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Boncho Bike Poncho

Don’t let adverse weather discourage you from riding. Vanmoof’s Boncho Bike Poncho may be unorthodox but it gets the job done thanks to an extended structure that spans from ahead of your handlebars to your back in order to keep your legs far dryer than a traditional poncho would. Available in gray or mint (shown), the Boncho comes in three sizes and fits virtually every standard bike design. And they’re all of course compatible with helmets, highly breathable — on top of the fact that the open bottom constantly vents you — and folds up into a compact raindrop shape to pack away into any bag or backpack.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $68

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Bent Basket Cargo Rack

More than just a big box strapped to your bicycle, the Bent Basket Cargo Rack is a far prettier way to carry stuff while you ride. While it’s rated to hold up to fifty pounds of gear the Bent Basket uses a pressed ash wood platform as its base that’s fitted with four elastic straps. Its about as durable as a skateboard deck so don’t worry about falls. The strap conformation can also be changed on the fly to accommodate a variety of different objects, including a laptop, two six packs, a yoga mat, and plenty more. Available with either salmon red or charcoal grey straps.

Find it at Amazon – $100

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Bookman Curve Bicycle Lights

When it comes to safety, simple is key. And Bookman Curve Bicycle Lights couldn’t be simpler. These high powered lights come in front and rear versions that strap onto your handlebar and seat post using an integrated elastic silicone band, holding steady thanks to the latter’s grip. A high powered LED produces up to 80 lumens on the white light and 37 on the red, spreading the light across the aptly named light’s curved surface to boost visibility. They’re also completely weather resistant, last for up to 35 hours (24 hours for the red) per charge, and refuel in two hours using an included Micro USB charger.

Find it at Bookman (roughly $42 each) or grab just the front light at Amazon ($45)

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Vadolibero Bike Shelf

Simultaneously store and display your bicycle at home in a bold way with the Vadolibero Bike Shelf. This stunning oakwood organizer boasts clean, minimal lines to fit in with nigh any decor while holding virtually any bike — regardless of size or type — thanks to its universal stainless steel rear wheel clamp. A lower compartment optionally accommodates up to three drawers and Vadolibero’s signature handlebar shaped clothes rack also doubles as an LED lamp that activates at a simple touch. And if a little more space is needed, an add-on side unit includes four more shelves for ample additional storage.

Find it at Vadolibero – roughly $4,000+

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Two Wheel Gear Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier

Cycling to work isn’t conducive to suiting up. Unless you’re equipped with something like Two Wheel Gear’s Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier. Attaching solidly to most standard rear bicycle racks, the pannier holds a full suit, shoes, shower accessories, a 15″ laptop, and more, all in all offering 55 litres of room for your stuff. The pack is constructed of rugged 600D Polyester with waterproof TPE coating, though a deployable rain cover ensures moisture stays out. It’s also adorned with reflective accents on all sides for nighttime visibility and meets standard airline carry-on requirements, pulling double-duty as a weekender when you’re taking to the skies.

Learn more at Two Wheel Gear ($166) or Amazon ($179)

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Light & Motion Urban 850 Trail

While it charges to full in two and a half hours and boasts a rugged, IP67 rated waterproofed shell, Light & Motion’s Urban 850 Trail really shines thanks to a ridiculously bright 850 lumen output from one CREE LED — the brightest amongst all single LED bike lights. This borderline unreasonable brightness is curbed thanks to a custom engineered reflector that provides a smoothly transitioning beam pattern optimal for maintaining your depth perception, also meeting the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard. Else it’s got a pair of subtle red side markers for lateral visibility and lasts for between 1.5 (on high) to 6 hours (on low; 180 lumens) on a charge, more than enough to satisfy your nighttime trail riding appetite.

Find it at Amazon – $180

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Sondors Electric Bike

While it’s not the flashiest ride around, the Sondors Electric Bike is one thing that other e-bikes aren’t: affordable. Sondors is equipped with fat off-road tires and a powerful 350 Watt motor — activated by pushing its thumb throttle — to handle all terrains and reach a respectable 20 mile per hour top speed on asphalt for up to 50 miles (with pedal assist). They’ll also gladly take the money you saved in exchange for one of numerous upgrades, including a higher-capacity battery, a shock-absorbing fork, or a lightweight aluminum frame that sheds 6 pounds off the original’s 50 pound weight.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $500+

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Vadolibero Bike Butler

Apartment living probably entails perpetually leaning your bike against a wall, with all related accessories strewn around haphazardly. The Vadolibero Bike Butler makes it easy to keep things a little tidier. Not unlike many bike wall rack mounts the Bike Butler holds your bike by its top tube, though it’s equipped with far more storage room including a platform on top, a drawer, and a row of hooks for keys, glasses, and the like behind a folding door. It’s also got a series of side-mounted hooks for your helmet, bag, and other larger accessories, and stands on its own — no mounting required — with a silver varnished iron tube base.

Learn more at Vadolibero – $TBA [via]

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Tannus Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

Due to their thinness, bicycle tires are particularly susceptible to flats. Tannus Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires, not so much. Instead of riding on air, Tannus tires are completely solid inside — made with Aither, a foam-like Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin — while still minimizing rolling resistance, wear and tear, and, surprisingly, even weight, weighing in at less than most tire/tube/rimtape combinations. So roll over nails, broken glass, or metal — none of it will slow you down enough to even notice.

Learn more at Tannus – $70+

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Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

You could argue that the weight difference is negligible, but if for you every gram counts Fabric’s Cageless Water Bottle is the way to go. Mount the two ultralight studs — each weighing in at 1.5 grams (0.53 ounces) — onto your bike’s frame, and when you’re not carrying a bottle the frame is as good as bare. When you do need to lug around the 600ml bottle, just slip it onto the studs in just one intuitive motion.

Learn more at Fabric – $TBA

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