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Epic Bars Wild Game Line

You don’t have to be a hunter to eat wild game. Epic Bars Wild Game Line separates itself from run-of-the-mill jerky, first off by the choice of meats, which include grass fed venison, feral boar complemented with uncured pork bacon, and wild caught alaskan salmon from Bristol Bay, the world’s first fish-based protein bar. Each packs loads of protein, is paleo friendly, and low in sugar: the venison and salmon bars have none while the wild boar has about 7 grams. They’ve also got salmon bites flavored with dill, sea salt, and maple that don’t come in bar form but rather in a resealable bag filled with bite sized pieces.

Learn more at Epic or Amazon – $27+ for twelve

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Soma Glass Water Bottle

They started with a glass pitcher to purify your tap water, and now the Soma Glass Water Bottle to carry said H2O around. Its body is made of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and is wrapped with a soft silicone sleeve (that’s not removable) and capped with a natural bamboo cap that’s renewably produced. And with a capacity of 17 ounces it’ll quench your thirst for awhile. Though if you’re prone to dropping nice things maybe you’ll be better off with a Nalgene.

Check it out at Soma – $30

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Getting a perfect sear with a blowtorch requires some mastery (and likely results in many wrecked dishes along the way). Searzall makes the process far more reliable. Attach one to a blowtorch and its flame is diffused through two layers of fine temperature-resistant wire mesh, creating a consistent and even flame to be used for attaining professional quality sears on a variety of meats or for making crème brûlée, melting cheese, and plenty more. It’s particularly useful for adding a bit of color to food cooked via sous vide and won’t imbue your grub with any of the off-putting flavors a bare blowtorch can. You will though also need a Bernzomatic TS8000 torch head and a 16.4-ounce tank of propane.

Pick one up at Amazon – $75 [image: Ben Addonizio]

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Good To Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Roughing it entails eating either decently well (with lots of meticulous planning) or guzzling loads of junk food. Considering its far easier, the second option often encroaches on the first. Good To Go’s Gourmet Dehydrated Meals sit at the intersection of the above: easy to prep food that doesn’t compromise… too much. Each one is cooked using fresh vegetables, spices, noodles, and other ingredients you probably stock at home, before being dehydrated for longevity. Meals include Indian Vegetable Korma, Pad Thai, Smoked Three Bean Chili, Herbed Mushroom Risotto, and more, each with a shelf life of two years. When you’re ready to eat just add boiling water, with each serving packed with roughly 375 calories.

Learn more at Good To Go – $6.75+

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Barrell Bourbon

Just like all brandy is not cognac, not all whiskeys (whiskys) can be bourbon. For bourbon, you need Kentucky. Bourbon is the sweet whiskey because of the requisite 51% corn content. In fact all facets of production are regulated, making any bourbon an experience and not a “shot”, “slug”, or any other such euphemism. And bourbon has no additives or color added: the only thing you’ll find in any true bourbon after distillation is water. Barrell Bourbon has refined the generations old process of bourbon crafting to an art, offering eight distinct batches of bourbon crafted and aged in Kentucky and Tennessee. Depending on the batch you select you’ll enjoy a smooth taste in proof ranging from 116 to nearly 140. Each is aged a minimum of five years and up to eight, resulting in a spirit that’s exactly what any bourbon connoisseur wants: hand crafted quality from folks who understand the history and future of this iconic libation.

Learn more at Barrell Bourbon – $70+

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RXBar Protein Bars

Isolated soy protein, tapioca starch, salt, gelatin, hydrolyzed whey protein, and hydrolyzed collagen. Those are the first few ingredients of our nearest protein bar. It’s easy to see why RXBars are a bit more inviting. Instead of focusing on fancy artwork they let their contents do the talking, with easy to understand/recognize ingredients that include egg whites, various nuts, dates, and other fruits, along with natural flavors. The bars come in Maple Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate, Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Apple Cinnamon, to name a few, each packed with 12 grams of protein.

Learn more at RXBar or grab one of various packs at Amazon – twelve for $25+

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Soylent Coffiest

Soylent 2.0 is breakfast, lunch, and/or supper in the form of a drink. Soylent Coffiest is the same quick meal, along with the added kick of lightly roasted coffee for both the buzz of caffeine and the flavor of a cup of joe (and a hint of chocolate). Each bottle includes a macronutrient-balanced 20% of your daily nutritional requirements along with 150 mg of caffeine — about the same as in two 8 oz. cups — plus algal oil and L-theanine, the latter found in green tea and added at an amount of 75mg to reduce caffeine jitters. That said it’s probably still best consumed in the morning or early afternoon, unless you already guzzle so much coffee that the effects of caffeine are muted.

Learn more at Soylent – 12 bottles for $37+

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Predictably — and like any good toaster — Toasteroid toasts bread. But it’s also equipped with a precisely controllable toasting grid that can burn in custom images onto your toast, sent from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. Doodle your message by hand on the app or stamp on today’s weather conditions at the touch of a button, then wait for it to toast before eating your doomed creation. Both mini (toasts two slices but prints on one) and standard (toasts and prints on two slices) versions are available, with extra wide slots to fit even thicker breads, and their minimal, die-cast aluminum design will fit right in with more modern kitchens.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60 to $80

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Volcano Grills Camping Stove

Besides portability, versatility is the Volcano Grills Camping Stove’s thing. The compact stove collapses down to just 5-inches in height to simplify transportation and can run on three different types of fuels: propane, charcoal, or wood. The latter two fuels are burnt efficiently resulting in a concentrated heat zone thanks to an adjustably vented cone-shaped chamber and insulated bottom that deflects heat away from the ground. If it’s simplicity you’re after, plug in its 19,500 BTU burner to a tank of propane and start grilling. They’ll also sell you a heat-resistant lid to trap heat for grilling or smoking, a reversible cast-iron griddle, a dutch oven, and other accessories to further optimize its use.

Find it at Amazon – $160 [via]

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Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle

If you can’t settle for anything but the best, Vargo’s Titanium Para-Bottle is for you. Both the machined geometric shaped lid and the bottle itself are made of nothing but titanium — albeit with a food grade silicone o-ring separating to seal — for a vessel that won’t corrode or leach anything into your water and that’s entirely biocompatible. The cap and bottle are also tied together with braided 550 paracord that handily unfurls to 7 feet in length if ever you need it. It’s sized to slip into most water bottle pockets as well as work with common water filters and holds one litre (34 oz) of water.

Find it at Vargo Outdoors or Amazon – $160 [via]

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