Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speakers

We’ve already encountered hyper-expensive speaker cables with a close likeness to snakes, so Anakonda’s KAN200 might be but a little misleading. Actual fully functional speakers, each unit is 6.6-feet long, hosts eight 1-inch Neodymium cone drivers with 0.75-inch voice coils, a maximum RMS power output of 300 Watts, extreme flexibility – they easily wrap around furniture or walls – and feature both male and female NL4 connectors for optional daisy chaining of up to 32 modules, i.e. 64 meters of continuous speakers. They also include two fabric cover socks (black and white), wall mount brackets, weigh roughly 3lbs each, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications thanks to their IP55 rating.

Learn more at K-Array – $900 [via]