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Last Land Rover Defender

Sixty eight years separate the production of the first Land Rover Defender and the last at the company’s famed Solihull production facility. The last Defender was of the 90 Heritage Soft Top variety, painted in Aintree Green and looking retro as ever. The actual vehicle itself isn’t for sale and will instead be housed in Jaguar’s Land Rover Collection while the facility will be, at least in part, repurposed for Land Rover’s Heritage Restoration Programme, in which a team of long standing Solihull employees restore various Series Land Rovers from around the world. But while this Defender will soon be history another, more modern one — or rather a family of them — will take its place in 2018.

Read more at Land Rover.

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Hoodworks GearGate

The Hoodworks GearGate is to your stock tailgate what a Swiss Army Knife is to a standard knife. Replace your tailgate with one of these to equip your truck with a Nanuk 910 waterproof toolbox, internal and external adjustable LED lighting, two steel bottle openers, a universal bike shaft for either open dropout and thru-axle bikes, and 18 feet of extreme conditions Pewag Square Link Lock Chain to secure your bikes or other at-risk gear. It also features a NanoVault NV300 Combo Safe to stow your keys, wallet, and smartphone behind a 3-digit combination and ultra-durable safe. They’re made in Portland and fit a variety of trucks including several by Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet, with others from Toyota and Nissan on the way.

Find it at Crowd Supply – $1,090+

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EHang 184 Drone

The EHang 184 Drone is not unlike the drones you’ve so far seen, but it’s bigger, heavier, and, notably, can carry one normal sized adult. With a dry weight of about 440 pounds and foldable propellor arms, this thing isn’t much harder to transport or store than your typical light water craft. It’s also entirely autonomous, hence it being a drone by definition: punch in your target destination on its touchscreen display and the quadcopter takes care of lift-off, flying to your destination, and landing safely, all while avoiding obstacles and communicating to other aircrafts as well as air traffic control. Whether you’re ready to trust your life to autonomous aircraft with a battery good for 23 minutes of flight time, and this before the first commercial autonomous automobiles are even available, is another question, as is whether it’ll be granted FAA approval. But it’s a step in an interesting direction at the least, and a concept that’s rapidly moving towards inevitability in the near future.

Learn more at EHang – $TBA

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Vozz Helmet

The smallest opening of a Motorcycle helmet — the neck — needs to be big enough to fit the driver’s head, which causes a variety of fitting problems. The Vozz Helmet finally does away with the chin strap and poor fit, instead opening thanks to a clamshell-like hinge that lets your head slip in face first, fitting like a glove thanks to a set-it-and-forget-it chin cup retention system as well as multiple shell, EPS liner, and comfort liner sizes. The stable fit ensures wind won’t shift it around and you won’t have to remove your glasses or fold your ears when slipping it on, either. And perhaps best of all Vozz’s Safety Release System lets paramedics easily remove the helmet in the event of an accident without having to cut it off, adding to its already impressive list of safety features.

Read more at Vozz Helmets – $TBA

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Cobalt CO50 Valkyrie

Wagner never envisioned something like this. The introduction by Cobalt Aircraft of the CO50 Valkyrie harkens one of the fastest piston aircraft on the market. Badass falls far short of describing this fighter jet inspired beast. A range of custom exterior finishes accentuates the elegant lines of Valkyrie. But who cares about color when you’re sitting behind the stick of a state of the art flying machine like the CO50. Full pushrod-bellcrank mechanisms, retractable landing gear, hand stitched leather seats by Hermes, full IFR with a place on the dash for your ipad and more make the Valkyrie a joy to look at and fly. Now for the fun stuff: a 350hp turbo-charged engine pushes the craft to 260 knots with a range of over 1000 miles. Foreword canards add to maneuverability and mitigate stalls, providing a stable and comfy ride. The largest in the world one-piece canopy offers a 320 degree view from the cockpit while seating for five and plenty of room for your golf clubs & luggage make Valkyrie a versatile craft for business or family. And if you’re a less than competent pilot (or suffer a mechanical failure… unlikely) an optional full aircraft parachute will gently lower you to the ground where chiding from your fellow pilots will surely follow.

Learn more at Cobalt – $699,000+

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Zarooq Sand Racer

The first car ever made in the United Arab Emirates, the Zarooq Sand Racer was unsurprisingly built for the desert — but performs just fine on asphalt as well. Italian lines adorn its body with an aggressive flair but it’s perched up on high-travel suspension and boasts plenty of clearance for off-road use. A base 3.5L Nissan V6 puts out 309 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque, though higher powered options producing up to 500 horses are also available. It’s also decked out with an carbon fiber interior, an infotainment system, LED projector headlamps, and massive 33-inch tires.

Learn more at Zarooq Motors – $100,000 [via]

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Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model S is spacious but it’s no sports utility vehicle. The newly unveiled Model X, on the other hand, is just that. Big enough to seat seven adults plus gear and equipped with dual 259 horsepower front and rear motors — or 259 and 503 horses in the front and rear, respectively, in the case of the P90D — this sports utility vehicle still manages to go from 0 to 60 in as little as 3.2 seconds and run for 250 miles on a charge. But don’t think the fact that it’s electric hinders performance: it’ll endowed with a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, boasts all-wheel drive, and features a very low center of gravity (thanks to its battery placement) that negatives the risk of rollover to add to Tesla’s obsessive safety record. Other interesting features include rear Falcon Wing doors that open while requiring little clearance, the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV, and the largest all-glass panoramic windshield currently in production.

Delivering in 2016. Read more at Tesla Motors – $132,000+

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Timberland Tires

Timberland’s been laying rubber on gravel for upwards of 40 years, just that that rubber’s usually been under your feet in the form of their iconic boots. Timberland Tires represents a new direction for the company. Created in partnership with Omni United, Timberland Tires come in two versions — the Cross and the more aggressive A/T — appropriate for a range of SUVs and light trucks rolling over a variety of terrains. Plus once their journey on the road is complete and the tread is worn thin, each tire can easily be recycled back by the company into footwear outsoles thanks to the use of a special rubber formulation.

Read more at Timberland Tires – $TBA

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Porsche Mission E Concept

It may be just a concept (at least for now), but if the Porsche Mission E is a sign of things to come, stating that we’re excited is a blatant understatement. The Mission E is as sustainable as it is sporty, powered by dual PSM electric motors — one per axle — that are in turn fed by a large lithium ion underbody battery working to keep the car’s center of gravity and weight distribution in check. Performance wise it’ll go 0 to 62 in less than three and a half seconds on its way to a top speed of over 155 mph, and that’s all while driving for 310 miles on a charge. Porsche evidently also has its sights set on Tesla, adorning the Mission E with a futuristic instrument panel, 80% charge 15 minutes, and a sleek design complete with suicide doors that open up to its four seat cabin.

Read more at Porsche – $TBA

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Infento Constructible Rides

Like Lego, K’NEX, or, most similarly, Meccano, Infento lets you build a model vehicle from individual parts using minimal tools but with one notable difference: the result is actually human sized and rideable, albeit for children and young teenagers. Three kits — Junior, Creator, and Master Creator — include parts for building an assortment of six, nine, and eleven distinct rides respectively, riding on two, three, or four wheels depending on preference. When one particular ride is outgrown, just pull it apart and build another one that’s more suitable to the child’s size. An optional Big Snow add-on kit even provides parts for building steerable sleds.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $250+

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