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KampRite Double TentCot

Setting up your tent on perfectly flat, comfortable ground is great, if you can find any. The KampRite Double TentCot makes its own thanks to a sturdy, four-legged frame that puts 11-inches of clearance between the earth and the base of the tent, eliminating rockiness, moisture, and keeping out snakes and rodents. It’s taller than a queen sized bed and just about as wide, fitting two campers comfortably, and the tent is made of 420-denier nylon with no-see-um insect-resistant mesh windows and doors that maintain a view (and air circulation) without letting any bugs in. Also included is a rain fly for storms and the like.

Available in several other sizes as well. Grab one at Amazon – $200 [via]

GET IT: $200

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Whether you’re diving, snorkelling, canoeing, or on a stand up paddleboard, the Scubajet can lessen the effort needed to move on water, essentially bringing it down to zero. It parallels e-bike conversion kits that motorize your bike: using one of various adapters tailored to various watercraft, Scubajet attaches to where the fin would have on paddleboards or hooks up to the back of a dinghy like an outboard motor. Once affixed it provides speeds of between 5 and 10 miles per hour for as long as 4 hours with the optional larger internal battery or triple that with an optional and upcoming external battery pack. It’s also safe since there are no exposed propellors, light in weight at just six and a half pounds, and comes with a water resistant remote control to adjust speeds.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $775

GET IT: ~$775


Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Bicycle Multitool Kit

Throw a spare tube and a Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Bicycle Multitool Kit into your bike’s saddle bag and you’re essentially set for anything the road could throw at you. The slim tool includes two tire levers for changing a flat, a chain tool, five spoke wrenches, a pair of screwdrivers, seven hex drivers, a T25 star driver, and two wrenches. It’s made entirely of stainless steel so it isn’t the lightest tool in the shed, but it makes up for it in durability.

Hit up Amazon for details – $14 [via]

GET IT: $14

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You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help start fires a lot quicker than rubbing sticks. It’s also got a small utility blade for cutting rope or fishing line as well as a screwdriver, just in case. Each is made of titanium-coated stainless steel with a 50 pound hanging weight limit.

Find it at Kickstarter – $10

GET IT: $10

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GoPro Hero5

More camera for less money cements GoPro’s crown of dominance over the action cam market with the freshly revealed Hero5. Available in two versions including the Hero5 Black and the smaller Hero5 Session, both models top out with 4K video at 30 fps, are waterproof to 33 feet without a case, and come standard with voice command support for hands-free controls. If you do use your hands it’s not too difficult to get up and running since the cameras will turn on and start recording with the touch of a single button. They both also come with video stabilization, advanced wind noise reduction, as well as both a GPS and a touchscreen on the Hero5 Black — not to mention a small B&W screen up front. And should you go with a GoPro Plus subscription ($5/month) either Hero5, when plugged to charge, will automatically upload its photos and videos to the cloud for backup as well as on-the-go viewing and editing.

Learn more at GoPro – $300 to $400

GET IT: $300+

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Baller Yoga Mat

It doesn’t smell horrendous like synthetic mats nor does it slip in the least. In fact, the Baller Yoga Mat is made of the exact same material used in professional American footballs: USA-made, pebble-grain Horween Tanned-In-Tack leather, which is in a league of its own when it comes to grip as demonstrated in basically every NFL game ever. These mats only gets better with age like breaking in a pigskin, and they include leather football lace to fit the theme as well as leather straps to keep them rolled up for transport. They come in two colors — Natural Sand and Official Red — as well as three sizes spanning from 69.5-inches to 80-inches, the former length also being a touch wider.

Learn more at Baller Yoga – $495+

GET IT: $495+

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Nothing’s more relaxing than lying on a hammock, unless it’s floating aimlessly on a still lake. Or a combination of the two with Hammocraft (and a couple of cold ones). Available in a series of kits that include a bare-bones frames to be rigged to your existing floatable devices all the way to a full raft, all Hammocraft have the same philosophy in mind: chill, paddle, or do what you want while floating, but do it from a hammock alongside friends. Up to five hammocks can be slung across the standard aluminum and stainless steel frame, and even the basic kit comes with straps and buckles to attach to your two watercraft, whether they’re sit-on-top kayaks or stand-up paddle boards.

Learn more at Hammocraft – $995+

GET IT: $995+

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Hedon Cortex Helmet

Rarely are traditional bicycle helmets attractively designed. But those are the exact words we’d use to describe the Hedon Cortex Helmet. Hedon — shortened from hedonism — aims to bring a bit more pleasure to your protective headgear, building them of a smoothly rounded carbon fiber shell for solid protection that’s trimmed in genuine calf leather. Twenty-one anti-bacterial Cool Max cushions of varying thicknesses ensure a snug fit to the Hed Armor lining, with 360 degree ventilation despite few external vents. They’re available in a wide range of styles including patterns like Cubist (left) and a variety of solid colors, both matte and glossy.

Learn more at Hedon – roughly $265+

GET IT: ~$265+

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Boosted Board 2

The original Boosted Board was and still is one of the best electric skateboards around. Boosted Board 2, unsurprisingly, is even better. It’s finally equipped with fully water-resistant powertrain and electronics not to mention the option of an extended battery that’s got twice the juice for covering twice the distance — i.e. up to 14 miles per charge, and probably far more than you’d dare to tackle just by foot power alone on a non-electrified longboard. Higher torque, larger wheels, a wider stance, and an updated remote all make for a more refined and responsive ride, and user-changeable batteries that can be swapped on the fly to further extend range. It’s still heavy at about 15 pounds and add-on features like the extended range battery ($100) and a second motor ($300 to $500) add to its price, but it’s worth the cost if you’re in the market for a near-perfect short distance commuter that can be scooped up and carried in, wherever.

Find it at Boosted Boards – $1,000+

GET IT: $1,000+


Budnitz Model E

Electric bicycles have a tendency to be overly heavy. The Budnitz Model E is the lightest yet, the first that can be configured to weigh in at under 30 pounds and likely also the simplest. While it doesn’t look very different than Budnitz’s other non-electric bicycles the model E features a compact electric rear hub and a clean Gates Carbon belt instead of a chain. With no shifters and no throttle, it functions just like a single speed, the difference being that the motor automatically assists you to make your ride far less sweaty by helping climb hills and maintain cruising speeds of up to 15 mph. It comes with a frame of either heavier steel or the aforementioned lightweight titanium alloy and also offers alternate drive modes, customizable via Bluetooth using your smartphone. Plus it’s got a 100 mile range, meaning you’re likely to tire out before your bike does.

Learn more at Budnitz – $3,950+

GET IT: $3,950+

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G-Shock Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A

While everyone can appreciate a crisp stainless steel dive watch or a slim, refined dress watch, there are certain situations that call for tougher, more rugged timepieces, not to mention functionality to navigate those situations accordingly. And Casio’s G-Shock Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A is positively packed with all the bells and whistles you could want. The brand-new Quad Sensor adds a water depth sensor to the watch alongside the previous tech of the Triple Sensor which already included an altimeter, thermometer, compass, and barometer, all in all making it a good choice for coast guards and others active at sea. An inset dial shows sudden changes to conditions to grab your attention while the LCD above displays specific values for collected data, the latter with a hand concealment function that temporarily moves the watch’s hands, if covering the screen, out of the way. It’s also water resistant to 200 meters, comes with World Time functionality for easily setting 31 time zones, dual white LEDs that completely light up the watch’s face in the dark, and comes wrapped in an instantly recognizable ruggedized 48mm case made of carbon fiber and complemented with a sapphire crystal lens, a first in this line.

Learn more at Amazon – $850

GET IT: $850