Memory Foam Wallet

It’s no secret that sitting on your wallet isn’t good for you. But if you’re going to do so anyway you’re probably better off with a Memory Foam Wallet over a more traditional stiff leather one. As its name suggests the wallet features nice and soft memory foam on the outside that boosts comfort when sat on while compressing down to just about 1/8th of an inch thin. On the inside it’s got a standard 6 pockets layout for cards, holding up to 14 of them comfortably, and a large banknote compartment for your cash. It’s also washable, so throw it in the machine sans cards and cash if it ever needs a refresh.

Grab one at Amazon – $25

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Shinola x Benchmade Titanium 765 Pocket Knife

Without William Gregor and to a lesser extent Martin Heinrich Klaproth, Shinola’s second collaboration with Benchmade wouldn’t have been possible. If you don’t know the aforementioned men, you don’t know your sixteenth century metallurgy. Here’s a hint, atomic number 22. Shinola started with Benchmade’s 765 Mini Ti Monolock Titanium pocket knife and upgraded the sh*t (no pun intended) out of it. The base Ti of the stock knife gives way to an exclusive colorway in a black diamond-like carbon coating with extreme abrasion resistance. Maintaining the slim 765 design, the super strong, corrosion resistance knife features orange anodized spacers and thumb stud. Its drop point M390 steel blade is discreetly labeled Shinola and has the Shinola Detroit logo on the reversible clip and their signature lightning bolt on the butt of the knife. With a blade length of 3.24-inches and closed length of 4.22-inches, and weighing in at a touch over 3 ounces, this opener’s bearing washers make the action crisp, clean and all Benchmade.

Find it at Shinola – $400

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Cardamon Wallet

It’s significantly thinner than leather, not to mention more durable. The Cardamon Wallet is a particularly solid option if you can’t stand Tyvek wallets despite thinness being a priority. Each one is made of a single sheet of aeronautical grade thermo-plastic urethane composite called MeridianShell that’s thermo-formed and welded into shape, foregoing the need for visible stitches. Despite it’s minimalistic design the Cardamon fits up to eight cards — four per side — as well as full-sized banknotes, making it front-pocket useable without compromising on your carry (or needing to fold bills four times like on smaller wallets). And it’s guaranteed to last forever, so if you somehow manage to wear it out just send it back to Cardamon for a replacement. Available in five colors — black, blue (shown), yellow, red, and brown.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $39

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Bellroy Key Cover

Considering their prolific wallet collection it’s surprising that the Bellroy Key Cover is the brand’s first stab at taming your keychain — but better late than never. Made of their typical premium vegetable-tanned leather, the Key Cover comes in three colors including Blue Steel, Black, and Camel (shown), opening with a bifold design to let you whip our your keys like a pocketknife before closing shut with its magnetic closure. The standard version fits two to four keys while the Plus kicks it up to eight by putting elastic key keepers on either end, and a leather loop on the bottom acts as an attachment point for your car keys.

Learn more at Bellroy – $45

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Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini

Powerful handheld lasers are definitely impressive but justifying the purchase of one isn’t that easy. Wicked Lasers’ FlashTorch Mini, on the other hand, is actually a flashlight that’s powerful enough to light a fire or fry an egg. This torch uses a halogen bulb over an LED for its higher heat and brightness, outputting a ludicrous 2,300 lumens for between 30 and 100 minutes per charge depending on brightness. It’s casing is milled of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish and a tail switch for turning it on and off. Granted, it won’t last as long as an LED, but can your LED cook food?

Find it at Wicked Lasers – $200 [via]

GET IT: $200


Incase Tracto Split Duffel

The Incase Tracto Split Duffel is big, weatherproof, and will accompany you and a ton of your gear just about anywhere. As its name suggests this duffel splits open in the center, butterfly style just like good luggage to facilitate packing. Mesh curtains segment the stuff you’ve packed into each half though they of course unzip out of the way if one large main compartment is warranted. Its exterior is made of either highly weather-resistant 1000D Tarpaulin or 1680D Ballistic Nylon, though the latter is also reinforced and lined with more of the former to ensure water won’t leak in. Carry it by its single handle or strap it to your back using the straps, which can be completely detached thanks to quick-release buckles on either end. Available in four sizes with 40, 60, 90, and 120 litre capacities.

Grab one at Incase – $125 to $200

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Heimplanet Motion Backpack

Heimplanet takes a different approach at design — just have a look at their first tent. The Heimplanet Motion Backpack series is not much different. Devoid of the plethora of hanging straps on most backpacks, both the Motion Arc and larger Ellipse (shown) maintain a clean facade by hiding away most functional elements until called upon. The 20-litre arc is small and streamlined, with several stretchable pockets and compartments as well as 3D molded padding that reduces the pack’s contact with your back. At 25 litres the Ellipse boasts a larger main compartment and added side compression straps. Both bags also feature hip belts with pockets and sternum straps, fleece-lined compartments for notebook computers (that also work with hydration systems), and a wedge-shaped silhouette that naturally distributes weight close by and between your shoulders.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $105 to $115

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Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Its spring isn’t made of titanium. But literally every other part of Inspirs Design’s Imperator Titanium Bolt Action Pen is machined of this ultralight, ultra-strong metal. The pen employs a three-gear bolt mechanism to convert between pen, capacitive stylus (out of the back side), or its resting state for carry, switching quickly and reliably with just a slide. Every Imperator includes a precision carved titanium pocket clip and fifty waves carved into the forefront of the body that improve grip, though a special edition Tritium version of the pen ($200) also features six tritium tubes inserted in the tail tip which will continue to glow in the dark for, more-or-less, 25 consecutive years. Compatible with most standard roller refills — plus a few more including the Fisher Space Pen and G2 ballpoint cartridges with the optional, also-titanium refill extender — and available in four colorways including space grey, silver, black, and black & gold.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $100

Presented by Inspirs Design.

GET IT: ~$100


Opinel N°09 DIY Yellow Pocket Knife

Opinel’s N°09 DIY Yellow Pocket Knife is the tool you didn’t know you needed in your utility belt. With a yellow handle made of fiberglass reinforce polyamide, it’s humidity proof and better at absorbing shocks and drops than plastic or metal for longevity in harsh conditions. Small slits on either side of the handle hold two bits — both a flat head and a Phillips — with a magnetized bit driver on the tail end of its handle that lets the knife double as a screwdriver. Its 3.15-inch Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade comes equipped with a wire cutter and stripper for emergency electrical work. And to make sure you don’t accidentally slice a finger off, the tool comes equipped with Opinel’s classic Virobloc safety ring, which allows you to lock the blade open while performing on the fly surgery, or lock it shut to make sure it doesn’t cut a hole right through your pocket or bag.

Learn more at Opinel or grab one at Amazon – $26

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Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack

Dubbed the safest commuter pack, we have little reason to doubt that the Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack is just that. It’s not obvious at first glance that this bag boasts integrated white front (mounted on the straps) plus side and red rear lights, turn signal indicators controlled by a Bluetooth handlebar remote, and automatic brake lights that illuminate upon sensing deceleration. A large 4,000 mAh battery keeps this plethora of lights going for roughly 10 to 15 hours so you won’t need to ground it often. And if you forgot to recharge, the grid-patterned reflective lining shines bright when shone on by headlights. Aster’s also equipped with a variety of cycling-centric features including an external helmet holder, a rain cover, an ICE information slot with emergency contact info (that will hopefully never serve its purpose), plus holders and compartments for a bottle, bike pump, and U-lock. It’s even got room for a 15-inch laptop plus clothes and shoes.

Find it at Indiegogo – $110

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Wingback Phone Sleeve

Wingback makes wallets, passport sleeves, and card holders — everything you need for your pocket-bound everyday carry except something for your phone. Now they’ve ticked that one off their list as well with the Wingback Phone Sleeve, a low-profile iPhone 6/6S/7 holder made of full-grain vegetable tanned leather in four colors: charcoal black, chestnut brown, cognac, and whisky tan (shown). Each has an extra wing pocket as well that can store up to about four cards plus some cash so you can ditch your actual wallet most days, too. A small opening on the bottom also lets you plug earbuds to your headphone jack — if your phone has one, anyway.

Learn more at Wingback – $75

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Onegee Bungee

The traditional ill-sized bungee cord was in dire need of a revamp. Onegee Bungee assails many of its flaws, most importantly giving you a method with which to adjust the cord quickly by way of a cleat box cinch on the back of each reinforced composite hook. This lets you adjust them in several seconds to anywhere from six inches to several feet (three unstretched, up to six stretched) in length to accommodate a wide variety of tasks. Its hooks are also stronger than traditional metal ones, won’t corrode, and spare whatever you’re hooking them onto of scratches. Available with marine-grade cords in several colors including orange, black, green, and white.

Grab a pair at Amazon – $17

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Gerber Center-Drive Multitool

The Gerber Center-Drive Multitool’s name comes from the fact that it’s long center-axis driver, when open, aligns with the center of the tool (see second image) like a real dedicated screwdriver and unlike the off-center ones on most other multitools. But usability improvements don’t end there. It’s also got a thumb-accessible 3.25-inch fine edge blade and needlenose pliers on an x-channel rail system that slide out with the press of a button and flick of the wrist, sparing you the need to twist the tool open as with so many others. Other tools include carbide wire cutters, a fine and coarse sided file, a serrated blade, an awl, a pry bar + nail puller, and a much-needed bottle opener, amongst others.

Grab one at Amazon ($91) or at Gerber ($120)

GET IT: $120