1K Reclaimed Redwood Sunglasses

Each pair of 1,000 Year Reclaimed Redwood Limited sunglasses is made from ancient reclaimed redwood that’s – yes, you guessed it – over 1,000 years old. Aside from their unique story (the wood was originally cut for a railroad bridge in the 1800s, and when the bridge was torn down in 1950, the wood was put into storage – until now) and their unique look, their claim to fame stems from numerous special features: they’re handcrafted in San Francisco, made with Carl Zeiss vision lenses (100% UV protection), sport stretch-to-fit hinges, feature water-resistance, and include a handmade leather case with each pair. They’re also limited to 25 pairs, so if you’re interested, we suggest you jump on these ASAP – wasn’t a millennium enough?

Find them at Capital Eyewear – $350