LIFX Light Bulb

Getting up to flip a light switch or fiddle with the dimmer is a huge hassle for the lazy (i.e. us, and probably you, too). Enter LIFX, an extremely efficient LED smart bulb that’s controlled over Wi-Fi from the comfort of your couch using nothing but an Android or iOS smartphone. Turn on/off individual or groups of bulbs, adjust brightness and colour, set timers for security whilst on vacation, and even receive Twitter, Facebook or SMS notifications via visual cues. Best of all, no electrical work or additional systems are needed: just screw these into standard sockets around the house and enjoy.

Find it on Kickstarter – 70$+.

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  1. What is this nonsense?… Chinese merchants sell these bulbs (colored and RC!) for two years; for example, here –

  2. Those are IR controlled, this is via WiFi (ie anywhere in your home, set up remotes, receive notifications, etc). Plus I wouldn’t want another remote to lose… personally.

    Two totally different products.

  3. Actually, this is a cool app but does this require more household energy? I do wonder if how safe and practical this could be.

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