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Khavyar Caviar

Inspired by the traditional turkish spelling of caviar — havyar — Khavyar offers 15 exceptional types of caviar from domestic and international ports around the globe, including Germany, Belgium, Israel, and several southern US states. Try the inexpensive Amia Calva, clean tasting, large pearls of Sturgeon Royal White, or rich Siberian Gold, which is buttery with a touch of sweetness. All are sustainably and responsibly farmed before being packed into clean black tins stamped with a prominent wax seal, the latter serving to visually identify the caviar line, be it classic (white), royal (purple), prime (red), or gold, demarcating their highest grade.

Learn more at Khavyar – $12 to $150 an ounce [via]

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Sommi Wine Cellars

If your wine collection no longer fits in a dedicated wine fridge (or three), perhaps one of Sommi’s Wine Cellars will do. These large, imposing wine cellars are handcrafted from wood sourced in the Pacific Northwest, fitted with high performance polyisocyanurate insulation, and rigged up with a whisper quiet high end wine-specified refrigeration unit within the arched top. A universal racking system fits two bottles per row, shielded from light by large doors made of salvaged barn wood. Get it in four distinct sizes, each holding between 72 to 448 bottles; the choice just depends on the gravity of your collection (and wallet).

Learn more at Sommi – $8,000 to $14,000

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Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve

Drinking beer from a large, handled ceramic mug just doesn’t feel right. Hide & Drink’s Pint Sleeve turns your pint glass into a mug of sorts, adding a large leather handle to the mix. Each sleeve is hand cut, hand sewn, and hand branded of genuine soft leather cowhide before the handle is bolted on. As an added bonus it keeps your hand off the glass, keeping your beverage colder for slightly longer should you prefer to nurse your drink.

Find it at Hide & Drink – $14

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Food & Beer

The succinctly titled Food & Beer, cowritten by gypsy brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing and Tørst beer bar, along with Daniel Burns, chef of the Michelin-star flaunting Luksus, aims to shed some light on the beer pairing of high-end dining. Contained within its pages are over 75 recipes from the acclaimed chef and brewer duo — who share a space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn — along with the driving philosophy behind pairings. And, akin to its cover, Food & Beer also puts into contrast the two authors’ visions and public spaces, Luksus being sleek and sophisticated while Tørst sits on the rustic side.

Preorder a hardcover copy at Amazon – $32

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FEW Breakfast Gin

Start your day off right with some liquor in your breakfast drink. But not just any booze will complement your morning ritual. FEW Breakfast Gin takes 84 proof gin and instills it with an Earl Grey tea-based recipe. The Breakfast Gin opens invitingly with notes of coriander, lemon balm, and of course tea, boasts a palate of citrus and fresh juniper, and finishes off with a touch of sweetness and cinnamon. Perfect for use in a French 75 over breakfast or brunch, or sipped straight if one is looking for a bit more of a kick.

Learn more at Master of Malt – roughly $55

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Grayl Water Purifier

It’s likely you already know how to use the Grayl Water Purifier without outright knowing it. Built like a french press, just fill the outer cup with suspect water, press the inner cup into it with a steady downwards pressure — like you’re sequestering coffee grinds — then drink the clean resulting water. Each Grayl comes with one of three filters: a tap filter, which removes chemicals and heavy metals; a trail filter which does the above as well as filtering out bacteria, protozoan cysts; and a Travel purifier, which also traps viruses. Each is good for filtering a total of 40 gallons, or about 300 uses.

Grab one at Amazon – $60 to $90

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iLoveHandles Chops

Between jamming them between cereal boxes or on top of your fridge, cutting boards don’t really have a well-defined storage place. iLoveHandles’ Chops is both a knife rack and a pair of cutting boards, the latter held on the rack’s frame using concealed magnets. The frame is also vented, making it a great place to dry your knives and even the cutting boards after a wash.

Learn more at iLoveHandles – $65

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Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

Don’t have the room or budget for a dedicated pizza oven? The Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is sized like a slow cooker and attains the high temperatures necessary for cooking a delicious pizza (or three, consecutively) quickly, reaching 600° F in just 15 minutes — and then cooking up pizza in six minutes flat — by using your stovetop’s gas burner. Two cordierite baking stones within absorb and even out the heat around the 12-inch pizza pie while a vented hood grants steam and moisture a way out, ensuring your pizza ends up crispy, not soggy. And once it’s up to adequate temperatures, cooking is as simple as sliding in a pizza and closing the door for three minutes, then rotating it 180 degrees before cooking for another three minutes.

Find it at Amazon – $162

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Ultimate Cutting Board

The Ultimate Cutting Board is the cutting board you know but on steroids and packed to the brim with functionality. It starts with two 1.75-inch tall maple wood halves, each with three integrated magnets that hold them together for using as one giant cutting board and that let them split for use as smaller boards or as serving platters. Concealed within the boards lie a mandoline slicer and cheese grater, a knife storage drawer, a disposal drawer for tending to scraps, plus a removable juicer and measuring cups on top. You might assume it’d be a nightmare to clean and you may just be right, but the fact that the drawers are removable and the board splits in two slightly simplifies this task.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $115

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Sriracha2Go Sriracha Packets

First, Sriracha2Go brought you a portable 1.25 ounce bottles perfect for the hot sauce. Now they’re back with Sriracha2Go Sriracha Packets, an even more convenient solution to loading up on large amounts of the hot sauce on the go. These 5 gram packets are made in the USA and make sriracha as accessible as ketchup or mustard. Throw a couple in your lunch bag as you head out or bring a few to your favorite sriracha-lacking diner: their small, subtle packet form isn’t nearly as conspicuous as busting out a bottle.

Learn more at Sriracha2Go – $15 for 50 / $35 for 200

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