Ammodor Ammunition Box Humidors

Cigar humidors don’t need to be polished, scuff-prone boxes that’ll shatter on the first inadvertent drop. Case in point: Ammodor, a line of humidors made from genuine US Military surplus ammunition boxes. Each 100% waterproof and airtight box is cleaned, sterilized, then pressure fitted with 1/4″ thick A-grade aromatic Spanish cedar and lined with felt on the outside bottom to keep whatever you set it on scratch-free. Ammodors include an optional pre-calibrated hygrometer, humidifier, and come in a range of sizes to hold anywhere from 25 to 150 cigars – though if that’s not enough, they’ll build you a huge custom one using missile crates, bomb containers, etc. Throw them around, abuse them, and bring them along for the ride – they’ll easily shrug off your worst (though the same can’t always be said of their contents).

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