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Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Trunk

You’ll have to check this one since it’s way too big for overhead compartments. Still, the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Trunk is as unique and expressive as luggage gets, carry-on or not. Its shell is made of durable polycarbonate that also happens to be crystal clear, showing off the entirety of its contents on all sides, so consider stashing your flashy undergarments in an opaque packing cube. A heavy duty zipper divides the case and two beefy zip safety straps take the strain off the zippers during travel. It’s also got an integrated TSA lock, cushioned fabric handles for comfortable carry, a clothes compression system to keep clothing secure, and smooth glide wheels plus an extendable handle for smoothly dragging it all along en route to your flight.

Learn more at Crumpler – roughly $560

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Nomatic Travel Bag

You might know Nomatic from their ultra-compact Basics Wallet that cleverly makes contained cards accessible. Now they’re tackling a different carry with their Nomatic Travel Bag, a carry-on designed for trips up to one week in length and that’s packed to the brim with features. First, the straps: switching from backpack to duffel modes takes literal seconds thanks to a unique design that eliminates dangling straps. A flap with both laptop and tablet pockets lets you fly through security checkpoints without removing them from the bag while also granting full access to the bag’s contents for optimal packing. And if you’re into putting everything in its place, you’ll appreciate the umpteen other pockets, including individual ones for your chargers, cords and backup batteries, a book, a water bottle, hell even an RFID shielded one for your passport and wallet. Each also comes with a vacuum bag that compresses and seals to squeeze the volume out of your clothes, a hangable laundry bag, a shoe compartment, a sock and underwear compartment to keep essentials close at hand, and a roller bag sleeve to fit over your other luggage as you’re wheeling them — that is, if this bag wasn’t enough.

Find it at Kickstarter – $150+

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Pen Uno

Ensso’s Pen Uno is about as minimal as it gets. This ultra thin pen measures just 5.3mm (7/32 inches) in diameter yet remains easy to grip and hold thanks to a barrel that also smoothly twists to extend and protect the pen’s tip when not in use. Both the pen body and barrel are machined of space-grade aluminum and come anodized in five colors — black, space grey, red, gold, and rose gold. It also uses the Hi-Tec-C Coleto gel ink, which is identical in every way to the Hi-Tec-C cartridges we’re familiar with (including colors and nib widths) minus the fact that the reservoir is slimmer. Plus, for an extra ten bones, it’ll come alongside a conversion kit to transform the pen into a standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $30

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Big Red No.88 Beard Combs

Forget plastic. Big Red’s No.88 Beard Combs are made of stainless steel that’s sandblasted on its faces and polished, on its edges, to a shiny mirror-like finish. The No.88 Lite is made of nothing but stainless steel, though the two models shown both feature Rosewood scales as their handles, differing only in width of tooth pattern to accommodate either thicker or finer beard hair — and to bring them some much-needed order. Plus an integrated bottle opener behind the comb makes carrying yours daily a no-brainer.

Find them at Big Red Beard Combs – $38 to $54

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Hodinkee x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen

It’s not really timepiece related, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. The Hodinkee x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen is a three-way collaboration between the online watch magazine, the luxury pen brand, and prolific Australian designer Marc Newson whose work, whether you realize or not, you’re already familiar with. Its polished black resin case is shaped to form using a diamond tool for absolute precision. Two Montblanc emblems — one on top of the cap and the other at the tail end of the pen itself — are welded on ultrasonically for smoothness and to leave its lines unmarred. Pop off the cap to reveal a ruthenium-plated grip that brings balance to the implement, and slip it back on to watch integrated magnets align the cap’s platinum-coated clip with the Montblanc logo on the body every time. Hodinkee’s contribution? A sleek full-grain calfskin pouch with jacquard lining and both brand’s branding in which to stash the your stunning new pen.

Learn more at Hodinkee – $500

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Riind Pen

The Riind Pen’s most apparent feature is unique clip, which boasts a low profile and also maintains its clipping force through a large range of motion. But more than that it’s also equipped with a unique continuous cam design that extends the pen tip with a half-twist of its end in any direction and retracts it with another. The writing implement is also made to last with its machined aluminum body and fits over 35 different 110mm ink cartridges including the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier, the Cross Gel Rollerball, Mont Blanc’s Rollerball, and several other rather easy to find refills.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $95 [via]

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Civilware Pointer Field Knife

When senseless bureaucrats — you know the type — deem the centerpiece of many EDCer’s aggregation to be too pointy, sharp, long, or easy to access what’s a modern day boy scout to do? Enter Civilware’s Pointer Folding Knife. This friction folder cedes thumb studs and serrated edges for smooth simple lines that carry possible almost anywhere. Instead of a traditional lock or a liner-locker, the Pointer utilizes an extended tang to keep the knife open in your hand. Though small in size the 2.5-inch heat-treated 416 stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant, and exhibits excellent edge retention and sharpening properties. Titanium and G10 handles make for an ergonomic and elegant piece. The Pointer even comes with a leather pouch that disappears in your pocket, keeping your investment protected until it’s time to do some cutting.

Learn more at Civilware – $125

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Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Lighter

A lighter needs to do one thing reliably: provide a flame. If you’re in a pinch and it doesn’t, you’ve got a problem. Numyth’s Tohil v2 Watertight Lighter does so time after time thanks to an o-ring sealed body that keeps out water while simultaneously stemming the evaporation of its lighter fluid. Its CNC-machined aluminum body features four flat sides to enhance grip as well as a flat base on which to stand it when using it as a candle (for short periods of time, lest the body heat up excessively). Just fill it with standard lighter fluid when empty and replace its flint and wick when they’re worn down.

Get it in black or orange at Amazon – $24

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Timahawk Survival Tool

With a long list of prepper-oriented inventions in his wake, Tim Ralston’s latest, the Timahawk Survival Tool, is also his most capable. It’s a full tang fusion of a crowbar with nail puller, a tomahawk with 6-inch blade, and an ADZE hammer head, also doubling as a hoe and axe to replace all of these in your trunk, bug out bag, or survival kit. The 27-inch tool is also made in the USA of 4130 pre-hardened steel with a heat treated axe head and sports a hard custom plastic handle on either side affixed with hardened stainless steel bolts, so it’s ready to take as much punishment as it dishes out.

Learn more at Timahawk – $240

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Dakine Party Bucket

You’ll need to add a 5 gallon bucket to properly outfit the Dakine Party Bucket. Oh, and a whole load of drinks. This cooler of sorts adds insulation to the bucket as well as eight external insulated beer koozies and one insulated wine bottle holster for carrying extra beverages on the outside. It’s also got a zippered pocket which, if smaller objects aren’t necessary, converts to hold a second bottle of wine, and sports a handy hanging bottle opener. Comes in your choice of three colors, including the tool belt-like Tradesman (shown).

Learn more at Dakine – $55

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