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Everyday Carry Breakdown #111

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a business director in Poland.

For the full April 29th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry

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Goblin Deuce Double-Barrel Paintball Gun

Hiding extra gun never hurt anyone (except the guy on the receiving end). Likewise, packing a Goblin Deuce Paintball Gun is a safe bet that equips you with a couple extra covert backup shots for a well-timed sneak attack. The pistol is powered by two air cartridges and features a selector switch that lets you set it to fire both barrels simultaneously or each one separately. Each is decked out with imitation wood trim and comes with a fitted tactical holster. And in case you already own a Goblin Solo, a conversion kit with the double-barrel assembly can transform it into a Deuce.

Learn more at Goblin Paintball – $87 [via]

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Mogg Winebowl

Built kind of like a bowling ball but with ten holes spread around its top half instead of three and made of wood instead of marble, Cory Grosser’s Mogg Winebowl is a striking way to display a few bottles of wine. It’s made entirely of solid cedar, though a concealed metal ballast keeps the Winebowl stable, even if it’s only carrying one or two bottles of wine with all their weight distributed to one side in a manner that’d have you thinking it’d tip over.

Learn more at Mohd – $250 [via]

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Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack

It shows when you hop on a motorcycle with a pack that wasn’t made for riding. The Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack, on the other hand, lets you ride as aggressive as you’d like, putting the weight of its contents as close to your center of gravity as possible. It’s made of weather-resistant 1000D competition fabric, adjusts without any trailing straps, and sports a unique magnetic sternum coupler that enables hands-free harness closure: just approach its two sides and they snap together firmly, releasing with a turn of the metal disk. The backpack is also packed with other features and organizational prowess that include an emergency contact information and key pocket, a quick-access side tool pouch, an aluminum helmet clip, a tire pressure gauge elastic sleeve, and a camera mounting plate.

Learn more at Velomacchi – $300 [via]

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Benchmade Crooked River Folding Knife

There’s more to EDC than cell phones and flashlights. If your ideal recreation involves trees, mountains and rivers, not restaurants and theaters, you need gear designed for your lifestyle. Benchmade’s Crooked River Family of knives was designed specifically for outdoor carry, pushing the preconceived notions of what a hunting knife should be. It’s a manual-opening knife constructed of S30V Steel with a blade length of 4-inches, reaching a total open length of 9.30-inches. Aesthetics weren’t a passing thought, either: the satin, clip-point blade is balanced by stabilized wood or G10 handles. Even the anodized aluminum bolsters are designed for outdoor use, and the orange G10 spacer adds to overall fit and feel. Perhaps there should be a new category for carry for sportsmen. We’ll call it ODC (Outdoor Carry).

Grab one at Amazon – $178

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Timbuk2 Especial Primo Backpack

Some backpacks conceal outstanding function with a minimal appearance. The Especial Primo is one such bag, yet it packs tremendous bang for your buck. The backpack is fully welded and entirely waterproof — that’s saying something when you’re staring down tough conditions, either while biking, hiking or traveling. The reflective binding and markers help you stand out when the light is low, and the sleek black color and discreet logo placement both make this bag equally fit for urban streets and high-country trails. It’s also got a stretch side pocket for a water bottle or bike lock, an airmesh ventilated back panel, and otherwise comes in a messenger version.

Grab one at Timbuk2 ($200) or at Amazon ($175)

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Ystudio Brassing Pen & Pencil

Creating beautiful things seems to come naturally when the tools we’re using are equally beautiful. Ystudio’s Brassing Pen & Pencil are the polar opposite of flimsy and disposable, like most writing implements we’re accustomed to. They’re both made of hefty brass for writing stability and feature a distinct matte black coating that shows the raw metal underneath at its edges. And over time the coating will increasingly show the underlying brass at friction points, making the tool ever more unique.

Find the Ballpoint Pen ($80) and Sketching Pencil ($100) at KOHEZI.

Presented by KOHEZI.

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LapPad Mobile Desk

Working on a couch or sofa with a laptop quickly results in an overheating lap. The LapPad Mobile Desk shields your legs against the heat of your 17-inch or smaller laptop, though it’s also got room for a large smartphone, mouse, and/or virtually any tablet under 10.1-inches across (in which case a notebook or two should fit on as well). They’re strong thanks to their machined Canadian Poplar construction and boast a carry handle plus pass-through ports for charging cables to recharge your devices while in use. Your productivity while lazily slumped atop a plush couch has never been this high.

Grab one at our shop – $90

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McWhinney TG-5 Wedding Ring

A well-fitting wedding band is crucial. But men with large interphalangeal joints — colloquially known as finger knuckles — often have trouble finding an adequately sized one that’ll squeeze over the joint without soap. McWhinney’s titanium TG-5 Wedding Ring isn’t their first, but it’s their only model that features a Comfort Fit radius both inside and out for a smoother, more comfortable feel when worn. And like all their Active Wedding Rings it’s equipped with a hinged clasp that unlocks with a pinch to then open up and slip or off without a struggle in the least.

Learn more at McWhinney Designs – $1,225 [via]

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Everyday Carry Keychain Pen

Chances are the last time you were out of the house and needed a pen you had to ask around. The Everyday Carry Keychain Pen aims to stop that from happening. At just 0.35-inches in diameter and 3.25-inches long when closed, each pen is machined of either copper, brass, or aluminum and is notably compact enough to carry on a keychain. Plus, each one is equipped with a Fischer Space Pen ink cartridge, known for their ruggedness, reliability, and the fact that they can write in space (as well as upside down and underwater).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $40+

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