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Paqui Carolina Reaper Chip

Fear the reaper, indeed. The key component of Paqui’s One Chip Challenge, the Paqui Carolina Reaper Chip is literally that — one single chip. It’s also the world’s spiciest chip considering it’s made with the hottest chili pepper in existence, the Carolina Reaper, coming in at a blistering 1.5 million on the Scoville Heat Scale — so one is all it takes. As if that wasn’t enough the seasoning also contains ghost peppers and chipotle. If you do decide to eat one, document the experience on video and use it to enter their aforementioned One Chip Challenge, with a chance to win a GoPro along with a year’s supply of Paqui chips of the non-Reaper variety.

Read more at Paqui – $5

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Stanley Vacuum Stein

Lids on steins keep insects out of your beer and also help keep the cold trapped slightly longer. The Stanley Vacuum Stein has a lid, too, but mainly keeps cold or hot thanks to a thorough vacuum insulation that keeps beer cold and carbonated for about 9 hours — far more time than what is reasonably needed to drink it. A latch keeps it shut and lets the stein pop open faster than unscrewing a traditional thermos, and all inner components are made of stainless steel for taste. It’s also dishwasher safe, holds 24 fl. ounces, and can be had just in time for Oktoberfest (but watch out, that Amazon ship time is slipping).

Find it at Amazon ($25) or Stanley ($35)

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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool

The words tactical and spork are seldom found in the same sentence, but the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool makes it work. Built from food-safe Grilamid FWA polymer, this spork weighs little and makes quick work of soup, beans, and other scoopable/piercable foods (basically everything). Should you encounter meats that need to be cut up into more palpable pieces, pull at both ends to reveal a small serrated knife, also made of the same strong plastic.

Grab one at Amazon (click “5 new” to find lower priced sellers) – $7+

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Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

You wouldn’t have known it by its title, but the original Thug Kitchen is a fully vegetarian cookbook trying to push you to eat a little healthier. Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck has the same general mission in mind but with a penchant on speed, which is logical: if it’ll take less time than ordering in then maybe you’ll be more likely to whip up some sh*t yourself and simultaneously spare some cash. The book is packed with 101 quick recipes that use simple ingredients and straightforward, entertainingly-written recipes to get you exploring outside of your comfort zone.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $12 (kindle) to $18.55 (hardcover)

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Defonce Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Looking to eat instead of smoke? Unless you’ve been AFK for the past year you’re probably familiar with the large amount of edible options far tastier and more predictable than baking brownies. Défoncé’s Cannabis-Infused Chocolate is another to add to the list, and one that’s crafted by experienced chocolatiers who put as much care into the chocolate as they do the marijuana-fueled experience. Each one of their bars is made with high quality Fair Trade ingredients and spans a cacao range from 31% in their White to 81% in their Super Dark. The cannabis, on the other hand, is sourced from a Sierra Nevada Foothills farm and melded with oil using a CO2 extraction process that ends with an exceptionally pure cannabinoid concentrate devoid of the strong, unpleasant taste often present in edibles. The result is delicious chocolate that contains a precisely dosed, triple-checked 180mg of THC — or 10mg per pyramid or end — so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Learn more at Défoncé Chocolatier – $20

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Better TV Viewing Beer Mug

Waiting for commercials to sip on some suds for fear of missing something important? The Better TV Viewing Beer Mug is for you. A sloped edge on its top side means it won’t block your view of the screen unless it’s tilted to extreme angles, solving a problem you probably never knew you had. It’ll hold one pint of beer and it’s made of plastic, not glass, unfortunately — an advantage only for those with a high tendency of dropping things. You will however need to use your right hand to drink (unless you’re hanging upside down) or else it’ll block your vision like a normal mug.

Find it at Perpetual Kid – $11 [via]

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Stagg Pour-Over System

Perhaps you’ve already got one of Fellow’s Stagg Pour-Over Kettles. If your dripper isn’t up to par to your kettle, though, check out the Stagg Pour-Over System. It starts with a dripper that’s vacuum insulated for improved heat retention while brewing, features drainage that won’t clog for consistent drip times, and has a steep slope to boost extraction. Drip it straight into the included double-walled borosilicate carafe and pour into the two tasting glasses, also borosilicate and also double walled. And if you’re getting started in the pour-over game and can’t get quite so perfect results, simply match the markings in the dripper and carafe to get your coffee-to-water ratio right every time.

Learn more at Fellow – $107

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La Colombe Triple Draft Latte

No, La Colombe’s Triple Draft Latte isn’t just a hot latte that’s been cooled and sealed in a can. It starts with cold-pressed espresso from specialty beans that’s mixed with lactose-free milk and sealed in a special Innovalve can. Crack the latter open and pressurized gas froths the melange nicely, producing a rich foam that’s worthy of the product of an actual café — and certainly far from what you’d expect of a drink coming out of your fridge. The new Triple Draft flavor packs in three shots of espresso for a more vibrant buzz, though other tasty and less caffeinated flavors include Vanilla and the original Draft Latte.

Learn more at La Colombe – $10 for four

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Taftware Titanium Drink Coasters

When nothing but the best will do — even for something as ordinary as resting your drink — there’s Taftware’s Titanium Drink Coasters. Each one of these 3.5-inch in diameter slim disks is machined of Grade 5 titanium in the USA before being glass bead blasted for a slightly textured finish that’s both durable and prevents condensation from sticking to your coasters. Naturally they’re also extremely lightweight and come with a non-slip neoprene rubber backing underneath to grip the table without leaving any scuffs. Grab a set of four and you’ll also get a black walnut base as well in which to keep them.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $25 for one, $75 for four

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True Syrup

If you take crafting your cocktails seriously enough to warrant quality spirits, don’t skimp on garnish and accessory ingredients. True Syrup makes it their mission to not only avoid chemicals and subpar ingredients but to make their syrups the pre-prohibition way. Their Tonic Syrup swaps out high fructose corn syrup and lab-derived quinine with cane sugar and Peruvian cinchona bark, integrating well with gin, vodka, or whiskey and mixing with club soda if a recipe calls for tonic water. They also make a Grenadine Syrup from real pomegranate juice instead of HFCS, cherry flavoring, and red dye, adding to ginger ale to make a mean Shirley Temple. Both are packaged in a handsome wax-stamped 375ml bottle and keep for 6+ months once opened and refrigerated, leaving you plenty of time to experiment.

Read more at True Syrups – $15

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Cheese Degrees

Obsessively cutting your cheese into perfectly even and fair slices just got easier with Cheese Degrees. The lightweight bamboo board is adorned with engraved measurements and lines to help make perfect cubes, chunks, slivers, slices, and slabs, as well as a protractor up top for producing multiple uniform wedges. Serve straight on the board, or don’t if you want your guests to think you’ve just got a perfect eye for evenness.

Arriving shortly. Learn more at Fred & Friends – $20 [via]