Coldsmoke MA-1 Flight Jacket

Coldsmoke’s take on the classic military bomber resulted in the cleaner, urban-tailored MA-1 Flight Jacket. It loses the elastic waistband and boasts a slimmer fit, as well as Japanese weather resistant flight cloth fabric on the outside for solid protection against the elements. Inside you’ll find Polartec Alpha insulation for warmth that’s coupled to a flip-up knit shawl collar to keep your neck a bit warmer in cooler weather. It’s also got plenty of pockets, including two for your hands, one on the arm, and an added one inside for your phone that’s complete with a headphone cable exit port. Available in Asphalt (dark grey), Mil-Spec Olive (shown), and Navy.

Find it at Coldsmoke – $340

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Stantt DataFit Polo

Small, medium, and large do the job for a few, but attaining a perfect fit takes tailoring. Or something like Stantt’s DataFit sizing, originally launched with their button downs. It’s now made its way to the polo as well as the t-shirt, providing 75 distinct sizes for each that better accommodate the dimensions of your actual body and not some loose-fitting, “close enough” standard. Finding yours is as easy as submitting three measurements which they’ll then match to a size with their algorithm. Moreover, each of these shirts is made of super soft and durable 100% pima cotton, both pre-shrunk and with a reinforced collar on the polo. And if yours doesn’t fit you perfectly off the bat they’ll switch it until it does at zero additional cost to you.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $49+


Hands On: Arc’teryx Beta AR

Every time we got caught in the rain, we swore we’d buy a waterproof shell — which we eventually did, minus much diligent research. And wearing that cheap polyester shell zipped up made us feel like a turkey wrapped with tin foil in an oven. GORE-TEX, eVent, and other patented breathable technologies, they say, make for a far more comfortable jacket than what was essentially a plastic garbage bag with sleeves. We got our hands on the quintessential GORE-TEX jacket, Arc’teryx’ Beta AR, to review, and while we’re not mountaineers or storm chasers we’re still outside a fair bit all the same — probably like you — and need a sleek and reliable jacket to get us through bike commutes, rainy dog walks, windy hiking days, and snowy ski days. So read on to get our full take.



Prometheus JAAC Pullover Hoodie

Clean and minimal on the outside, Prometheus Design Werx’s JAAC Pullover is as versatile as a lightweight fleece hoodie gets. Its hood boasts a slight sun brim and a shape that’s inspired by the patterning on a baseball for a perfect rounded fit, while the hoodie’s waist is cut a bit longer to avoid riding up if you’re running or biking. It’s equipped with a classic kangaroo pass-through pocket that’s got a small organizer pocket within for securing an ID and credit card, and maybe some cash. It’s also made of Polartec Micro Series fleece with flatlock seams for full comfort and warmth whether worn over a base layer or under a shell.

Learn more at Prometheus Design Werx – $89


Mack Weldon Vesper Polo

If there’s anyone who knows how to wear a great polo, it’s 007. The iconic hero has inspired generations of guys to dress better, so it should come as no shock that his style was the perfect inspiration for the latest wardrobe essential from Mack Weldon. Named after the original martini sipped by James Bond (not to mention his first love), the Vesper Polo updates a warm-weather piece for modern times. It features a tailored, clean fit and is made from lightweight combed cotton with about 6 percent stretch. That means it’ll bounce back after repeated wear, whether you rock it on the road or at your next summer cookout. The micro-mesh knit gives it plenty of breathability on hot days and its color options — from classic white to navy, black or a clean powder blue — means you just might want to pick up all four. Wear them now with chinos and layer them alongside classic suit trousers and a light cardigan when it’s breezy; there’s no wrong way to wear a polo that looks like this.

Learn more at Mack Weldon – $68


Todd Snyder Aviator Jacket

Sometimes simple, classic style is the way to go. When it comes to outerwear that you need to throw on at a moment’s notice and over about any outfit you can dream up, those qualities are even more true. That’s what makes the Todd Snyder Aviator Jacket so essential — the silhouette is classic, the construction and quality are on-point, and the color is endlessly versatile. It’s made in Portugal from a lightweight polyester that should be perfect for both slightly warmer temperatures and slightly cooler nights. Attention to detail in its construction shows, right down to the striped interior lining. It’s the sort of jacket you could pair up with tan chinos and a white pocket tee for a summer-friendly, monochromatic look on the weekend. It’s also a piece that would look just right when worn over a classic blue Oxford and navy knit tie during the work week. You’ll want to wear it through spring and summer, rain or shine, and with nearly every ensemble you put together.

Learn more at Todd Snyder – $325



The last time you wore pants with feet you were likely yea high and had a diaper on underneath. But the real question is why did you ever stop? Feejays manufactures those same kind of pants but for adults in a handful of colors, each made with cozy hand pockets, a comfy drawstring waistband (as on any self-respecting sweatpants), and ultra plush Sherpa-lined feet attached. If it gets too warm just pop your dogs out of the Lycra escape hatch and roll the footies up out of the way. They’re the logical next evolutionary step of modern day sweats.

Read more at Feejays – $40

Sports & Outdoors

Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka

Insects: they’re the worst. Show the little buggers they’re not welcome with the Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka, which is basically a wearable, airy bug net that leaves ventilation almost completely unimpeded. The polyester fabric itself is imbued with an insect repellant to further stave off and/or kill mosquitoes that come your way, and the front of the hood zips up to the top of your head to fully cover your face should the bug situation get out of control. Comes in four colors: olive (left), navy (right), beige, and camo, all matching particularly well with insect shield pants.

Learn more at Snow Peak ($175+) or grab one in Navy or Camo at Backcountry ($131)

Sports & Outdoors

Canada Goose Brunswick Anorak Shell

Normally known for its ridiculously tough-wearing, extremely durable outerwear crafted for the most frigid conditions on the planet, Canada Goose is also slowly reinventing itself into a brand you should reach for when the weather isn’t so chilly. Their Brunswick Anorak Shell is made from breathable Bi-Durance.5 fabric — it’s ultra-lightweight and 100 percent waterproof, so you know it can handle precipitations ranging from torrential spring rains to a light drizzle. The magnet closure sleeves and hood are removable, turning it into a one-piece vest you could throw on over a henley or long-sleeve merino tee. It’s finished off with a drop-down tail for added coverage in the rain, and reflective piping ensures you stay visible no matter how dark or rainy things get. The slim fit and navy colorway shown here are about as modern, functional and dependable as it gets. It’s worth adding one of these jackets to your closet alongside one of the brand’s famous parkas.

Learn more at Canada Goose – $545


Buck Mason Midnight Long Sleeve Tee

The days of wearing a ratty tee on the weekends (or during the week, for that matter) should be long gone. Luckily, that’s all the easier to accomplish thanks to Buck Mason’s heritage-inspired approach to crafting perfect tees. They’re a significant style upgrade whether rocked under a lightweight wool blazer in winter or with a chunky shawl cardigan in the fall. Add in the fact that the Midnight Long Sleeve Pocket Tee is made from breathable slub cotton, and you’ve got your new favorite tee for spring layering, too. The midnight color and slim fit are both welcome styling touches that set it apart from plenty of other tees on the market as well as your drawer right now. At $45, it might be a bit more than you might be used to paying for a T-shirt — but it’s got the quality and styling potential to justify the price.

Find it at Buck Mason – $45


Bridge & Burn Knoll Navy Jacket

Military and workwear are a constant source of inspiration for brands crafting collections. Bridge & Burn takes that rugged design inspiration and channels it into an aesthetic of its own, resulting in the Knoll Navy Canvas Jacket, a piece influenced by rough-and-tumble outerwear of years past. The Knoll changes up a few key styling details — namely the riveted hand pockets — and adds a zippered chest pocket for your phone (certainly not something found on last century’s workwear jackets). The red and navy cotton gingham inner lining complements the dark navy color and midweight cotton canvas on the exterior, combining to make this a rugged, stylish addition to your wardrobe this season and for years to come.

Check it out at Bridge & Burn – $208


Stealth Socks

Increasingly, guys have started minding style, making details increasingly important. That includes socks, and dovetails with the intertwining worlds of fashion and technology. Maison Impeccable’s Stealth Socks combine style, sustainability and functionality by using mesh ventilation zones that wick moisture two times faster than merino wool socks and four times faster than other cotton/poly blend pairs. Better yet, a polymeric silver matrix adds antimicrobial odor-fighting abilities to the fabric that stay there through well over a hundred washings. The ankle and hexagonal cushioning zones offers tons of comfort all day long, along with a non-slip calf cuff. Plus, you’ve got your pick of nine unique patterns, including, from left to right, Nocturne, Royale, and Rugger.

Grab a two pack at Kickstarter – $32+


Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Assuredly the first Downy product to grace these pages, the Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a godsend when you’re running late on a frantically rushed morning. Grab a bottle, spray until garments are slightly damp, pull, then straighten where necessary: no iron, ironing board, and associated warm-up time needed. It works well to smooth out wrinkles on both synthetic blends and cotton pieces, and leaves clothing with a fresh, clean scent, so if you absolutely must reuse the same wrinkled clothing you wore yesterday, you can. And anyway, the shirt will dry by the time you’ve hit the office.

Grab some in several formats and sizes at Amazon – $6+