Bull & Stash Notebooks

Most notebooks, once filled, are relegated in their entirety to some sort of archive (read: probably a shoe box). Bull & Stash’s notebooks challenge this practice in two ways. First, each boasts a thick, oiled Italian leather cover that won’t wear down over months or even years like paper or cardboard. Second, two Chicago screws hold the actual notebook part to the cover, meaning that once the pages are covered in ideas and adventures the inner notebook can simply be swapped out for a refill. They come in two sizes — a compact Travel Stash and a larger Stash — both with 50 pages of thick, bleed-resistant 60# paper that’s refillable at the cost of 5 to 7 bucks in either blank, ruled, or grid.

Learn more at Bull & Stash – $25 to $50

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Sports & Outdoors


You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help start fires a lot quicker than rubbing sticks. It’s also got a small utility blade for cutting rope or fishing line as well as a screwdriver, just in case. Each is made of titanium-coated stainless steel with a 50 pound hanging weight limit.

Find it at Kickstarter – $10

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Osprey Radial 26

Last year’s Osprey Radial 26 backpack has been our go-to bag for rides and hikes in warmer weather thanks to its Airspeed back panel and ventilated straps, but this newly released model makes us a little envious. It’s still got a handful of bike-friendly features including LidLock for attachment your helmet, a stretchy front pocket for stashing your U-lock, and a slot for rigging up a rear blinker light. The new version also boasts an integrated kickstand that keeps the pack standing up for loading or unloading. Its dedicated laptop compartment also makes the pack a solid option for commuting, with a hidden rain cover for insurance against bad weather. Plus with 26 litres of space there’s room for just about everything across its several pockets and plenty of mesh organizers to hold every little thing in its place.

Learn more at Amazon ($140 to $170) or Osprey ($170) [via]

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Food & Drink

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool

The words tactical and spork are seldom found in the same sentence, but the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool makes it work. Built from food-safe Grilamid FWA polymer, this spork weighs little and makes quick work of soup, beans, and other scoopable/piercable foods (basically everything). Should you encounter meats that need to be cut up into more palpable pieces, pull at both ends to reveal a small serrated knife, also made of the same strong plastic.

Grab one at Amazon (click “5 new” to find lower priced sellers) – $7+

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X Products Grappling Hook

Why would anyone want to launch a soda can over 100 yards? The better question is: who wouldn’t want to? Since the beginning of soda, man has sought to launch their cans as far as possible with just a 5.56mm blank cartridge and the Can Cannon. Having perfected long range delivery of caramel colored carbonated beverages, X Products set their sights on another project designed to benefit humanity: a grappling hook, also launched by the Can Cannon to over 100 yards. The hooks fold down to about the size of a can and, when launched, its spring tensioned automatically arms open, making scaling castle walls, foreign embassies and tree houses a breeze. All you need is a rope, Can Cannon, and either an abundance of machismo or lack thereof.

Learn more at X Products – $145

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Gear Aid LED Lights

Their well-proportioned designs make them look huge, but Gear Aid’s new trio of LED Lights are actually relatively compact, with the Spark (right) smaller than a wallet. Still, all three are plenty functional. The Spark ($50), for instance, boasts a 3,000 mAh battery and outputs 25 to 160 lumens for 5 hours at max brightness. The larger Arc (left, $100) makes use of its larger 10,400 mAh battery to recharge your other devices and shines for brighter — up to 320 lumens — and longer. The even beefier Flux ($150) has a 20,800 mAh capacity and outputs up to 640 lumens. They’re all also equipped with a 1/4-inch threading point for compatibility with tripods and GoPro mounts, a fold out stand that helps hang and angle them, and an IPX5-rated weather-resistant casing.

Learn more at Gear Aid or Amazon – $50 to $150

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Crusader Forge Apex Folding Knife

If your EDC is comprised of cable ties, tiny pens, and cute little notebooks, it’s unlikely that Crusader Forge’s 3D Apex Tactical Folder will be among them. But if you are in need of a razor sharp knife that’s built like a tank and almost as dangerous, the Apex is for you. This American made knife features a 5mm thick, stainless S-30V blade with a KG Mil-Spec 2401F 3D camo (read: badass) finish. Its titanium handle is forged and contoured from 5mm thick slabs and coated in a matching 3D camo. Even the pocket clip is titanium and mounted for tip up carry. All pins and pivots are stainless steel, and there’s a cut out in the blade for easy opening. This solid frame lock knife comes with a thumb groove on the blade’s spine for a more secure grip, which is utilitarian considering the size of the knife. Total open length on this folder is 8¾-inches with a 3½-inch blade size, making for a 4-inch closed package. Despite this impressive size, it weighs in at only 9.8oz.

Find it at Knife Art – $1,050

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Urban Husky Pocket Knife

Take a century old design, refine it for modern carry, and the result is the Urban Husky Pocket Knife. This slim folding knife comfortably fits in a pocket and opens easily thanks to an extension of the blade that acts as a lever and phosphor bronze washers that ensure a smooth swivel. It’s available with brass, steel, and copper handles, none of which lock — but, as a result, it’s completely legal in more places. A sheepsfoot-shaped high carbon steel blade maintains its edge and handles a variety of everyday tasks from slicing veggies for lunch to opening boxes. Also available in an even more gorgeous Damascus steel edition that’s hand forged and limited to 50 pieces.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $125

GET IT: ~$125


Bugaboo Boxer Luggage

Building strollers is conducive to designing luggage systems, as Bugaboo’s Boxer Luggage demonstrates — and it’s just as feature packed as their premium baby carriers. A four-wheeled system makes the set easy to both pull like a traditional wheeled suitcase or push it in front of you for quick maneuvering, and its two large wheels fold in when the wide-grip handlebar is pushed all the way in (the smaller front wheels fold in and out in an equally clever, lever-powered way). The system is modular, allowing the chassis to work with both the black cabin case and the larger white travel case, and the two cases clip together to make running through a crowded airport a touch easier. Also included are a liner in the luggage that doubles as a daypack and a slim organizer to keep your laptop, passport, phone, and other gadgets within close reach.

Learn more at Bugaboo – $1,030 to $1,490

GET IT: $1,030


Dango Wallet

Not your average cash carrier, the Dango Wallet melds genuine leather to a lightweight CNC machined aluminum chassis to decrease weight and boost durability — and its looks aren’t bad, either. This handmade wallet’s aluminum panel on either side block RFID skimming while a silicone band holds them together, also strapping down over a fair bit of cash. The Dango comes in two flavors — Dapper and Tactical — that are both equipped with a bottle opener, though the latter includes a nesting 14-function multitool packed with tools such as a serrated saw edge, knife, can opener, a few hex wrenches and screwdrivers, plus several attachment points and a grip handle that let you use it to hack or saw while it’s still nested in your wallet for better grip. Available in four color combinations of both leather and aluminum.

Find it at Kickstarter – $40+

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Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection

Bellroy already makes nice wallets by any measure, but the Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection is on a whole other level. The upcoming collection brings on five new colors including Ocean Blue (shown), Plum, and Midnight, reimagining five existing wallets with these full grain leathers as well as decking them out with inner nubuck lining, handpainted edges, and silver foil emboss for the brands’ logos. Their designs are also streamlined from the standard Bellroy offering, attaining a greater level of minimalism that’s all the more timeless.

Available soon. Hit up Bellroy for more – $100 to $240