin Hood had a love child they would name him Hammer Grip Slingshot, or maybe Gary… Gary’s a nice name. You’d never find the Hammer in the back pocket of a socially dysfunctional pre-adolescent named Dennis. With the ability to fire roundballs with exceptional speed and accuracy and seconds later fire arrows, the Hammer Grip is the ultimate in band propelled precision projectile launching. The Hammer’s patented Ocularis band attachment system allows looped tubes, single tubes, flat bands, or double flat bands to be attached quickly and easily. The exceedingly strong and intuitive glass filled nylon composite grip can be combined with a wrist brace in seconds for precision shots. You can even attach accessories via the integrated Weaver or Picatinny rails. When it’s time to go, just deconstruct and pack up the Hammer into its component parts for storage and transport, no tools, no loose parts.

Learn more at Hammer Slingshot – $100

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Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

The shape of a mummy sleeping bag, Ravean’s Heated Sleeping Bag Liner fits inside your current sleeping bag and keeps your core and feet toasty thanks to elements that wrap around each one. The heating zones can be individually controlled, cycling through three settings — high, medium, and low — to effectively increase the rating of your sleeping bag by about 20 degrees. They’re powered by one or two batteries that are stashed near your feet and can keep outputting heat for as long as 26 hours (with core and feet activated on low using two large batteries). Other features include a cinch on top to close it up tight to keep frigid air out, two-sided zippers for easy opening from either inside or out, and an alternate model that’s wearable thanks to a heated hood, sleeves for your arms, and a half zip.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $180+

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MostFit Core Fitness Sledgehammer

You could slam an enormous truck tire with a sledgehammer repeatedly and call it a workout. Or you could ditch the tire and swap out the latter with a MostFit Core Fitness Sledgehammer. Available in two weights — 8 lbs and 12 lbs — the American-made sledgehammer boasts a solid urethane head at the end of a plastic-covered fiberglass handle. Slam it into the ground and it rebounds upon impact, so all you’ll need for a workout is a [very solid] concrete or asphalt floor or sidewalk.

Grab one at MostFit ($200 to $225) or grab the 8 lbs version at Amazon ($200) [via]

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Jetboil Genesis Base Camp Stove

With warmer days quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about filling up those summer weekends. And if the outdoors are your thing then you know how important a good meal is after a long day doing nothing. With the Jetboil Genesis Base Camp Stove the only thing stopping you from enjoying a gastronomical feast are your cooking skills. Taking home a Gear of the Year 2015 award from National Geographic Adventure, the Genesis Base Camp System combines eco-friendly technology with convenience. With the ability to fold and pack away into the pot, the system fits easily into a pack, and when set up features two burner stoves, a 5L FluxPot and a 10-inch ceramic coated frying pan. It runs on propane and provides precise simmer control thanks to a Jetboil engineered valve. And comes in its own carrying bag, boasts numerous easy clean features, and is compatible with an attachable windscreen to stand up to all conditions.

Grab one at Amazon – $350

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Vanmoof Electrified S

It’s got an electric motor, as its name suggests, but you’d never guess by looking at it. The Vanmoof Electrified S is about as sleek as electric bikes could ever hope to be, with its electric motor, battery, and all associated electronics tucked away cleanly inside its aluminum frame. At 40 pounds it’s also one of the lightest on the market and gets, on a single charge, a total range of about 75 miles. Start pedalling and you’ll reach its assisted speed of up to 20 mph quickly, though on-tap acceleration via Power Boost augments the power output of the motor at the push of a button to effortlessly tackle headwinds and hills without having to spin the pedals frantically. It’s also chock-full of other high-tech features including keyless unlock — which unlocks the bike when you place your hand on its frame after detecting the presence of your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone — a touchpad screen that displays speed, distance, power lever, and battery life, and integrated front and back LED lights.

Preoder at Vanmoof – roughly $2,600

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