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Nikola One Semi

It’s got no relation to Tesla Motors except for the individual inspiring its name. And perhaps in craziness and vision. The Nikola One Semi is powered at each of its six wheels by electric motors producing a total 2,000 horsepower and 3,700 lb-ft of torque — several times more power than conventional big rigs to blast up inclines with ease — and features fuel saving features like regenerative breaking, zero idling, and an aerodynamic design. Since modern batteries still aren’t capacious enough to pull large, heavy trailers for long distances, they’re instead refuelled as its being driven by a turbine that’s powered by either diesel, gasoline, or clean burning natural gas, running for about 1,200 miles between fill-ups. It’s also equipped with a larger cabin thanks to the absence of a large diesel engine up front that’s got two full sized beds, a fridge and freezer, desk, microwave, television, and other luxuries. The goal is a truck that’s far cheaper to run than the norm, and although we won’t be preordering one just yet we’re curious to see where this goes.

Read more at Nikola One – $375,000

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BlackFin Camper Box

Van life is now a real possibility with nigh any vehicle thanks to the BlackFin Camper Box. This hard shell camper tent mounts to your car, van, or SUV by way of a roof rack with either round or square bars and pops up in, quite literally, five seconds, providing shelter from the elements and a warm place to catch some shuteye. A fiberglass hard shell repels water both when driving and when popped up while wind resistant materials make up the walls to stand up to strong winds. A full-sized high density foam mattress comes included and the box measures in at nearly seven feet long to easily fit two adults comfortably, or even up to three adults (though we’d presume somewhat less comfortably). It also includes an adjustable aluminum ladder for climbing in, roll-up windows and screens, plus internal pockets and hooks to keep from losing your gear within the fray of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags.

Find it at Kickstarter – $1,500+

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Diamond Atelier Mark II

The Diamond Atelier Mark II takes a BMW 2-Valve Monolever and transforms its looks into a classic café racer style. Aggressive and low-slung, the bike comes in three stages and boasts numerous modifications. The first and second stages share a modified original BMW fork, refurnished original rear shocks, and 285mm BMW brake discs, though the second also adds custom built spoke wheels with semi-slick tires and a wider rear. Stage 3 swaps out parts with a Supersport upside-down fork, Wilbers rear shock adapted to the rider’s weight, and 320mm brake discs. Like all of their custom rides it’s produced in a limited run — 10 pieces, in this case — making it as rare as it is badass.

Learn more at Diamond Atelier – roughly $24,000 [via]

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Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo

Most of their vehicles are restricted to land. Not the Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo Yacht. This watercraft measures in at 46 feet and features two 480 horsepower engines at its core, but will instead turns heads thanks to its unique flowing lines and futuristic, minimal design. There’s room for 10 passengers across the yacht, including on a retractable terrace in the stern, a built-in sun deck, and the possibility of opening side windows as well as the large windscreen across the front. Other luxurious features that we’d come to expect from Mercedes include air conditioning, a wine cellar, a high end sound system, an ice machine, and electronically dimmable smart glass used in all the glass over the cabin.

Learn more at Mercedes-Benz – $TBA (but likely around $1,700,000)

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URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

Small and light enough (at 35 pounds) to carry into the office and still fast enough to get you there on time, the URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter is the future of transportation — or at least some iteration of it. A large 36V lithium ion battery powers its 250W brushless motor and attains a range of 20 miles, hitting speeds of up to 15 mph on the way. The Black Label edition boasts a black on black aluminum and carbon fiber frame plus a sports tuned controller for added torque and acceleration, as well as never flat tires, cross-drilled rear disc brakes, and integrated shock absorbers underneath the seat that smooth out the ride. And each is made in Pasadena, making the likelihood that these burst into flames like a certain hoverboard just about nil.

Pick one up at Amazon – $1,700

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Sure, it’ll help with speed traps, and it’s not illegal in some states and countries like radar detectors. But TrapTap sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its extreme simplicity. Stick it on your dashboard and it connects to your phone and for GPS and internet, and knows the whereabouts of red light cameras, school zones, and what speed limits apply where in over 60 countries. And like Waze it relies on users to mark locations of radar traps, but instead of navigating an app to mark a trap all you need to do is double tap the unit (same applies to marking one clear). TrapTap lights up green when you’re speeding, blue when you’re approaching a radar trap, and red for red light cameras and school zones, acting as a timely reminder to potentially spare you a ticket, or worse.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $90

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Land Rover Series 1 SUV

They’re already hard to find in half-decent shape. But now you can get behind the wheel of a Land Rover Series 1 SUV that looks like it rolled right out of the factory back in 1948. Twenty five hand-picked original models are to be restored to perfect condition and to original specifications at Land Rover’s Solihull plant, available in five original colors that span Light Green to Poppy Red. They cost about as much as a brand new Land Rover and come with less features, but their sheer rarity makes them worth a look for any serious car collector.

Read the press release at Jaguar Land Rover – roughly $85,000+

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Tesla Model 3

It’s not the first affordable electric car to make it to market — hell, reserve your place now and you still won’t get behind the wheel until late next year, best case scenario. But the Tesla Model 3 is no doubt the most enticing. An electric motor will take it from 0 to 62 mph in under six seconds and high capacity batteries offer a range of at least 215 miles. Both interior space and cargo space are ample, with room to seat five adults comfortably and both front and rear trunks. Every single vehicle shipped will also come standard with autopilot hardware, supercharger support, and rear wheel drive, with a [presumably quicker and more powerful] four wheel drive system optional. And its price, already a fraction of the Model S’, is before tax incentives.

Delivering end 2017. Reserve one at Tesla Motors – $35,000

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Coast Cycles Ruckus

Simple in style and resembling a scaled-up version of the bike you probably rode as a child, Coast Cycles’ Ruckus is more than meets the eye. This cruiser boasts a sturdy cromoly frame and custom high rising handlebars that give it a laid back feel. What’s more, its extra-long custom seat lets a passenger jump on without much fuss. Get it in singlespeed, with a Shimano Claris 8-speed shifter, and with optional electric motor assist.

Arriving next month. Learn more at Coast Cycles – $920 [via]

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2017 Mazda MX-5 RF

The 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF — for retractable fastback — gives you the best of both the hardtop and soft top worlds. If you’re rolling at under 6 miles per hour, the push of a button makes the roof and rear window retract and hide under the buttresses, exposing the cabin to sunlight and wind. Another push and you’re completely shielded from both the elements and road noise in ways a soft top never could, not to mention slight increases in rigidity. Despite the hardtop the RF still boasts the same amount of trunk space as its soft-top sibling. It’s also powered by the same Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter inline 4 that outputs 155 horsepower, though other upgrades over the standard Miata include Nappa leather inside, new colorways, and improved sound insulation for a quieter ride on the rare occasions when the windows and roof are actually rolled up and closed, respectively.

Learn more at Mazda (once their site is updated with it) – $TBA

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