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Science Coffee Pour Over Stand

It’s built for your kitchen, but the Science Coffee Pour Over Stand would fit right in beside your Apple computer. The stand is precision machined of aircraft grade aluminum and finished similarly, with a simple, minimal rounded square shape that provides plenty of room to fit even the largest mugs and pots. It’s compatible with the Acaia Pearl scale and works with just about every filter brewing method including the V60, Kalita, Bee Dripper, and the Aeropress.

Learn more at Science Coffee – $85

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The Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill

It’s looks exactly like a garbage can, so don’t leave the Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill sitting on your front lawn lest your city’s waste collectors accidentally throw out its innards. But that doesn’t take away from this high capacity cooker. Pop the top to reveal a frame that’s fitted with a grill, skewers, a drip pan, and a coal box. Light the coals then drop some beer, pork, fish, or whatever you eat on the grill and hang some more on the skewers. The meat is slowly cooked and smoked simultaneously just as well as pricier barbecues (and far better than a dumpster fire). And despite its looks, it’s actually made of durable rolled stainless steel and painted with high temperature barbecue paint so it’ll keep on cooking for a long while.

Grab one at Amazon – $115

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Yeti Rambler Bottle

Remember the Yeti Tumbler? That same double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel design now comes with a leakproof cap in the form of the Yeti Rambler Bottle. This BPA-free TripleHaul cap features insulation, fits three fingers for carrying — two more than most — and screws on tight to prevent leaks. The bottle will also keep your liquids cold or hot for hours, comes in 18 oz, 36 oz, and 64 oz sizes, and features a wide-mouth opening that won’t hit your nose and that makes it easier to clean.

Find them at Yeti or Amazon – $40 to $90 [via]

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Rumpl Beer Blanket

You use blankets to keep you warm, so why not wrap your beer in one to keep it cold? Of course besides the fact that appropriately-sized ones didn’t really exist until now. The Rumpl Beer Blanket is like a tiny sleeping bag for your brew, covered in DWR 20D Ripstop nylon for stain, water, and odor resistance, just like their outdoor blankets. Synthetic insulation keeps your beer cold and condensation off your hands, and a webbing stirrup lets you secure it tightly around your beer, whether it’s in a can or bottle. And they’re compressible too, packing into a minuscule stuff sack attached to its side.

Grab some at Rumpl – $7

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California Pint

It’s not their first glass with molded relief in its base. But North Drinkware’s back nonetheless with the California Pint, a handblown 16 oz pint glass that displays a part of the Yosemite National Park — the Half Dome — molded right into its base using USGS data. Since they’re handmade each sports slight variations, though they’re lead-free for paranoia-free beer sipping and are dishwasher safe to simplify cleanup afterwards.

Find it at North Drinkware – $45

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Ankomn Savior

Vacuum sealing food is a hassle, usually requiring disposable bags and an electric vacuum sealer or a hand pump that can’t really pull out all that much air. The Ankomn Savior does away with the need for either thanks to its crank-activated vacuum-sealing lid, making it useful for marinating meats or greatly extending the shelf life of various foods including coffee, spices, and fridge-bound vegetables. Fill it with stuff, twist the crank about three times, and much of the air inside is sucked out, indicated by the dimple formed on the rubber button. Press the latter to let in air and break the vacuum, necessary for opening up the container and gaining access to its contents. Available in two sizes: a 2.5-qt large and 1.5-qt small, both made of BPA-free plastic that’s dishwasher safe (save for the lid).

Grab one at Amazon – $70+

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Pancakebot Pancake Printer

Pouring pancakes by hand in the form of circles is downright rudimentary compared to the Pancakebot Pancake Printer. Built with a batter extruder at the center of 2-axis computer-controlled arms, the printer precisely draws batter on its included electric non-stick griddle using designs pulled off an SD card (FYI: not included). Various designs on their site are available for free download, though if you’re feeling inspired the included software lets you import images before tracing them out to let the printer know exactly where to lay batter. And with careful timing and batter pressure adjustment, your designs can even be perfected to even include lighter and darker colors.

Grab one at Amazon – $300

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Koval Barreled Gin

You like gin. Even though your head tells you it’s just flavored vodka, your heart knows better. You can taste the individual botanicals as they mingle and dance on your tongue. Koval’s Barreled Gin takes gin enjoyment one step further. It’s almost a shame to mix Koval’s crisp rose hip, juniper, angelica root, and coriander flavors with tonic or vermouth. What makes this Koval gin exceptional is their barrel aging process: the spirit rests in a Koval whiskey barrel before making it into its bottle behind a thoughtfully designed, intricate argyle die-cut and bronze foil label.

Read more at Koval – $TBA

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Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Not dissimilar to the renowned Chemex in design, the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is another option for brewing a few cups of joe in the morning. Its mouth-blown borosilicate glass body is shielded by a removable rubber neck collar that takes the brunt of the heat when you’re ready to pour. Also included is a reusable stainless steel mesh filter that’ll let through essential oils normally trapped by filter papers. All you’ll need is a quick way to boil water and a good burr grinder.

Available in 17 oz ($25+), 34 oz ($30+), and 51 oz ($32+) versions at Amazon.

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Best. Morning. Ever. Mug

The aptly named Best. Morning. Ever. Mug — also known as The Doughnut Warming Coffee Mug — is the one accessory you need for properly pulling off perfectly decadent mornings. It’s entirely made of porcelain and features a thin, flat lid with two holes — a large opening for easy pouring, stirring, and cleaning, and a smaller opening for left handers and anyone with serious facial hair. Pour in some hot coffee and it warms up the lid, which in turn heats up a doughnut or cookie placed on top to make it even more delicious. Better yet, the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, so a few seconds of your morning won’t be ruined cleaning it post-feast.

Grab one at Uncommon Goods ($15) or Amazon ($17) [via]

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