Stephen Kenn Victorinox Furniture

Victorinox is known for making tool-packed Swiss Army Knives. So it’s fitting that Stephen Kenn and Victorinox’ Furniture collaboration resulted in three pieces perfectly aligned with the Swiss brand’s obsession with function. The Stepladder Chair (left), for instance, is made of powercoated steel fitted with vegetable-tanned leather that pivots forward to become a stepladder (click to 2nd image). The Convertible Desk, which boasts a surface that lifts up to form a drafting table (and to expose a storage space beneath), can also be transformed into a coffee table by pulling out and reversing the legs. And the Storage Column functions as a storage box, mirror, and whiteboard, with fold-out bookshelves on the back and independently spinning cubes to customize the look.

Available at Stephen Kenn – $1,800 to $4,500

Photos: Stephen Kenn.

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Article Seno Dining Table

The appeal of Article’s Seno Dining Table is as much about its design as it is the process that gets it into your hands. Typically, getting a product from the manufacturer to your doorstep means that multiple players in between take a cut of the sales price, including the retailer, salesperson, wholesaler, and export agent, to name a few. Article instead vets world-renowned designers and gets their goods directly to you, simplifying the affair while simultaneously slashing the price. Like with their Seno, a beautifully detailed, linear-proportioned dining table made of solid oak or walnut that comes in two versions to sit either six or eight. Angled instead of straight, its legs jut out for a wide, solid stance without cutting legroom. And its modern, slender build stands out in a dining room without overly dominating while an impossibly silky matte finish that blows away anything in its price range. Plus, shipping is a flat fifty bucks regardless of items (and the number of them) ordered, and 30 days to try it makes the process even simpler than dealing with your local furniture retailer.

Learn more at Article – $800+

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737 Cowling Chair

It might not take you to 30,000 feet anymore, but the repurposed Boeing 737 cowling turned 737 Cowling Chair is bound to impress guests and provide far more comfortable seating any airplane we’ve been on. The massive chair — made by Fallen Furniture — sits upon an equally polished aluminum base, spinning effortlessly despite its dimensions and weight, with high quality dark leather upholstery that fills the inside as if to confirm its luxuriousness. Two issues remain: first, paying for it, as we’re certain it nor its shipping come cheap, and second, getting it through the entranceway of a normal-sized house.

Learn more at Fallen Furniture – $TBA