Herman Miller Aeron

Originally launched in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron was revolutionary for its substitution of cushions for elastomeric fabric that eliminated pressure points, greatly increased breathability, and eradicated discomfort. The new Aeron is instead evolutionary. It improves upon the original’s performance thanks to a redesigned, smoother tilt mechanism with an optimized balance point between tilted and upright, PostureFit SL spinal support that now boasts two adjustable pads to cradle the natural curvature of the spine, and 8Z Pellicle fabric that varies in tension throughout eight zones for optimized support. It comes in three frame colors with a variety of customizable options you’ll likely want to add on, including a tilt limiter and height-adjustable arms. And users of the original will be happy to know that adjusting tilt resistance no longer requires endlessly turning the tilt mechanism: just a few twists of the new mechanism’s handle will suffice.

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Review: Dyson V6 Car + Boat Vacuum

Cars are meant to be used. That means you’ll find crumbs in every crevice, dirt on every fabric surface, and all sorts of other garbage just about everywhere else. Short of getting your car near an outlet (easy if you have a house, trickier in an apartment without parking) and bringing down a full-sized canister vac — which doesn’t address hard-to-reach places due to bulkiness — Dyson’s V6 Car + Boat Vacuum aims to make a name for itself with powerful suction, a boatload of accessories, and a battery good for 20 minutes of cordless use. Yachts probably get dirty too but sadly we don’t have access to one on which to test. We’ve also frankly never owned a Dyson (unless Jake Dyson’s CSYS Task Light counts?) so we used it to clean a couple of cars, not to mention around the house a whole lot, to see what sort of performance this cool looking handheld vac could muster. Read on for our take.


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Living Edge Wine Library

An impressive wine collection deserves just as impressive a storage solution. The Living Edge Wine Library is just that, laid out as wide and tall as need be — optionally so tall as to require the addition of a rollable ladder to access the highest-up bottles. Its bottle holders are made of laser-cut iron corten installed in one of a variety of finishes, including woods like oak or just more lacquered corten, and the library’s components come in six different modules that vary in size, bottles held, and bottle angle, for a better, custom-tailored fit to the room being used for storage. And for an even more impressive finish add in optional backlights.

Hit up Living Edge to learn more – $TBA



Ding Smart Doorbell

The age-old doorbell is a one-way notification that somebody’s knocking. More modern takes often sometimes include a video camera to catch a glimpse of who’s at the door, and a two-way mic and speaker system to have a conversation. The Ding Smart Doorbell sits somewhere in between. The simple system consists of a minimal-looking doorbell panel with a single button and a fabric-covered chime that’s to be wall-mounted or simply placed somewhere prominent. When somebody rings the doorbell the speaker emits a chime — so far as usual — but a push notification is also sent to your smartphone, which lets you answer and talk to the person, making it impossible to miss them whether you’re rocking out to too-loud music or are halfway across the world.

Find it at Kickstarter – $130

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TriLight Garage Light

How many sci-fi writers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Striker Concepts’ TriLight makes the question obsolete. The TriLight is a 3,000 lumen output LED light that screws into any standard light socket to provide illumination for any application, using just 25 watts of power. That’s 2.6 times more efficient than traditional bulbs and 3.8 times brighter. It’s especially suited to garages where it’s common to find antique 60 watt bulbs hanging 12 feet overhead and casing barely enough light to produce a shadow. Microwave technology motion sensor technology activates the light at the slightest movement — for instance the garage door opening — and shuts off after two minutes if no further movement is detected. Though if you like the idea of manually controlling your lights via an arcane switch, the TriLight can work like that too. The design also corporates heat sinks around the LEDs to prevent overheating and that can be adjusted to shine light in various directions.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100

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New Mac Candle

Maybe you’re familiar with that new Mac smell. Maybe not. We personally love it, though we haven’t upgraded our Retina MacBook Pros in nearly four years due to lack of significant updates. Light up Twelve South’s New Mac Candle though and you can re-experience that scent a few hours at a time. The hand poured soy wax candle gives off hints of mint, peach, basil, lavender, and sage, but mostly new Mac. And with a burn time of about 50 hours you’ll get to experience that new Mac smell far longer than most do, considering the unboxing process normally lasts but a few minutes.

Find it at Twelve South – $24

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Food & Drink

Click & Grow Wall Farm

Dream of growing your own produce? Your cramped apartment might not have a yard but it can still have a garden with the Click & Grow Wall Farm. Like their counter-friendly Smart Herb Garden, the Wall Farm makes tending to your growing vegetables nearly effortless. The shelf-like farm comes in two sizes — regular and mini — and boasts integrated 26W LED growing lights and an electronic precision irrigation system to grow plants fast while using far less water than traditional farming. It’s also reliant on Click & Grow’s Smart Soil that comes with each plant refill pack and that’s more nutrition- and oxygen-packed than traditional soil, also eliminating the need for pesticides (and of course preservatives, since your food won’t be making its way to you from across the world). The larger of the two handles up to 57 plants simultaneously while the compact mini fits 38, with an expanding variety of herbs, plants, greens and flowers to choose from.

Learn more at Click & Grow – $200 to $800

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Elysium Chair

The movie may have skewed your interpretation of the word’s meaning, but Elysium is a place of unwavering happiness. Which we presume is how you’d feel sitting in an Elysium Chair. Conceived by a PhD in bioengineering, the chair features a carbon fibre skeleton at its core that’s fused to traditional upholstery springs, varying in tension at different areas and covered by viscoelastic foams, to achieve near-perfect support and pressure relief across the human body. Reclining from an upright position takes as little as a touch of a lever, smoothly flowing backwards thanks to a frictionless cam. Somewhere in between upright and full recline the body passes a point of seeming zero gravity the load is taken off your spine and joints, and all without direct support to the spine. And if we’re fortunate perhaps these ergonomic advancements might one day make it to a chair that isn’t being produced in a limited run of just twenty.

Read more at DavidHugh – $26,000

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Artifox Desk 02

It’s as minimal as its name would suggest but the Artifox Desk 02 isn’t lacking in thoughtfulness. It’s made of either white oak or walnut with either a surface of the same or of white powder coated steel. The classic design assembles easily, with features that include an integrated steel grid on the backside to cleanly attach chargers, a dock that acts as a resting place for your phone and tablet, holes in said dock to slip a cable through — and hold it in place using a soft felt Knot — plus a peg on each side that functions as a hook to hold headphones and a backpack. Also compatible with a handful of other Artifox accessories including a pen tray, a dry-erase slate, and a stand (shown on the left side of the desk) that adds an elevated platform.

Find it at Artifox – $900+

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Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb

So it’s a little costlier than your standard light bulb. Still, the Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb does something no other bulb does: handle diffusion while simultaneously warming the light to the color temperature of a candle. Accomplishing this is a series of clever facetted gold elements at the center which provide both a flattering, soft sidelight and direct downwards-facing light simultaneously. Its energy-efficient 60 watt-equivalent LED itself is rated for a lifespan of 10,000 hours so you won’t have to replace it any time soon, and the bulb is particularly well suited to hang over a dining table or bar area where both spotlight illumination and soft ambient light would be appreciated.

Learn more at Plumen – $170

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It Bed

It ships in a compact box like the numerous other mattresses you can order online. Sleep Number’s It Bed stands out in a big way still, considering it’s the first to let you adjust the firmness of the mattress on the fly from your smartphone. ActiveComfort air-filled chambers can be switched from soft to firm and everything in between, though this unsurprisingly requires you to plug it in. Even better, the two halves can be independently controlled to give each sleeper a custom tailored firmness. It’s also got SleepIQ, which is essentially a sleep tracker composed of sensors built right in the mattress to measure heart rate, breathing, and movement to get a decent picture of how you’re sleeping and for how long, pushing feedback and metrics to your smartphone in the morning. And if you’ve got other smart devices like a fitness tracker or Nest thermostat link them to the It Bed, too, to get an idea of how workouts and home temperatures affect your sleep.

Hit up Sleep Number for details – $800+ ($1,100 for a queen)

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SunBrite Veranda Outdoor Television

Why watch your shows and movies in a gloomy living room when it’s gorgeous outside? SnapAV’s SunBrite Veranda Series Outdoor Television ups their previous set’s resolution to 4K and offers a water resistant powder-coated aluminum enclosure that’ll weather rain, dust, insects, and won’t ever rust. It’s not just a regular television slapped in an protective case, either: the screen is direct-lit to a brightness that’s about 30% greater than indoor televisions and, presumably to keep from getting wet, it’s got built-in speakers that fire downwards. Available in either 43-inch, 55-inch, or 65-inch sizes, and installable anywhere where there’s shade.

Learn more at SunBrite – $1,500+

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Stephen Kenn Victorinox Furniture

Victorinox is known for making tool-packed Swiss Army Knives. So it’s fitting that Stephen Kenn and Victorinox’ Furniture collaboration resulted in three pieces perfectly aligned with the Swiss brand’s obsession with function. The Stepladder Chair (left), for instance, is made of powercoated steel fitted with vegetable-tanned leather that pivots forward to become a stepladder (click to 2nd image). The Convertible Desk, which boasts a surface that lifts up to form a drafting table (and to expose a storage space beneath), can also be transformed into a coffee table by pulling out and reversing the legs. And the Storage Column functions as a storage box, mirror, and whiteboard, with fold-out bookshelves on the back and independently spinning cubes to customize the look.

Available at Stephen Kenn – $1,800 to $4,500

Photos: Stephen Kenn.

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