Aussie Ice Slushy Maker

Summer may be winding down but scorchers are still aplenty, and what could be more refreshing than a slushy? Nothing. Unfortunately, we don’t all live 30 seconds from a corner store, and making slushies at home involves either the purchase of an expensive, cumbersome machine, or the dilution of said slushy with blended ice. Fortunately, the Aussie Slushy Maker is an astonishingly simple cure for our cravings. Freeze the cup for a few hours, then pour in a drink (soda, juice, mix drinks, wine… basically anything) and squeeze for two to three minute as the superchilled salt water sealed within┬áthe double-walled silicone brings your drink to a perfect level of slush. You can bet we won’t be drinking much water in the near future.

Pick one up here – $20