Casper Foundation Box Spring

Box springs, like mattresses, are large and consequently unwieldy. Online mattress companies like Casper have so far addressed the latter by shipping foam mattresses in boxes straight to your door, and now they’re are doing the same thing to the former with the Casper Foundation Box Spring. Unlike most fixed box springs this one disassembles or assembles in minutes without the use of tools: just use its four big bolts to attach the box spring’s four walls together before rolling out the cover over the top, which contains even spaced slat at 4 inches apart from one another to avoid mattress sag. It’s far easier to move or store when not in use yet is still made with solid spruce and pine for long lasting durability.

Grab one at Casper – $350

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Electron Wheel

Want a motor-assisted bicycle? You’ve probably got a bike already, so convert it to electric with an Electron Wheel. Unlike previous options that install on the read Electron actually replaces your front wheel, making it much easier and quicker to install without having to fiddle around with your bike’s existing gearing. In fact it takes about a minute to add on the wheel itself by popping off your old one and slipping on Electron, reattaching using its built-in quick release. Then, attach the wheel’s wireless pedal sensor to one of your cranks using its velcro straps and you’re done. The wheel syncs up to their smartphone app to offer up metrics like distance, speed, and battery, though you don’t need to have your phone out to benefit since it automatically and seamlessly assists your pedalling to neutralize hills and facilitate your commute. It’ll can you to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour as needed, boasts a 30 mile range, and charges from dead to full in 2 hours. Plus it’s got two gaps — one on either end — to let you slip a lock through.

Find it at Electron Wheel – $800

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MB&F Astrograph Pen

Our imagination is the factor driving us to slowly conquer the final frontier. So it’s fitting that the MB&F Astrograph Pen, conceived in collaboration with Caran d’Ache, resembles a rocket as it sits on a desk, tempting its owner to put the pen to paper. The Astrograph contains 99 components and boasts a base with a clever articulating mechanism that deploys landing gear at the push of a lever concealed in the pen’s ring, acting as a vertical stand. It comes in fountain pen and roller ball varieties, the former fitted with a rhodium-plated 18-carat gold pen nib and the latter with a Caran d’Ache roller pen cartridge. Also included is a miniature silver astronaut figurine that’s magnetic to playfully attach anywhere on the pen, and a launch pad box (note that “box” is a pedestrian word to describe what this thing actually is) that doubles as a display and fits right in with the theme.

Read more at MB&F – $19,900

GET IT: $19,900


Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer

Hammers are simple tools that do one or two things fairly reliably, notably bashing small metal pins into other things (and also pulling them back out). The Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer imaginatively expands on these functionalities by the inclusion of a rotating claw that can be turned and locked to one of four different positions by pressing on a release on the hammer, all in order to get the right angle for the job. It’s also got a large striking face for driving nails, a magnetic nail starter to spare your fingers, and a grippy dual-material handle that soaks up some of the impact force of repeated blows.

Grab one at Amazon – $55

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Trilogy Zero Fountain Pen

Nearly all fountain pens are gaudy affairs complete with overly busy designs. The design of Trilogy’s Zero Fountain Pen was taken in an opposite direction. Its body is machined from a block of space-grade 6000 series aluminum before being anodized in black or silver, seamlessly coming together to form one continuous and slightly tapered rod. Each is also fitted with a Bock #6 nib in polished steel, enamel-coated steel, or gold plated steel in three thicknesses, contrasting nicely with Zero’s minimal design. Also included is a Schmidt K5 converter should you prefer to write with bottled ink over cartridges.

Find it at Kickstarter – $55+

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Tops Knives M4X Punisher

In any action movie the hero’s bound to carry one of a select group of guns. John McClane, Beretta 92. Dirty Harry, Smith and Wesson Model 29. Jason Borne, Sig 225 or 229. And while the list may go on for shootists, what of the hero that wants to carry a blade? Selected as Frank Castle’s go to slicer from 30 other knives for its performance in the movie Punisher War Zone, the M4X Punisher from Tops Knives offers more than just a pretty face, though the M4X Punisher has a pretty badass façade to boot. The razor sharp blade is only the “hello, how are you” of the M4X. This 13.5-inch 1095 RC 56-58 steel beast can break down doors, chop down trees, hack through brush, snap a couple of collar bones and still be ready to notch logs or quarter game. Finished in tactical grey with black linen micarta handles, it’s ready for years of serious use.

Grab one at Amazon ($185) or Tops Knives ($280)

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Booq Pack Pro

Whether traveling to you means a five minute walk to work or business trips to the other side of the planet, your laptop is better off in a Booq Pack Pro. It’s an evolution of the Booq Cobra, with a dedicated laptop compartment that shields your computer (up to 16.4 inches) against bumps and bruises plus a rigid frame and water resistant YKK zippers to further that goal. Ballistic nylon makes up the outside of the pack. Unzip it and you’ll find inside room for a change of clothes, tech accessories, magazines, and other toys to entertain you on a long flight. Other niceties include a hidden back pocket to stash important items like your passport or wallet, though it’s sized large enough for a tablet, and breathable back padding to make longer wear bearable.

Find it at Amazon or Booq – $295

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Tactica Talon

Think multitool and you’ll usually imagine a hefty contraption made of stainless steel. Tactica’s Talon, like their first product, their Tactica One bottle opener, is instead crafted of a composite material of glass and polymer, as strong and hard as the former (and die cast metal, actually) without the fragility. Throw it in your pocket alongside your phone if you want — it won’t scratch it. Its seventeen tools include a box cutter, two hex sockets — one high torque — both metric and imperial rulers, a bottle opener, and eleven wrenches. It’s even got a storage compartment to fit two drivers, with a both Phillips and flat head bits included.

Find it at Kickstarter – $30

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North St. Morrison Backpack Pannier

North St. Bags’ Morrison Backpack Pannier can be thrown over your shoulders and worn through your bike commute, but it’s designed so you can ride with your back bare. Truck the shoulder straps inside the rear pocket, hitch its two hooks to a rear-mounted bike rack, and rig up its integrated bungee cord to keep the pack safely attached. It’s also made of 1000 denier Cordura with an X-Pac VX21 ripstop nylon drop-in liner to keep all 18 litres of its contents shielded from rain.

Find it at North St. Bags – $190+

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Shinola x Leatherman Multitool

The quality of Leatherman multitools is without question, and this collaboration between the American tool-maker and Shinola only further elevates the former’s already functional style while custom tailoring its uses. The multitool is based on Leatherman’s Charge AL, giving it a matte navy anodized exterior and the addition of two tools: a watch tool for swapping watch straps and a bike hex tool. It’s still equipped with the same tools as the original including needlenose pliers, wire cutters, two knives — one serrated, one straight — plus a saw, scissors, a diamond-coated file, and a bottle opener, amongst several others totalling 17. The tool also ships with a leather sheath and a bit kit to swap out the screwdriver bit in the fold-out driver.

Learn more at Shinola – $250

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Best Made Matte Black Strongbox

Built to take a beating, Best Made Co’s Matte Black Strongbox are more durable than most any other small storage box you’ll come across — and definitely far more than the shoebox in which you’re likely currently storing memorabilia. Each is handmade in the USA of matte black 22-gauge steel with hand-spot welding, a material and process durable enough for the brand’s far bigger Front-Loading Toolbox. They’re then fitted with a heavy duty snap latch and emblazoned with a black data plate up top. Available in both 6-inch and 9-inch sizes, both perfect for storing your favorite small gadgets or an increasingly large collection of mementos.

Check out the lineup at Best Made Co – $28 to $38

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Stowaway Portable Roof Rack

For most drivers using their cars as a means of commuting, roof racks are seldom useful. If you fall into that group, throw a Stowaway Portable Roof Rack in your trunk and forget about it. When you need it, Stowaway sets up over your car in a couple of minutes without the need for tools, instead attaching by way of durable nylon straps that wrap around your roof or trunk. Once set up the rack features orange anti-slip rubber pads up top for gripping larger items like boxes or plywood. It’s also got several slots for narrower items like skis and snowboards and has both threaded inserts and a variety of strap pass-throughs to let it hold a variety of weirdly-shaped objects. Available in two versions: a two-block Duo that’s good for the aforementioned narrow items (as well as surfboards, 2x4s, thin kayaks, etc) and a four-block Quad that’s wider for everything else.

Find it at Kickstarter – $50+

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Sanborn Waxed Rolltop Pack

The guys behind Sanborn Canoe Co. started off making canoes and paddles on nights, weekends, and basically anytime after their daily 9 to 5. Now they’re expanding into a larger range of explorer’s goods, including backpacks with the Sanborn Waxed Rolltop Pack. Made of rugged TexWax #10 Duck Canvas, the bag keeps about 23 litres of your stuff bone dry whether you’re canoe camping or commuting. It’s got a laptop pocket for use in the city, reinforced looped strapping onto which you can attach more gear, and a rolltop closure for versatility. Available in Slate (shown) or Rover Yellow.

Learn more at Sanborn – $143

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