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Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka

The first question you’ll ask yourself after discovering Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is probably something along the lines of how is this even made? Well first the milk is separated into curds and whey, the former turned to cheese (Black Cow will sell you cheddar, too) and the latter converted into beer via a particular yeast that transforms lactose into ethanol. This beer is then distilled, treated (using proprietary and secret processes), and finally triple filtered. While it’s completely transparent like vodka should be its milk origins imbue the booze with a creamy and sweet character that you won’t want to dilute with mixers.

Learn more at Black Cow or grab a bottle at Master of Malt – $29

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Coravin Model One & Two

The original Coravin allowed you to tap into a bottle of wine without actually opening it, sparing its contents of oxidation if not drunk quickly. The new Coravin Model One does the same thing but at a lower price point. It’s made of ABS and synthetic rubber but otherwise uses the same Teflon-coated stainless steel needle to get through the cork and pour out wine. The Coravin Model Two on the other hand boasts a fully metal body and a thinner wall needle that allows for 20% faster pouring. The needles are narrow enough that the cork naturally reseals as they’re withdrawn, and both models use pressurized argon cartridges (good for about fifteen 5 ounce pours) that fills the bottle’s newly created empty space with this inert gas and keep the wine as fresh as a brand new untouched bottle. And if you need something a touch flashier the Model Two Elite comes in fire engine red, gold, or silver (click through to picture two), albeit at a $50 premium.

Find the Model One ($195) and Model Two ($350) at Amazon.

GET IT: $195+


Arctic Cold Brewer

Cold brewing rids coffee of its acidity and bitterness. More than that though the Arctic Cold Brewer also wants to rid you of the need to brew up fresh coffee every day. Fill Arctic’s micron filter with ten to fifteen tablespoons of coffee, submerge the grounds in cold filtered water, cap it, then place the whole borosilicate carafe in your fridge overnight. The next day you’re left with about 50 ounces of a caffeine-packed coffee concentrate that can be diluted to taste, for example mixing 1:2 with cold water or even with hot water to warm up in the winter months. The concentrate stays fresh in a fridge for up to two weeks so regardless of consumption each brew should last awhile.

Hit up Kickstarter for more info – 44+

GET IT: $44

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Fourneau Bread Oven

Inception your kitchen range with the Fourneau Bread Oven. Slip one into your conventional oven to bake beautiful and delicious loafs of bread. The USA-made cast-iron bakeware device first needs to be preheated, warming up as your oven does. When it’s ready, slide in your dough on the included maple peel, place the hatch over Fourneau’s opening, and let the trapped steam and even heat radiating from its cast-iron walls work their magic. It’s heavy at 28 pounds but the crispy golden crust of the resulting bread is worth it.

Grab one at Amazon – $225

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: The Foodie

This one’s for the foodie(s) you know. And the coffee addict. And the person who likes their drink just a little too much. Some notable items on the guide (they’re all notable if you ask us, but if we have to choose) include a cookbook that can convince even the laziest human to cook, glasses to properly aerate your whisky and wine, a sous vide circulator that’ll run you just a hundred bucks, a robot that can print pancakes. Plus a box to smoke up your drinks. And a mug to warm up a donut with the heat of your coffee (we’ll have to stop it here). So have a look.

  1. Stagg Pour Over System – $109
  2. Adjustable Rolling Pin – $15
  3. uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler – $139
  4. Pancakebot – $360
  5. Norlan Whisky Glass – $48 (2)
  6. Anova Sous Vide Circulator – $100
  7. Best Morning Ever Mug – $15
  8. Oxx Coffeeboxx – $230
  9. Searzall – $70
  10. Crafthouse Smoking Kit – $226
  11. Beer Gardener – $23
  12. Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck – $17
  13. Stormtrooper Decanter & Shot Glass – $15+
  14. Oyster Jack – $75+
  15. Chevalier Aerating Wine Glass – $55
  16. Rumpl Beer Blanket – $8
  17. Runamok Bourbon Maple Syrup – $20

When you’re done with this one — and while you wait for the others — also check out our Wild Card, Tech and Outdoors Gift Guide.


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Click & Grow Smart Garden

Think of the Click & Grow Smart Garden like their Wall Farm, only much smaller. It’s capable enough to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables from strawberries and cherry tomatoes to green lettuce and bok choy without much fuss. First, plug it in, put in nine plant refills, and fill its reservoir — hidden in its base — with water. Every two months or so you’ll need to refill the reservoir and, as the plants grow big, you’ll need to raise lamp, which has nine OSRAM LEDs that boast an optimized spectra to maximize plant growth. But that’s it, and frankly, you could barely screw this up if you tried.

Find it at Kickstarter – $130+

GET IT: $130+

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North Drinkware Tumbler

They started off as a Kickstarter project with their pint glasses, and now North Drinkware’s back with a triad of similarly-inspired tumblers better suited for spirits and the like. Each tumbler is handmade in Portland, Oregan of lead-free glass that’s individually handblown and that goes in the dishwasher. Of course, its defining characteristic is the molded form of one of three mountains in its base that’s based on USGS data of either Yosemite’s Half Dome, Oregon’s Mt. Hood, or Washington’s Mt. Rainier. They look good empty and even better with some drink.

Learn more at North Drinkware – $45 each

GET IT: $45

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Birch Benders Pancakes

Pancakes are a decadent treat. Birch Benders Pancakes kicks it up a notch in the taste department while offering natural (and some organic) alternative to typical pancake mixes, with both more protein and fiber. They aren’t any harder to prep: just add water, mix, then pour. Gourmet flavors include classics like Buttermilk as well as Chocolate Chip, Six Grain Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and several even more imaginative specialty options like Paleo (with ~0 grams of sugar), Protein (with added whey protein), Gluten Free, and Sweet Potato. Equally great for making waffles.

Find them at Amazon or Birch Benders – $4+

GET IT: $4+


Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Brewing Set

A good pour-over dripper doesn’t absolutely require a stand, but for a few extra bucks, why not? The Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper brewing set includes Osaka’s reusable laser-cut stainless steel cone ($25) — that’s doubled-up to avoid grids making their way through — as well as a 20 ounce borosilicate glass carafe and a wire stand. The latter boasts a base made of treated wood (for water resistance) in either black, mahogany (shown), or natural, matched by the wooden handle and lid of the carafe for a slick-looking setup overall. All that’s missing is a good pour-over kettle (and perhaps a bit of skill refining).

Grab one at Amazon – $36

GET IT: $36

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Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Kit

Add a modicum of smokiness to your drink with the Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Kit. This set – created by a world-champion bartender – includes a smoke box and Polyscience smoking gun set along with two sample flavor wood chips to get started experimenting with your cocktails and liquors like whisky. The glass-and-stainless-steel box is made large to also fit taller glasses, though you can also load it with food that smokiness might complement.

Find it at Wine Enthusiast – $200

GET IT: $200

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Corkcicle Waterman Canteen

It’s designed specifically for water-loving adventurers, which only means the Corkcicle Waterman Canteen is more than tough enough for the rest of us. Its grippy powder-coated stainless steel is resilient and resists bumps and bruises, with flat sides to facilitate holding it with one hand despite its relatively large circumference. But perhaps best of all the canteen features Corkcicle’s triple insulation that holds in cold for about 25 hours and can retain heat for 12, ensuring your water, coffee, or beer stays at a palatable temperature all day long.

Find it at Corkcicle – $30

GET IT: $30

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McDonalds Nutella Burger

Can McDonalds Nutella Burger really be classified as a burger or is it more donut? One way to find out would be to try it. This calorie-rich invention fuses soft bread with a heart of chocolate-hazelnut Nutella spread that’s hidden away inside and that only reveals itself at the first bite (not that the darkened bread center really fooled anybody into thinking there was meat in this thing anyway). Unfortunately it’s so far available in Italy and nowhere else — and it may never be — but maybe that’s what we need to protect us from ourselves.

Find it at McDonalds Italy (Italian site with an english option) – $TBA


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2016 Whisky Advent Calendar

The holidays are nearly upon us, and soon advent calendars start counting down the days. But instead of sugary treats like chocolate, Drinks by the Dram’s got a bunch of Whisky Advent Calendars — amongst other non-whisky options — for the upcoming holiday season that hide one ounce of a different spirit behind each door to really get festive. Since last year the collection has grown dramatically, offering the classic 2016 Whisky Advent Calendar alongside calendars for bourbon, gin, tequila, vodka, cognac, and other themes. They’re not lacking premium options, either, with a half dozen or so choices that culminate in the The Very Old & Rare Whisky Edition filled with drams of exceedingly rare whiskies from around the world and packed in a bespoke walnut or Macassar ebony box — though these run you about ten grand each. Full lists of all included spirits available as well, but why spoil the surprise?

Grab one at Master of Malt – $103+

GET IT: $103+