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Fourneau Bread Oven

Inception your kitchen range with the Fourneau Bread Oven. Slip one into your conventional oven to bake beautiful and delicious loafs of bread. The USA-made cast-iron bakeware device first needs to be preheated, warming up as your oven does. When it’s ready, slide in your dough on the included maple peel, place the hatch over Fourneau’s opening, and let the trapped steam and even heat radiating from its cast-iron walls work their magic. It’s heavy at 28 pounds but the crispy golden crust of the resulting bread is worth it.

Grab one at Amazon – $225

GET IT: $225


Frankfurter Brett Basic Kitchen Workbench

As its name suggests the Frankfurter Brett Basic Kitchen Workbench aims to be more than just a simple cutting board. Two pull-out brackets in the front hold up to two containers for waste while other brackets at the back hold other containers as well as a cookbook or tablet (by way of an optional stand) to display and consult the recipe you’re working on. It’s definitely on the big side but the way it extends off the kitchen countertop actually works to increase working space, and near-nonexistent gaps between the board and the containers up front minimize the mess and simplify cleanup. Comes in several wood options such as oak, maple, and walnut, though with six plastic containers and nothing else — the cookbook stand ($16) and all other containers, including metal, are extra.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $130

GET IT: ~$130


Brooklinen Sheets

Quality bed sheets don’t usually come cheap. In fact most are exorbitantly priced, but Brooklinen has gone a long way to making them more affordable by doing what online mattress companies did: cutting out the middleman. The Brooklyn-based startup began as a crowdfunding project promising luxurious bedding and did just that, with sheets made of long staple cotton that’s spun into single ply yawn for a smoother, softer fabric that’s also extremely long-lasting. Their sheets come in Classic and Luxe varieties — the former light and airy, the latter with a higher thread count and Sateen weave that results in a denser and warmer feel — in over a dozen colors/patterns. Brooklinen’s Core set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow covers while the Hardcore bundle includes the above plus a duvet cover for your comforter. The only drawback? You’ll never want to get out of bed.

Learn more at Brooklinen – $100+

GET IT: $100+


Altwork Station

Gravity would have it that your current workstation surface is angled parallel to the surface of the earth on which it sits. So in a way the Altwork Station defies gravity. It’s not really for drawing or writing when inclined at angles, but the Altwork offers a highly comfortable and adaptable chair that moves along with the computer monitors, keyboard, and mouse, the two latter stuck to the desk’s surface with magnets. It’ll work as either a sitting or standing desk but also reclines. Push it further back and it puts your body in a sort of zero-gravity position with your head closer to the ground than your feet. All adjustments are completely motorized, including the deployment and retraction of the leg support (those three smaller segments for your lower legs) that otherwise roll up in a compact fashion underneath the chair.

Find it at Altwork – $4,900+ [via]

GET IT: $4,900+


Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp

The Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp certainly isn’t devoid of color. The third in a line of collaborations between the British fashion designer and the lamp manufacturer, the Type 75 Edition Three takes inspiration from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s De Stijl’s art style of bold, basic colors and essential forms. Its form and design has also continuously been refined over the 80 or so years since the original Anglepoise desk lamp was first available for purchase, with a base that lets the arm swivel effortlessly and perfectly balanced tension springs that let you adjust the head of the lamp to an optimal angle that’ll hold.

Learn more at Anglepoise – $240

GET IT: $240


Giveaway: Kenyon City Grill

Winter is fast coming, which generally means less barbecue — unless you’ve got a balcony and a lax fire code. We’ve teamed up with Kenyon to change that, at least for one lucky reader. Kenyon’s City Grill ($475) brings the grilling inside instead, sparing you the pleasure of flipping burgers in boots and with a puffy winter jacket over your robe.

To enter, complete at least one of the five options below. Each is worth one entry, and all five should take about 30 seconds.

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We’ll take care of the rest. Giveaway closes at midnight EST on November 24th 2016. Open to entrants within the USA. One randomly selected winner bags the grill, announced on the widget above. As always we never share any data collected (in this case, email addresses) with any third parties.



WeWood X2 Smart Shelf

Introducing the WeWood X2 Smart Shelf, the only piece of furniture that almost fought alongside Optimus Prime. Its fully customizable design allows you to completely change, dare we say transform, the overall look and style of the bookshelf to match any room. This feng shui master’s dream come true is composed of two large blocks of 48 solid oak slats each that are held together with brass screws, which allow the entire module to drastically change in size, varying from about 60 to 88 inches in both width and height. Repositioning X2’s blocks creates and/or changes its modules to fit books and variously sized decorative items. All that’s left is to dig up your long lost childhood karate trophies to proudly showcase for your guests.

Learn more at WeWood – Price on request.



Sunflower Labs Flying Camera

What’s tougher to dodge, a static security camera or one that moves around independently and unpredictably? The obvious answer to that question is what drove the development of Sunflower Labs’ Flying Camera. Part of their Home Awareness System, the Flying Camera works in conjunction with their Smart Lights: when the motion sensing lights detect suspicious movement the camera is deployed to check out what’s going on, streaming live video to your smart device from high above your property. The lights themselves double as colorful ambient lighting and are extremely low maintenance, charging via a solar panel, and the drone uses GPS and an HD camera with night vision infrared on a gimbal for 24/7 security and stable video.

Check it out at Sunflower Labs – $TBA



Quadsaw Square Hole Cutter

Cutting square holes into drywall is a must for light switches and sockets, but there’s been no easy way to do so until the Quadsaw Square Hole Cutter. Quadsaw functions like a bit for your power drill (ideally that can spin at 1,800rpm or higher) with the difference being that you’ll need to hold its handle stable as you drill. Four blades — mounted to cut rectangularly — start moving as the drill bit is spun, cutting efficiently and just deep enough to get through plasterboard without slicing neither wires behind it nor pipes. It’s even got integrated spirit levels to ensure you’re cutting straight.

Learn more at Quadsaw – roughly $240

GET IT: ~$240


Netatmo Presence

It’s not called Presence for nothing. The Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera can detect the presence of cars, animals, or people on your premises, alerting you on your smartphone in real time — if you so desire — when somebody or something enters the alert zone you’ve delimited in its view. The aluminum weatherproof camera thrives outdoors and boasts infrared for night vision as well as a smart floodlight that can be switched on manually or upon motion detection. Best of all there are no subscription fees since it simply runs on your home’s existing WiFi network and stores images either on a personal Dropbox account, an FTP account, or the old fashioned way: on a local microSD card within the unit.

Find it at Amazon – $300

GET IT: $300


Eames Lounger & Ottoman Twill Edition

You’re hopefully familiar with Eames’ legendary lounge chair by now. For its 60th anniversary Vitra, makers of the chair, are releasing something a bit different: the Eames Lounger & Ottoman Twill Edition. Predictably, and for the first time, this lounger and its accompanying ottoman are both stripped of their usual black leather and instead adorned with a soft, cozy twill that’s invitingly warm and particularly well suited to winter when cold leather on your skin isn’t particularly appealing. Don’t get us wrong, though — we’d take an Eames, leather or not, in a heartbeat.

Check it out at Aram – roughly $5,950

GET IT: ~$5,950


Pendleton x Tanner Goods Saddle Blanket

You don’t need an ‘Ole Paint in the corral to appreciate the timelessness of this Pendleton x Tanner Goods Saddle Blanket. Dubbed a saddle blanket though rarely has a horse earned such a protective layer, this Made-in-USA woolen jacquard blanket is adorned with black felt binding and exclusive glyph imagery by designer Adam R. Garcia. Like the Native American inspired blankets Pendleton is known for, glyphs were developed for use as symbols to convey a story unique to Tanner Goods and paying homage to the natural world. And, importantly, it’s also big and cozy.

Find it at Tanner Goods – $200

GET IT: $200


Boulon Blanc Transforming Table

Transformable tables are usually somewhat of a hassle to transform. Not the Boulon Blanc Transforming Table, which ditches the conventional X-shaped mechanism and opts instead for three uniquely shaped legs that each rotates on a single ball bearing joint. To raise the table, simply grasp the table top and pull it up; to lower, pull the handle, situated under the table top on one side, then turn the table top counter clockwise and the legs fold down in synchrony. The switch takes just a couple of seconds and both positions ensure solid stability, with six points of contact with the ground below in coffee table mode and three when it’s a dining table. Plus it’s made start to finish in France and comes with its poplar wood table top in either black or white.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $715

GET IT: ~$715